Rentree Brand Identity & Website

Rentree is an expanding network of high-level and fully furnished apartments across Europe that are available on a subscription model. It’s almost like a long-term lease but better. Every Rentree member has a personal assistant that helps them if any questions or requests come up. The pricing model is transparent ad-free of extra charges – a monthly price already includes rent, utilities, Wi-Fi & TV, and even minor repairs. Rentree has been made for modern people who like the freedom of choice combined with a high standard of living and comfort.

Unikorns have done everything from brand identity to the website as a final touchpoint with users. In terms of brand identity, it was very important to convey the feeling of naturalness and human-centric service. That’s why website and social media designs are light, simple to understand, and even use a wooden texture. People in their natural home environment are also an important part of the Rentree brand.

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