Branding, digital design and strategy for Veriff by How & How

Veriff Creating a trust movement for a freshly-minted Unicorn

How & How shared a branding, digital design and strategy project for Veriff  — the company has seen near exponential growth making them the latest Unicorn to rise from Estonia’s thriving tech scene. Their ascent has been, so far, down to one thing: excellent technology that solves the very real — and very expensive — problem of identity fraud online. But this growth was being hampered by their image, and their consumer touchpoints were lagging behind their progressive world-class product. It was time for a freshly minted brand.

The icon we designed was both a verified 'tick' as well as a V; while confident typography helped carry messages of strength and support.

Alongside the brand strategy and identity for Veriff, How & How designers also designed the entire 40 module website — and built it too. As their most important sales channel, the website had particularly complex components for product section guides and document coverage maps.

  • Strategy: Brand Strategy, Messaging & Positioning
  • Design: Brand Identity, Illustration & Animation
  • Digital: Website Design, Website Build

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