Pause, Breathe and Grow, a book by Radim Malinic

It's nonetheless to say that 2020 has been a hard year for all of us, this global pandemic has touched every single one of us somehow. I think we all have established somehow some ways how to cope with this 'situation'. Our good friend Radim Malinic decided to appreciate the small things in life, cherish every new day, and celebrate victories regardless of how small they might seem. Introducing his upcoming book titled: Pause, Breathe and Grow, a collection of thought-provoking prompts that encourage you to unplug from the world for a moment. These pieces of advice gently steer you out of the fast lane, and help you take a detour from the endless highway we all too often find ourselves speeding down. Pause, Breathe and Grow is coming out on December 1 and you can now Pause, Breathe and Grow your copy.


In Radims's words

Pause, Breathe and Grow is the perfect companion for anyone with a creative and inquisitive mind. Aimed at students, artists, designers, illustrators, coders, innovators, creative technologists, craft hobbyists and more, this guide provides a blueprint for changing the way we view our work and ourselves. These pages are for those at any stage of their career or life who want to think more clearly, enrich their creativity, enjoy their work more, become more resilient and achieve a greater sense of calm.

Moving so fast tends to mean travelling on autopilot, and struggling to process the blur of thoughts and images that rapidly fade into the distance. This book helps you to slow down and make sense of that blur by sharpening how you see your working methods and career goals.

Written by designer and creative director Radim Malinic, the foundations of Pause, Breathe and Grow lay in making progress in realistic increments. Designed to be used alongside people’s work schedule, each page focuses on just one thing to achieve in a day. Containing enough prompts to enable readers to try a new exercise each day for 126 days (around four months), the book also includes spaces devoted to tracking moods and habits, and to jot down daily notes and reflections.


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