Book Suggestions — The Innovator's Handbook by Hussain Almossawi

Our good friend Hussain Almossawi has launched his new book titled: 'The Innovator's Handbook'. A book that we can call a guide to unleash your creative mindset. To explain somehow what is the book is about — "It often has a lot to do with the way the corporate world is set-up. In many cases, it rewards the outspoken over the quiet ones, and allows egos and politics to get in the way of celebrating great ideas. This eventually pushes a lot of people to take the back seat and play it safe." I would like to thank Hussain for sending a lovely copy into which I will dive with lots of interest. The book is coming out on September 6, make sure to order here.

All creative-minded people would love to lead a new idea and trend, but it’s a much riskier path. It could lead to success…or instant failure.

Book Suggestions

Chapter Citation — SHOULD YOU ACT OR REACT?

Acting and reacting don’t only happen between rival companies. I’ve seen this tug-of-war play out between departments within the same brand! You can’t always forecast what will take off, whether you innovate or reimagine a new product or service. You can certainly learn to see which ideas have potential, but no designer, entrepreneur, or investor knocks it out of the park every time.

You need to act and react simultaneously—act to push for new ideas and solutions; react to the things that inspire you and change your perspective. Action and reaction are the yin and yang of innovation that work seamlessly together. When you both act and react, you can become a great innovator with the vision to see both sides of every process and harness the capabilities on both sides.

HUSSAIN ALMOSSAWI is a renowned designer and innovator who has worked across industries around the world creating and consulting for companies, including Nike, Apple, Google, Adidas, EA Sports, Intel, and Ford Motor Company. As a regular keynote speaker on innovation and design, Hussain has also taught at several universities such as The New School. In 2019, Hussain founded Mossawi Studios, a multi-disciplinary design studio specializing in creating memorable, iconic, and bold experiences. He loves blurring the lines between product design, visual effects, and storytelling.

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