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Charming & Vibrant Packaging Design for Amare The Label

Alejandro Gavancho has shared this absolutely stunning packaging design for 'Amare The Label' which is swimwear brand. Designed by Alejandro who is a graphic designer (Diseñador Gráfico) based in Leeds, United Kingdom. I just like the work he has done, it's remarkable. Let's start with the colors, pure gradient galore happening here. Just to add a balance, I enjoy the color palette of the branding itself, it's clean, minimal, and add much more vulnerability to the beauty of the entire packaging set.

Iconic Movie Cars by Servin Seidaliev

Servin Seudaliev, a 2D designer and a CG artist that specializes in illustrations from Lviv, Ukraine. He made a series of iconic cars from Hollywood movies, they are cartoonish and well made. I just like how the top of the car is kind on the higher size of things which is really eye pleasant to look at. It's stylish! It quite fun to see how the artist looks at things from another perspective, this series is amusing and definitely bring some smile.

Mesmerizing Packaging Design for SAIREN Rum

Design by Simil shared this sublime packaging design for SAIREN, a clear spiced rum crafted by Ohara’s Rum at The Parrot Club in Sheffield, England. Taking visual inspiration from 'mythological tales', the packaging design is so vibrant and attractive. I mean it will surely 'attract' your attention on the shelves, guaranteed! Another detail that really caught my attention is the shape of the bottle which is pretty unusual for a rum (I am not a pro taster), that wood-material bottle crap just balances it all. Give it a look!

Typorigami Calendar 2021 by shared an incredible printed calendar for 2021 titled Typorigami Calendar 2021. The name says it all, it mixes typography and origami. De-form designers shared a bit of the motivation behind the design saying that this year all of us have struggled a lot with Covid-19. In many people's lives, the pandemic caused a lack of work, financial issues, physical or mental health problems, or total social isolation. “We try to be optimistic but know, we should be patient in this situation.

Focus — Abstract Experimental Bokeh Effects

Focus is a set of abstract experimental bokeh effects shared by Chrisb Marquez. These phantasmal formations experiment with glowing chromatic blurring and focal aberrations. The simple play of depth of field gives these formations a minimal look and feel.

Art Deco Night Series by Ann-Sophie De Steur

The future of art is based on the past but with much more accessible and innovative tools near hand to achieve what we aim but sometimes that innovation is hard to bring back the past. Stumbled across her night series, Ann-Sophie De Steur's artworks nostalgically thrust you in the face. She able to bring back this art deco feels, 30's, the Jets cartoon with a flare of Rocketeer, and everything in between. This night series is pleasant to look at and her take on the color of the night is just really well thought.

Gift Guide - 'F*ck2020 Lateral 2021 Calendar

Lateral Creative Hub, a creative studio based in Milan - Italy, working worldwide and specialized in identities, campaigns, commercials, graphic design, packaging and social media content  are very proud to introduce the Lateral 2021 Calendar: 'F*ck2020’. 

Poster Design Challenge Series by Jerry-Lee Bosmans

We are featuring a graphic design student based in Nijmegen, Netherlands, hello to Jerry-Lee Bosmans and his poster design challenge series simply titled: 'Printmaking Challenge' published via Behance. First of all, a graphic design student? These are great! I still remember my early days of explorations and they were not that good! :) It's a great initiative by Jerry to keep exploring new ways and techniques in order to craft your style and skills.

Helvetimart, a Swiss packaging design by Anagrama Studio

I feel like featuring a 5-year-old project by the incredible folks from Anagrama Studio, a design studio based in Mexico City, Mexico. The project I am featuring is the branding, packaging design work they have done for Helvetimart (For which they are now closed...) a specialty market in Lausanne, Switzerland offering a wide variety of regional food products. First of all, what really caught my eye is how the design is timeless even if it's was designed 5 years ago!

The Brand Identity of the Kiruna Forever Exhibition

Delightful to share about the work of Magdalena Czarnecki, she is a talented graphic designer, art & creative director based in Stockholm, Sweden. We are sharing the collaborative project she worked on for the Kiruna Forever exhibit.

3D & Analog Printing for Kapitaal Screen Print Studio

Kapitaal, a screen print studio based in Utrecht, invited Rutger Paulusse for their New Print exhibition in February 2020. For this event a different artist is invited each month, to create a new screen print. It was the perfect opportunity for Rutger to explore the relationship between cgi work and analog printing techniques further.

Editorial Design : New Brutalism Controversial Concrete

Tim Tijink shared a personal editorial design and graphic design project titled New Brutalism: Controversial Concrete. This self initiated project explores, researches and designs with and around the concrete structures of the architectural movement called New Brutalism, which emerged during the 1950s and currently finds itself in a critical time.

SKYLINES Digital Art

We have  featured RETOKA . several times here but they always share something new and with a touch of uniqueness with a sense of experimentation. This latest project called SKYLINES - Hong Kong mixes photos with some glitches and effects that  create a digital type of look, cyberpunk. I’d love one of those to use as a wallpaper on my phone!

Subliminal Editorial Design

Lyne Ea shared a beautiful editorial design project titled Subliminal. Cognitive sciences bring together a set of scientific disciplines dedicated to the description, explanation and simulation of the mechanisms of human thought. The subliminal revue is interested in many phenomena such as perception, intelligence, language or emotion through the prism of cognitive sciences and the different disciplines that make it up, thus combining a variety of articles offering the reader a less scientific but more open approach.

Sleep Paralysis — Single launch

Sleep Paralysis is @wearepoppa’s new release. It's a song about the dimensions of the dreams, and how they shape our reality and become part of our stories. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music and all streaming platforms.

Branding and Visual Identity for the Menomadin Foundation

The fine folks from Designit are back with another case study covering their collaboration on the branding & visual identity for a non-profit The Menomadin Foundation and their 'mission-based' approach to social impact. Another project where Designit shines on how they approach through research to learn more through field research and our co-creation workshops. First of all, what strikes me the most from this brand identity is the logo for the Menomadin Foundation.

Y_Desenhar Portugal Exhibition

united by shared an incredible branding, graphic design and visual identity project for the Y_Desenhar Portugal exhibition, an expo of Portuguese Design based on the conviction that Design schools are existential laboratories and observatories focused on the technology, sociology and aesthetics of Design, which demonstrate the diversity of perspectives and values in Design teaching. 

Globe + Pantone Limited Edition Box Sets

Boardsports heritage brand, Globe, today announced the upcoming release of 2 limited edition box sets; the Pantone® Color of the Year series. For more than 20 years, Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions across fashion and furnishings, as well as product, packaging, and graphic design. As creatives, we speak the language of color and Pantone is our dictionary. In tribute, we offer fellow design and color enthusiasts the ability to skate or collect a piece of color trend history.

Foil Print Experiments by Sean Ford

Sean Ford is a graphic designer based in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, he has shared with us a cool print experiments he has been doing with foils and textures via his Behance. I really dig those experiments and It's really cool to see 'graphic design' making a solid comeback. We are all about our interface designs, visual systems, and standards but let's not forget how it started for most of us. Even for us at abdz., I feel the blog has shifted towards that interest all over again.

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