Wallbox eNext, the new EV charger designed by Lúcid Design Agency

Wallbox eNext is Circontrol's new electric vehicle (EV) charger, designed by Lúcid Design Agency. This project has involved the creation of a device designed and adapted to the new digital reality of the consumer, offering a new EV charger that allows the incorporation of a large interface. In addition, this new compact equipment is suitable for different customizations and power versions or model with a formally disruptive design. To carry it out, we have faced the project from usability, avant-garde design and engineering requirements. 

Lúcid's challenge has been to design the housings of the new EV charger equipment, adapting to the complexities and restrictions of the internal electro-mechanics of the equipment. All this, in the record time of 6 months and always under our goal: the creation of a formally disruptive device that captures the glances and attention of the sector, while it is better adapted to the digital transformation of existing equipment and to new user interfaces.

Circontrol asked for a new language that would speak for itself and reflect the technological potential and performance of the new equipment.

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Compacting features: aesthetics and functionality in a new EV charger

The result has been the eNext gamma, composed of three chargers designed to simplify the charging process through app identification, which allows the user to start charging without having to interact with the charger. They are designed to be installed inside or outside houses, neighbor blocks, companies and car parks. In addition, the colors have been kept black and white, introducing curved lines and rounded shapes and it has a tight size, so it can fit on any wall.

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To carry out the project, the Lúcid team has dived into the mobility sector and analyzed the company's products to understand the existing restrictions on design and, finally, decided that the new component architecture would be ultra-compact. First, they carried out the dimensional design and housing of the internal package of components, taking into account the different technical configurations that it must offer. Then, they went into style design, where Circontrol asked for a new language that would speak for itself and reflect the technological potential and performance of the new equipment. A process of design and refinement that is finally consolidated through product development and engineering, its prototyping and testing, DFM and accompaniment in the industrialization and tooling phases. The work has been always coordinated in an agile way with Circontrol's team of electronic engineers, while they developed the electronic part of the project at the same time.

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