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Art Direction & Motion for Watch 11 - Maxon Cinema 4D

Javier Tommasi is an art director & 3D Animator currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He shared on Behance, a lovely project for Watch 11 for which involved art direction and motion design. Using Maxon Cinema 4D, you just gotta appreciate the details on the lighting and textures. One more thing I do appreciate is the effects used to reflect on the character at hand. I think you will like it too.

Random Type Projects Series by Muokkaa Studio

Muokkaa Studio aka Alejandro López Becerro is a graphic designer currently based in Madrid, Spain. I don't think we have featured Alejandro's work before and this is the right opportunity to share the second part of this series: Random Type Projects. Which is a mix of personal and commissioned projects for clients like Facebook, Goop, Fortune and JA NGO. First of all, it's always inspiring seeing various personal explorations, it's always a great way to explore new ideas and/or concepts after spending some time on client work.

Various Commissioned & Personal Illustrations by Romain Trystram

We are huge fans of Romain Trystram on ABDZ, his work has inspired many and still do provide this edgy & futuristic illustrative style that we dearly cherish. In this feature, we are collecting hand-picked projects from the past year and 18' to the masses, I am very glad to see a few and new visual directions in terms of the outcome. I really dig it and you definitely will too.

Siempre Playa Project to promote growth of culture and art in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Futura . shared an interesting project via their Behance about a collaborative initiative with four artists taking on this 'exploring' journey to the Riviera Maya and portrait its beauty through art. The results are just incredible, there are not enough words to describe how beautiful these pieces are. Especially the colors and how vibrant they are. Give it a look!

Chromatic Pastels Brings Joy to Light Effects Lovers Like Me

Chromatic Pastels continues Shane Griffin exploration into diffractive light, this series sees the vibrant chromatic palette juxtaposed against subtle pastel environments. If you follow the blog you will know that we have already featured Shane and his amazing work here on ABDZ, and this set is once again worth sharing especially if you, like me, are into light effects. Also,  18" x 24" Prints available from Shane’s Shopify page. 

Archer Farms Coffee Packaging Illustration by Tom Haugomat

Staying in the layers of projects related to packaging, we are featuring this lovely series of illustrations for Target's renowned Archer Farms Coffee by Collins. Designed by Paris-based illustrator and art director Tom Haugomat from Messieurs Dame. Working mainly in illustration, animation and painting; you should definitely follow his Behance for the latest work.

Various 3D Experiments with Renaud Futterer

Renaud Futterer is a visual artist, independent designer & creative director currently based in London, UK. He shared on his Behance, a series of various 3D experiments using Cinema 4D. As someone who is beginning in the same field, it's inspiring and encouraging following his experiments. You can tell he has worked several concepts in mind and by using different ideas which is a great mindset.

Strangers Things 3: Official Season Poster

The anticipated 80s nostalgia Strangers Things Season 3 is now available for streaming. Did you watch it yet? I just finished it and it was a thrilling ride to watch these kids grow into young adults now. There was definitely more action than previous seasons but I will leave you be the judge if you haven't watched it yet.

Fantastic Digital Art by Dmitry Zaviyalov

Digital art can take you anywhere, it is just about let your imagination run free. Dmitry Zaviyalov shared this incredible illustration on his Behance profile that really accomplishes that. It features a village and it has this eerie mood. It reminds me of Zelda Breath of the Wild game to be hones, and that had become my favorite game of the year and probably ever. I was so amazed by the details and the style that I had to feature Dmitry's illustration here. 

Digital Art: Poster Series by Posterlad

We are finally kicking off this week with a cool poster series entitled: Posterlad by graphic designer Vratislav Pecka from Prague, CZ. What caught our attention from this series is, first of all the progression from Vratislav's work especially from the last 15 posts (referring to his Instagram). We do enjoy when designers or artists take make the effort to create. The more you make, the more you will gain experience.

The Witcher Fan Art Collection

Netflix shared the first look of the upcoming The Witcher, a book adaptation coming soon on the streaming platform. Starring Henry Cavill and cie; it will be about a fantasy series of short stories and novels about the protagonist character Geralt of Rivia. For the occasion, I decided to feature Wojtek Fus's fan art collection as a concept art and obviously inspired by The Witcher.

Awesome Digital Art and 3D work by Pete Norris

After gaining a BA in Automotive design from Coventry University Pete Norris went on producing work for clients including Free Radical Design, Nissan, AKQA, Fiat, Shell, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft and the Creative Assembly. In the spare time he creates vehicles, characters, Graffiti, fine art, product design and various other amazing things. For this post we want to highlight some of his incredible automotive design projects alongside with other 3D work. Check it out.

Reimagining a future through Sci-Fi inspired by Digital Art

Fabio Araujo has been tagging us via our Instagram and we have discovered his work. He has been sharing a project titled: Sci-Fi Emarat which is his take on reimagining a future by using his creativity, iPhone photography and Adobe Photoshop. There are imaginative pieces of the Etihad Towers, Museum of the Future, Airport Road; all places photographed from his home in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Which one is your favorite?

#abduzeedo on Instagram: Our picks for June'19

This might be it, I think we just created a new series on ABDZ! It's a compilation highlighting what you have been sharing with us using the hashtag #abduzeedo. We have been getting lots of messages on how to 'get your work featured on ABDZ' so we decided to highlight our picks on a monthly basis. What do you think? It's our little recognition for whom who creates, makes and experiments, that's part of being inspired including ourselves.

#Pride Inspiration: Celebrating #PrideMonth with hand-picked designs from Dribbble

Following the other article, I decided to push forward a #Pride Inspiration roundup of designers celebrating #PrideMonth, hand-picked as always from Dribbble. Having a family member celebrating pride with so much joy, it's a mutual celebration for me as well. During this month, I just love how we are putting an accent on love, awareness and sharing stories that make us proud. It's with a lot of happiness I am making this roundup, please enjoy!

Skillful Commissioned Illustrations by Lena Vargas

I just discovered an illustrator and I dearly love her work! Pleased to meet Lena Vargas, she is a freelance illustrator based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She shared via her Behance some of the commissioned illustrations she worked in the past and they are just fantastic. Full of style and skills, I am just amazed by the variety of illustrations she is able to complete.

Incredible Digital Art Work of Bastien Grivet

Bastien Grivet is a Swiss Art Director, Concept Artist, Matte Painter & Composer based in Montpellier, France. He has an incredible portfolio featuring different styles with one thing in common, they are all top-notch in terms of quality. Personally, because, of my fascination with light effects I tend to prefer anything that has a neon light effect. For this post I focused on a few projects exemplifying Bastien's incredible digital art work.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Fan Art Roundup

Let's gear up for the upcoming Spider-Man: Far from Home movie, the first Marvel movie after the summer giant blockbuster Avengers: Endgame. Starring Tom Holland, Samuel Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal and more, I am pretty sure most of us are excited for what happens now ever since the Iron Man snap (*no spoiler alert!).

Imagining the daily life of Batman - Batlife Illustrations

Viv Campbell is a freelance illustrator currently based Valencia, Spain. She has shared a lovely and funny cartoonish illustration series titled: 'Batlife'. She showed such a fun side of Batman that we have rarely seen and will never because you know! Hah! It totally reminds me of the charisma of the Batman we had in the Lego Batman movie. My favorite would be the one where Batman is about to watch his suit and only kept his gadget belt!

Tesla Studio by THE SCOPE Is it Photography or CGI?

THE SCOPE is a high-end CG imagery and film studio based from Hamburg, Germany. They specifically focused on cars, how about luxury cars? They really produce high-end CG imagery, to the point where I can't even spot the difference between what's real or not. Being a huge fan of car photography, it takes a lot of work to create realism especially on the live situation with the lighting and the reflections. It's so impressive seeing for far you can push CGI nowadays.

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