Intersection between traditional expressionist painting styles and digital art

Trevor Clare has curated a collection of his most recent digital paintings and created a Behance gallery, which is in the link above. He also has an Instagram account - which showcases some more of his recent work. 

From a technical perspective, Trevor typically tends to work rapidly, and let the brush strokes do the talking, without overdoing or overworking a piece. Trevor adds: “I enjoy experimenting with the intersection between traditional expressionist painting styles and digital art!” (Procreate) His ultimate goal is to connect with others on an emotional level to evoke feelings of nostalgia, sadness, peace, joy, or mystery. Trevor uses the power of color and light to create moods and vibes that are familiar and hopefully resonate with most people.

I am also an advocate for mental health. From personal experience, I understand the challenging crossroads between creativity and mental health related issues and l try to encourage the creative community to be transparent and honest with these difficult subjects. I also believe we can use our work to create meaningful experiences for others, even through brokenness. 

For more information make sure to check out Trevor:

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