Draw from nature, with Unto's Color Gem

Draw from nature, as if you picked up a rock and start coloring. Color Gem is a set of mineral-like crayons exploring the metaphor and satisfaction of releasing colors directly from a burnt chalk, an apple, or granites and stones. Studio Unto has transformed the crayon block into a process similar to rock erosion; every sign of press, indent and dulled corner instruments the flow of the user's artistic footprints. 

The world of minerals is contextualized the moment when we put it down on paper, reminding us again of the wonderfully random deposits of pigments, the layering of rock formation and the process of eroding away when in use.

Color gem, Dezeen Awards, 2020. Longlisted,  is meant to fulfill that urge of realizing colors directly from nature, and the satisfaction of transforming a block into a form unique to the user’s habit of drawing. Just like natural rock erosion, Studio Unto wants to let the organic action of drawing determine the form of the crayon. Therefore, the user has the opportunity to take part and be invested in the product’s creation and adaptation.

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