Radim Malinic releases two new books to inspire and empower fellow creatives, to reach their potential

Our long term friend and Abduzeedo supporter, Radim Malinic has not one but two exciting books set to debut today, October 24, 2023. We can’t be any more excited to see them both to see what difference they make in your creative life and careers.


'Creativity for Sale' and 'Mindful Creative,' written by Radim Malinic, presented as meticulously curated guide books, coming from the lifetime experience in establishing a sustainable business that has withstand global market crash, pandemic and cost of living crisis. All of this done without compromising vision or creativity and not losing your passion for the craft. Radim will take you on a journey to help you build or rebuild your creative career whilst showing you how to enrich your creative process, avoid burnout, build resilience, and ultimately obtain a profound sense of fulfilment in your life and career.


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About ‘Creativity for Sale’ book

Jump into the captivating world of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit with Creativity for Sale, an inspiring how-to guide by creative director and bestselling author Radim Malinic. Full of tried, tested, and proven insights gained from 20+ years in the creative industry, this book is your personal blueprint to turn your passion into profit.

ʻCreativity For Saleʼ is a how-to guide showing artists, writers, designers, and other creatives how to ignite successful creative careers and businesses. Malinic inspires readers to pursue their creativity and offers strategies for building and amplifying their brands while providing powerful tools for meaningful growth.


Through step-by-step actions and a dash of Radim's signature honest humour, you’ll discover the secrets to monetising your creativity while staying true to your creative vision.


About ‘Mindful Creative’ book

What if you could take control of both your life and your creative career, avoid recurring cycles of stress and burnout, and create the optimal conditions for your potential to flourish? The good news is you can, and Mindful Creative will show you how to cultivate mindful presence and develop resilience.

Mindful Creative’ is a roadmap demonstrating how to analyse and cope with the peaks and troughs of creative life, career, and business. This title lets creatives take meaningful pause and reflect on building positive habits, focusing on mindfulness, and much more. Readers benefit from some of Malinicʼs hard-learned lessons, and he passes along wisdom that has changed his career and life.


Through Radim’s honest storytelling, practical exercises, and expert guidance, you’ll discover the power of mindful creativity to unleash your true potential.

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Printed by Park Communications in London England, only using 100% offshore wind electricity sourced from UK wind. 100% of the inks used are vegetable oil based, 95% of press chemicals are recycled for further use and, on average 99% of any waste associated with this production is recycled. Printed on paper made of material from well-managed,FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources. All books are also certified climate neutral print product for which carbon emissions have been calculated and offset by supporting recognised carbon offset projects.


Both books will make their official debut at major retailers around the world on October 24, 2023, with copies available on shelves and online. Readers can pre-order paperback, kindle, and audiobook editions of each title right now.

About Radim

Malinic is a creative director, designer, and bestselling author;heʼs also at the helm of South West London-based Brand Nu Studio and Brand Nu Books. He has built his businesses over a span of two decades and has worked diligently to help other creatives forge successful paths in their fields, including a series of books for inspiring creative excellence focused on self-development. You can buy the books now on Amazon UK or shop directly, getting a signed copy, from November Universe


Radim Malinic is a creative director, designer and bestselling author based in South West London. You can check out more of his works via the links below:


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All product photos are used only for presentation for non-commercial purposes only. All rights reserved.


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