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Ergot Zine — Graphic and Editorial Design

Guido Dal Prà shared a beautiful graphic and editorial design project with beautiful typography. Ergot is a self-produced zine, designed with Mattia and Nicola Bertolo, sprang out from overwhelming spaces and times, dragging us through ergonomic thrones and dystopic landscapes. I curated the graphic design of the zine and designed a custom typeface, in use for the title and the inner page numbers.

Graphical and Abstract Art for your Home

Creanet shared a collection of art prints to brighten your home. The selection of graphical and abstract art with beautiful color palettes adds an elegant touch to any home interior. Personally speaking I am a fan of super simple compositions and geometric shapes.  

LATE - American IPA Beer Art Direction & Graphic Design

Benoit Hody, Anthéa Ferreira, and Atelier Minuit shared a beautiful art direction and graphic design on their Behance profile. The project is not super recent, but for some reason, I simply missed it so, better late than never. Basically, they were asked to design the label for LATE - American IPA beer. The four letters' type is a custom-designed typeface.

et al vol.2 - Editorial Design Inspiration

THINGSIDID STUDIO shared an awesome editorial design and graphic design project titled et al vol.2 There's very little information about it however it’s definitely worth sharing because I am a fan of simple editorial design. The big typography contrasts the use of imagery and in this case the very elegant use of gradients.

Normform — a generative grid-based design tool

The Normform is a generative grid-based design tool that helps create digital content like vector patterns really fast and with a great variety of results. Once a day, we publish a pattern artwork on our site which is available for free download and use under Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0).

Hermes Mazali’s take at 36 Days of Type

Hermes Mazali has shared his take of the series 36 Days of Type and thought it would totally deserve its own feature on abdz. You know how much we are personally fans of this initiative and it's always inspiring, intriguing, and exciting to see how much people are talented and proud to share their work. Hermes went all out with a set of language that shares a common contrast combination of colors, probably to replicate and support its concept.

Reinventing the 'graphic design' handbook

We are taking a look at which is a platform designed for 'Shillington Graphic Design course'. An experience designed by the fine folks from Standing By Co. where they have built an ultimate digital guide to learn the basics of graphic design. What a great way to reinvent the digital experience of a handbook, I hope the students will enjoy this unique experience. Through the overall experience and the transitions; what I think I love the most about the experience is how adaptable it is.

Brand Identity & Packaging Design for Yaro Sushi Experience

Duo Daniela Barrio de Mendoza and Maria Boada are respectively brand designer and illustrator based in Lima, Peru. They have worked together to design this grand brand identity & packaging for Yaro Sushi Experience which is also based in Peru. I think what caught my eye is the use of the red color mixed with the beige and let's not forget about the gold foil which brings a premium finish to the overall packaging.

Playful Minimalist Branding for Twig Learning Center

When I think of Singapore, I think of really hot weather and colors somehow. It's a beautiful country mixed with concrete and also nature landscapes. Along those lines, I wanted to share the work of the Darling Visual Communications which is a design consultancy firm that specializes in branding, print, typography, and web. They worked on the new branding for the Twig Learning Center which is for students to improve their learning skills towards chemistry and also offering a supportive learning environment.

Büro Destruct 4 By Büro Destruct

In contrast to the strict and somewhat restrained Swiss Style of the 1960s, Büro Destruct stands for design without the handbrake on. Apparently everything is possible. It can be humorous, loud, colorful and zeitgeisty. At the same time, minimalism, precision and craftsmanship are present in all their work. The Swiss, who see themselves and their studio as a kind of band, again present a skillfully composed album with this new book. 

36 Days of Type by Rafael Serra

Rafael Serra shared an inspiring take on the 36 days of type challenge. Rafael created a series of cards with a retro look that reminds me of badges as well as the work of the incredible Draplin. This is a solid example of simple illustration and graphic design.

6 Posters / 6 heroes — Graphic Design in 3D

Braz de Pina shared an beautiful personal project to sharpen his 3D and graphic design skills. As Braz mentioned, there are  so many brilliant minds in art and design history but he picked six of his biggest influences during his time in college to recreate their famous work using Cinema 4D. Here’s the list:

The Good Lord Bird Stylish Artwork & Illustration

Pedro Correa shared another stylish illustration project on his Behance profile. This one is the set of Artworks made for Showtime's series The Good Lord Bird to be displayed at SXSW 2020. The style of the work blends illustration with different textures and effects, sometimes halftone sometimes just normal print effects. It’s hard to describe but it’s truly beautiful, which is a constant when we look at Pedro's portfolio.

Introducing The Field Notes 50th Quarterly Edition

Field Notes, the memo book brand that launched in 2007 as a joint venture between Portland, Oregon-based Draplin Design Company and Chicago-based design firm Coudal Partners, has just launched their 50th quarterly edition and we’re smitten. If you aren’t familiar with Field Notes, they are the beautifully simple memo books inspired by the innocent pocket material of the American farmer from a bygone era.

Printmaking Challenge V7 - Graphic Design Inspiration

We have featured the super inspiring print challenges that Jerry-Lee Bosmans shares on his Behance profile. However, Jerry keeps delivering and it’s hard not to post about. For this collection I was quite amazed by some compositions using simple forms like rectangles. They reminded me of some tutorials I wrote literally a decade ago. Of course Jerry’s are much nicer and modern, but the nostalgia is still there.

Colorful and Harmonious Gradients - Remind Studio Posters

Tugba Ozcan shared a collection of beautiful posters titled Remind Studio Poster Series. The posters feature very harmonious and colorful gradients. The stress away poster series was created with the goal of creating a peaceful place from Remind Studio.

Grid Pad. Grids with infinite possibilities.

Formist Editions’ new release is Grid Pad, a pad on which to think, draw and create. Grids with infinite possibilities. Grid Pad is a playful notebook of tear off cards, featuring six different grid designs. Whether you call it art or a plan or a doodle or a design, Grid Pad offers creative freedom while giving your ideas structure. Each page is perfect for pens, pencils or paint to create everything from works of art and greeting cards to 3D drawing and accurate geometry, to soulful patterns and abstract games.

Design for LILDAMI - Viatge en espiral album cover

Vanila BCN shared an awesome graphic design for an album cover featuring my favorite style, the 80s inspired one. The Catalan rap artist LilDami trusted Vanila BCN in  again for the creation of the identity of his new eclectic album called " Spiral Trip". ​The designers and team developed the creative concept based on amusement parks​​ and fairs to symbolize the idea of journey and movement, giving it a personal touch with that outer space vibes.

30 Days of Shapes — Illustration

Maximilian Bolduan shared this illustration and graphic design project is paying homage to Isabella Conticello's #ageoaday challenge. Maximilian really admires her work and her skill to design a big variation of different layouts and compositions. If nothing else you REALLY should check out her work. While designing layouts he got a feeling for the balance and weight of objects and the right composition.

Super Dan origin: a swipeable graphic novel for the Instagram age.

To launch the Instagram account for Chinese badminton legend Lin Dan, creative agency monopo London in collaboration with illustration studio AmCo Studio crafted a graphic novel for the digital age. Scrollable, swipeable, shareable. A nine-episode Origin Story retelling Lin Dan’s rise from birth to superhero status.

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