ADORE Screenprint for Pangeaseed Foundation

Our good friend Ben Johnston has shared a cool screenprint for the Pangeaseed Foundation which is a nonprofit organization promoting the culture and environmentalism to further the conservation of our oceans. It's a beautiful cause to promote. In support, you can purchase the 'ADORE' print which is 24 x 18 in coming in 4 color variants: Orange Rainbow, Blue Peacock, Deep Azul, and White Shadow. All the prints are all signed, numbered and a limited print run of 30 per variant.

Words by Ben

The oceans are the life support system of our planet supplying the oxygen we breathe and regulating weather and climate. Being a major source of protein and the backbone of many economies, plus a massive resource for new medicines, without healthy oceans, life on land is impossible.

Our oceans belong to no one and everyone at the same time. It's critical we view these fragile ecosystems and its vulnerable species as more than just commodities and respect them for the balance and services they provide. We must adore the oceans and remember to protect what you love.

Print Design & Typography

About Ben Johnston

Ben is a designer and letterer currently based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Originally from Cape Town, Africa; he is talented and self-taught. Make sure to share him some love.

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