Minimalistic design concept for Balmain online store

Eldar Hairullin shared a minimalistic design concept for Balmain online store and fashion lookbook. Balmain is a french luxury house that was founded by Pierre Balmain in 1945. It currently operates  16 stores in locations including New York City, London, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami.

Web Design Concept Inspired by Le Corbusier

German Zhevmerev and Denis Valetin shared a concept web design project with a super elegant and stylish typography for Le Corbusier (fr. Le Corbusier, real name Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris, October 6, 1887, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland - August 27, 1965, Roquebrune Cap Martin, France) — French architect of Swiss origin, pioneer of architectural modernism and functionalism, international style architecture, an artist and designer.

Introducing abdz.do iOS app

I created Abduzeedo in 2006 as a collective of individual writers sharing articles about design, photography, and UX. Initially launched as a personal blog, Abduzeedo later grew to become a digital publication with several writers from all over the world, working independently.  Founded with the main goal of sharing inspiration, the blog (as we call it) has been offering its curation free of charge sustained by the placement of advertising. As the digital world evolves we continue our evolution in tandem with a vision to always deliver content in the best way possible.

Hungarian State Railway Digital Brand Guidelines

MÁV (Hungarian State Railway company) and it's advertising agency (Lounge Design) invited Dot Creative  to redesign the online ticket sale platform of passenger transportation for the Hungarian State Railway

Ive.One — UX for a fintech platform on Digitization

Dmitry Plotnikov is a product designer based from Kiev, Ukraine. He has shared over his Behance, a project he designed for Ive.One which is a platform to purchase, trade, and manage digital assets. In the world of blockchain and fintech; recently there has been a rise of platforms to help any type of user in their daily workflow. Dmitry has done an incredible job at building this project presentation but also shared his work with ability, clarity, and obviously his design process. Props!

PayPal Sleek Redesign Concept

Maxim Kuznetsov and Nick Strunkis shared a very cool concept design trying to imagine what Paypal could look like. Their goal was to show Paypal as a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution where all financial needs are met by a single product. The outcome is a much more upscale visual design. The dark theme definitely adds a more refined look in addition to a lack of blue accent, which has been part of Paypal identity since its conception I believe.

Simple Typographic Web Design for Fontshare

Alexander Laguta, Kate Laguta, and Viktor Ryndin shared an awesome web design and UX project for Fontshare, a free fonts service launched by the Indian Type Foundry (ITF). It’s a growing collection of professional grade fonts that are 100% free for personal and commercial use. The simple and bold typographic style with just black and white color theme is top notch, and definitely an inspiration for the next abdz.do redesign.

Neker Mobile and Web Design

Plus X has a connotation of the message that “We Add Experience for Your Brand.” Brand experience design means providing consumers with valuable brand experience through consolidated online and offline designs based on the consistent brand strategy. They believe that key brand messages or service functions can be effectively delivered when various media channels meet strategic marketing. That is visible in the mobile web UX/UI, web design and user experience work created for Neker.

Black Archives Sweden - UX & Web Design

Lina Forsgren shared a stylish web design project for Black Archives Sweden, a contemporary archive centered around the experiences and narratives of Afro-Swedes and black people in Sweden, run by Jonelle Twum, Ulrika Flink and Anthia Nibitegeka.

App Design for Tracking the Best Rated Video-Games

Adrian Red shared a UX project for a games app called Play. Having worked on similar problems in the past, it’s nice to see some similar concepts and ways to solve a problem. Perhaps it’s because we both have been playing games for a long time. 

Handsome New Foundation for Global Architecture Firm, Page — Case Study

The amazing team over at handsome shared a case study of the new web design for Page, a global multidisciplinary architecture and engineering firm, has partnered with branding and experience design agency handsome to evolve their brand for the digital age and redesign their website into an experience that was worthy of their talent, expertise, and passion for their work.

Flowering — Design for Online Flower Store

Dana Hora shared a web design project titled Flowering. The work is for the design of an online store for a studio that makes flower bouquets. The task was to create a high-quality, well-thought-out and convenient website where you can buy flower bouquets and flower decor from the online store.

Muko© Los Angeles Branding & Web Design

Vitali Zahharov shared a really stylish branding, product and UX design for Muko© Los Angeles. Vitalin hasn’t shared much information about the project, but we really love the overall look and feel with the beautiful typography and layout compositions. The project was commissioned by MODDEN

Moneta — Branding and Web Design

Dot Creative shared a branding and web design project for Moneta, an imaginary financial news brand with the mission of informing its audience about the critical and important actions of the global financial scene. The UX team at Dot Creative challenged themselves and designed a news portal that offers an original and interesting journalistic tone with a vigorous in-depth expertise in the background.

The Alvar Aalto Library Branding and UX

Ilya Kovalev shared a branding, visual identity and web design project for The Alvar Aalto Library is the central library of Vyborg. Designed by a famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, the library building is the only building in Russia designed by a Finnish architect. The library is an object of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation.  ‌‌‍‍​​​​

Design-driven Banking For Financial Innovators

The ff.next team shared a branding and visual identity project for ff. next. Customers are turning towards alternative solutions like neobanks, because traditional financial institutions aren’t keeping up with their needs. ff. next offers design-driven mobile banking solutions for financial innovators with a special focus on younger customers, including off-the-shelf, boxed solutions that are all easy to integrate and white-label as well as an end-to-end service from UX research, through UX/UI design to implementation. ff.

OCD+A STUDIO Branding and Visual Identity

Mubariz Yusifzade shared a branding (rebranding) and visual identity for OCD+A Studio, a project with more than 10 years, which has several spaces created in the areas of housing, urban renewal and interior design. It was a complete rebranding, which included a new name, a new graphic identity and a new communication strategy.

Ousa Branding and Online Store Design

Erva design, Hugo Barbosa, and Ricardo Barros shared concept design project focusing on branding and graphic design. OUSA represents the connection between years of experience in the manufacture of comfort pieces and the timeless trend of contemporary design. The name “Ousa” came along with the concept, showcasing frontality and simplicity as main characteristics.

Delegated™ Virtual Assistant Digital Platform Branding

Designed by h3l™, Delegated™ is a Virtual Assistant Digital Platform created for executives at larger companies + entrepreneurs. The project was conceived in 2 stages. The first stage of the branding was created using the symbology of the basic elements applied to the digital communication, messages, tasks, etc. In the second stage of development we focus on the regular preferences of the target provided for the brief. Travel symbology, global communication, digital banks, etc. 

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