Introducing Editor X - a responsive Web Design Tool

We have been getting news about Editor X from our friends at WIX. They are out of BETA and it's now official launched! It would be great to try but what's particular with this tool is that is the only fully collaborative web creation platform on the market right now. Meaning that it will let you and your team members working collaboratively and simultaneously on a website. It's pretty insane if you ask me, let's take a look at their announcement.

In their words

Editor X enables incredible design flexibility and allows our users to control every aspect of the creation process... — Lior Bash, Head of Marketing for Editor X

Editor X will be the first-ever platform to enable concurrent editing that allows several team members to work on a website simultaneously. This incredible industry milestone will make Editor X the only fully collaborative web creation platform in the world.

In addition to concurrent editing, the platform's new collaboration features include live commenting, advanced roles and permissions, and shared design libraries. These additions will enable design teams to increase their velocity and work more efficiently. The platform also expanded its design capabilities and now offers advanced code-free interactions.


About Editor X

Editor X is an advanced creation platform for designers and web professionals. The platform combines cutting edge responsive design with smooth drag and drop. Those that want to can add custom code and use a powerful CMS to build data-driven sites and complex web applications. Editor X offers an unparalleled range of integrated business solutions from a leading eCommerce infrastructure to professional marketing and SEO tools. Editor X is part of Ltd.

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