Isodope — branding with creative help of AI DALL·E

Meet Isodope  (AKA Isabelle Boemeke): an influencer who advocates for cleaner and more sustainable energy alternatives—primarily nuclear energy— as a solution for the climate crisis. Isodope creates content that educates the masses about how nuclear energy is a clean energy source. The branding & art direction created by &Walsh is designed around the concept of creating "a school in another dimension." The goal is to use Isodope's otherworldly persona & art direction to capture people's attention on TikTok so they stop and watch the videos.

As this project leans heavily into future-forward worlds, we enlisted the creative help of Artificial Intelligence DALL·E to create the branding. Dalle designed photography backgrounds, case study imagery, iconography and typography throughout the branding.

We designed a one-pager website and are currently working with Isodope on developing a larger website which will launch in early 2023. 


Isodope is a huge proponent of investing in future technologies like nuclear and the impact it can have on our future. We wanted to embody this ideology in the creative decisions we made throughout the branding. We decided to enlist the creative help of Artificial Intelligence DALL·E to create imagery, iconography and typography in the branding.


DALL·E was also used to create type stickers (i.e. “sayings”) for easy to create social assets. Using AI will allow the Isodope team to dynamically evolve the brand elements as the conversation around Nuclear changes.


  • Creative Agency &Walsh rebrands a Nuclear Energy Influencer with the help of AI 
  • &Walsh rebrands Nuclear Energy Influencer by leveraging AI 
  • Nuclear Energy Influencer ISODOPE partners with &Walsh to bring her brand into the future 

For more information make sure to check out, @jessicavwalsh & @andwalsh 

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