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Brand Identity - Arcadia Data Rebrand

Let's start off the week (for me for sure) with a branding project that involves graphic design, illustration and lots of data. I would agree with most of you that data is quite a boring subject and quite a challenge to tackle through design. If we are looking for a UX data-driven perspective, then I would say that is a really fun thing to do because making UI design based on data will always make things even more effective but not an illustrative kind of way.

Awesome Cover Art Process for Wolfenstein: Youngblood

As a fan of video-games and also any art/poster/cover that reminds me of Drew Struzan, which we had the opportunity to interview here on ABDZ, I had to share this amazing cover art design shared by Dave Cox and Eric Pfeiffer for the new Wolfenstein game titled Wolfenstein Youngblood. The best thing about this project is that Dave and Eric shared a very detailed walkthrough on how they created this beautiful piece.

CD Cover Designs to Bring Back that 90s Feeling

If you had to describe the 90s I am pretty sure compact disks would be part of that short description. Also known as CDs, they were part of that decade and they were also an important medium for designers to showcase their skills on the covers. I dare say that being able to design a CD cover was probably the main goal of any graphic designer. So there’s nothing better than a collection of super awesome CD Cover Designs by HERO INK, a designer based in France, to bring back the nostalgic feelings of that long gone grunge era.

The Lost & Found Illustration by Christi du Toit

We would like to share the latest work from Christi du Toit with his The Lost & Found illustrative series on Abduzeedo. Rarely we'll see an artist sharing an ongoing compilation of illustrations created either as personal pieces, smaller client projects, rejected concepts, or even a discovery of style exploration. Whatever is your work background, I truly believe at taking the time to make stuff. All the time.

Graphic Design for Adidas Predator by Gordon Reid

Gordon Reid shared a beautiful graphic design project for Adidas and one of their most iconic soccer (football) boots in history, The Predator. Adidas London wanted to create a range of new print, digital and social ads to mark the relaunch of this historic boot along with the launch of two new boots, the X and Nemeziz.

Pastel inspired branding for Adelina Oliveira

I would like to kick off the week with an inspiring branding and graphic design by Nock Design, a brand agency based in Porto, Portugal. Mainly focusing their work in branding, we are featuring their latest project for Adelina Oliveira which is a massage therapist. Not a big fancy brand but an independent entrepreneur who is looking for creating her own brand, really well executed. Fun fact, the marble pattern was created by hand to combine the pastel colour palette. Quite a unique effect as a result, what do you think?

Invisible Cities

We are always looking for references and inspiration, it's part of our job as designers. The biggest goal in my opinion is to make something better learning from the materials we collect. Serafin Mendes worked on a visual re-interpretation of the book Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino (first published in 1972) for his MA in Communication Design and outcome is simply awesome. Check out a little glimpse of the process below.

Posters with letter #A

The best way to learn is trying, practicing and repeating that until it becomes natural, then we can move forward to what's next. That happens without us even noticing but sometimes we do and we organize ourselves to do that. Evdokimov Gosha took that very serious and decided to learn how to design posters, in order to do that he chose the letter A and started creating several examples exploring it. The result is quite inspiring, check it out.

Ode to Simplicity in Graphic Design Playing with Lines

I am a fan of simplicity and for this post, I would love to share some artwork that inspired me for some recent personal projects. These are graphic design explorations using simple elements like lines and adding some deformation. It is a super simple effect, you can basically create it in Photoshop using the Displacement Map. The same goes if you want to animate it in After Effects. As I said, the effect is easy to be recreated, however, to achieve elegance and simplicity requires a lot of experimentation.

Illustration and Graphic Design: Amour and Cacao

I stumbled across this beautiful illustration and graphic design project by Imédia Firme Créative, especially the work from Marie-Joëlle Lemire, Nicolas Lambert, Valérie Pilotte and Claudie Déry. It’s one of those things that you’ll giveaway as a gift and for this present case is so well done. I also really enjoy the print work with the shiny vinyl. Congrats to the whole team for winning an award for Applied Arts Magazine 2017 in Ilustration.

90s Look is Coming Back - Graphic Design Collection

We have been posting a series of posts featuring graphic design and web design work that, in a way, brings back the 90s in terms of aesthetics and style. It’s hard to define that, it might vary from person to person. For me, while the 80s was all about neon, futuristic computer-generated images with chrome, unicorns running across a digital grid, and of course the RGB colors. The 90s is the complete destruction of the form. Typography is pushed to the limit of being even legible, forms are deformed and distorted.

Smart Typography and Graphic Design Treatment for Advertising

I grew up watching "futebol", that's the way we call soccer in Brazil. My father was the one that introduced us to the passion behind this sport in Brazil. We used to go to pretty much every soccer game that our local team would play. In Brazil you root for your team and that's it, you don't support or even sympathize with any other team. I believe that is the root of the passion behind soccer in my home country. My local team is called Gremio and it had its moments, the highlight, without any doubt, was in 1983 when they won the World Cup for clubs in Japan.

Tom's Town Branding

Mixing through branding, graphic design and typography, we've always been fans of Kevin Cantrell. Learning more about Kevin's motto/philosophy, we'll find ourselves in a branding system filled with brand architecture, graphic marks, monograms, seals, badges and much more worth considering. We wouldn't say that Kevin's work is expressing a certain style of typography but through the years we can admit that he has put out incredible and inspiring works that explore many colour palettes and layered patterns.

Sleepformer Branding

We’ve talked about how great concepts with the right branding can work really well together. It’s all part of the image you are projecting to your users and what is the reflection of your goals vs what is the purpose of your brand. There’s many great products out there but there are unlikely known because of the poor branding.

That 90s Look is Coming Back - Eter CD Album

It’s time for our eagerly anticipated entry in the series about that 90s graphic design look coming back. I am sorry if you are not a fan but the idea is just to try to spot a new trend and if that is really coming back or it is just a few 90s warriors keeping that flame alive. For this entry I would love to share the awesome work that 247 Studio did for a CD record cover design. The work was done for the album Eter by Hemp Gru.

Happy 2019 Chinese New Year Card by Bouzen Lin

From ABDZ, Happy Lunar New Year to everyone involved. 2019 is the Year of the Pig, welcoming this new year would bring wealth. According to the tradition, it brings wealth due to their chubby faces and big ears are signs of fortune. Along those lines, we are sharing this cool Chinese New Year Card by Bouzen Lin who is a designer based in 台區, Taiwan. It's great that Bouzen is given a second purpose to a piece of print by adding a curve at learning a language with stickers with a theme of pigs! Hope you will enjoy and the feast today!

That 90s Look is Coming Back - E.42 by Nicolas Lopardo

After the unexpected success of the previous posts we are happy to bring another installment of the series That 90s Look in graphic design, this time featuring the beautiful work that Nicolas Lopardo shared on Behance titled E.42. There are many things to love and talk about this project and why it deserves the feature as a good representation of that 90s look.

That 90s Look is Coming Back: Work of Dylan Levionnois

For the past few years, or I dare to say decade, we saw a resurgence of the 80s in fashion, movies/TV and design in a way. Look at the work of amazing people like James White for example. However, I have noticed a slow shift to a new trend. We are moving ahead and beginning to see an influx of 90s inspiration. There are a ton of references already in plain site.

A selection of Slack Brand Design Projects

It has been quite a little while since we last shared the work from Russell Shaw, an art director, designer and illustrator from San Francisco, CA, USA. We are happily sharing a selection of his brand design projects over Slack during 2017-2018.

Art Direction for the North Face Winter Catalog (2018)

Since it's winter on this part of the world, I thought it would be great to share the 2018 North Face Winter Catalog, art direction by Hybrid Studio. A creative studio based in San Francisco, CA, USA, they have been lucky enough to work with a brand like North Face but also with The North Face Athletes: Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, Savannah Cummins, Alex Honnold, Anna Pfaff and Cedar Wright.

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