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What the Hackney Zine

Arthur Petrillo shared an awesome project focused to help the design community in London. What the Hackney is an independent zine made by East London artists to promote artistic expressions in the neighbourhood. The zine format features three local projects together with a poster on the backside. Do you want a sample? Message Arthur and team on Instagram at @whatthehackney.

Essence of that Retro Chic Summer — Illustration

We have featured VELKRO in the past and we will definitely continue that tradition because we love their work. For this post I’d love to share a beautiful Illustration and motion design project created by them in 2019. The idea was simply to celebrate summer and translate that to a greeting card to send to friends and clients. The result is simple, smart, elegant and plain beautiful. A blue striped curtain represents for us the essence of that retro chic summer.

Branding Concept for Next Generation Transportation

Braz de Pina shared a super complete branding project for a fictional company called HyperCommute. The project was part of an interview process, but for me what is more important to highlight it is the step by step design process, from problem definition, references/inspiration, concepts to the final solution. On top of that, the whole presentation has an impeccable visual design, which highlights the Braz specialization in branding, marketing and more traditional graphic design work.

Typography Collections

Robinson Cursor has been exploring with typography for a while. I am a fan of the collections he shares on his Behance and asked if I could share one of them here with you all. I selected the 2020 series because, well, 2020 was a totally atypical year. That affects all aspects of our lives, including our design outputs. 

Editorial Design for POLY

MORPHORIA COLLECTIVE shared a super stylish editorial design project for Poly – short for polycentric – just like the Ruhr region. Once a year, the English-language magazine guides travelers and locals through the metropolitan region. The pioneering function is already visualized in the logo on the cover. Inside, 5 illustrated sections help to keep track of art and culture in the Ruhr region. 

Alternative film poster project Double Bill Posters

Double Bill Posters is a self-initiated project by Belgian graphic design couple Sarah Schrauwen & Mathieu Vancamp. They started this collaboration in November 2018 as a way to combine their mutual interests (graphic design and film) away from client briefs and as an exercise in quick thinking and doing. It was also a great way for them to start to work together as a couple.

Zero Posters Vol.2 - Arabic Typographic Posters

Zero Posters is an experimental project from Jordan-based Designers and Tariq Yosef and Alaa Tameem . Seeking to tackle stagnation in design, the pair created Zero Posters as an outlet for exploring new techniques and styles, with a focus on explorative typography and grid systems  through Arabic typographic posters.

Endless Possibilities in Teasing Typography Book

Slanted publishers, a German based publishing house for various magazines, books and other printed products presenting interesting ideas about design, art, photography, and other pleasures in life, shared a new book project: “Teasing Typography” by Juliane Nöst.   

Play with Garet - a Geometric Typeface

Meet Garet - a modern geometric sans serif typeface by Spacetype. It is characterized by clean and soft letterforms and a smooth masculine tone. Garet type family consists of 11 weights ranging from quite thin to extremely fat and their corresponding Italics. Plus one variable font that combines all weights in one file.

Trabajo de Campo - Editorial Design

Trabajo de Campo is a mini book that contains the highlights of the first year of FAENA Studio. It gives a glimpse into the breath of work and different styles that this studio from Mexico produces. FENA proposal is focused on extrapolating the graphic possibilities of current communication with total strategies that lead to obtaining comprehensive results.

Brand and Visual Identity for Fernanda Nonato Architecture

Thais Navarro shared a super stylish brand and visual identity project for Fernanda Nonato - Architecture & Interior Design. There’s a lot to love about Thais’ design but I have to say the simple graphics, the clever way the symbol was conceived by mixing elements and, especially the manner of creating patterns, which for me really stands out.  

Beautiful Editorial Design for Yearly Planner

Ognjen Gligorijevic and  Jovana Ciric created 365D, a yearly planner, that uses a careful systematic approach that helps creatives store their projects, goals, achievements, and daily plans.  The A5 Format set entirely in Helvetica was printed on 120g paper by Color Planet. To order a copy, email then at:

366 Posters in 2020 by Samet Kesen

Samet Kesen shared a beautiful collection of posters created every day in 2020. We all know that because of the pandemic, 2020 was a quite difficult year for many. Some found ways to cope by creating content, I don’t know if it’s the case with Samet, however his posters are pure graphic design nostalgia for me. Awesome stuff.

4th Monograph of Büro Destruct Now Live on Kickstarter!

The new book Büro Destruct 4 not only presents the best of realized projects of the past 12 years, but also intermediate steps, discards, experiments & inspiration of the Bern-based and internationally renowned design studio Büro Destruct. The Swiss, who see themselves and their studio as a kind of band, again present a skilfully composed album with this new book.

ROOK/NYC Co-Creates Soda Branding That POPS

We've covered the trending topic of gut health before and are excited to see more beautifully designed, functional brands coming onto the scene to disrupt the space of digestive health. Enter Culture POP Soda, a new subtly spiced probiotic soda created with real, functional ingredients and only a touch of sweetness. Its mix of live probiotics, organic juices and organic ground spices delivers a complex, tasty twist on familiar flavors. Culture POP is a soda you can feel good about.

Noti - Editorial Design

Bękarty - shared an inspiring editorial design project titled Noti. Honestly I don’t fully understand the scope of this project, however the typography and the overall editorial design is really good. Hopefully someone can give me more details, not that it will change my mind about how inspiring this project is.  

Ousa Branding and Online Store Design

Erva design, Hugo Barbosa, and Ricardo Barros shared concept design project focusing on branding and graphic design. OUSA represents the connection between years of experience in the manufacture of comfort pieces and the timeless trend of contemporary design. The name “Ousa” came along with the concept, showcasing frontality and simplicity as main characteristics.

Seul à la Maison Moderne Editorial Design

Sandro Weber and Julien Dessenne shared a stylish and minimalist editorial design project titled Seul à la Maison Moderne. I personally love everything about this project, from the layouts, the typography, image treatments. If abdz. would ship in a printed version, this project would be at the top of the list in terms of reference.

PS—S Interaction and Product Design

Thømas Adnet shared a simple, yet super elegant interaction design and product design project for Paul Stretch Studio, a program for stretching the audio.It is suitable only for extreme sound stretching of the audio (like 50x) and for applying special effects by "spectral smoothing" the sounds. It can transform any sound/music to a texture.

VAI-M'À BANDA 2019 Visual Identity

Free and itinerant, VAI-M'À BANDA 2019  is a festival that exchanges the conventional stage for the most emblematic taverns of the city, in celebration of music and these places of such strong tradition in Guimaraes.

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