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Fantastic Digital Art by Juhani Jokinen

Juhani Jokinen is an Associate Lead Concept Artist for Ubisoft. He is based in Helsink, Finland. Juhani is a concept designer, art director, and illustrator. He specializes in producing conceptual ideas and high-end artwork for clients within the entertainment industry. As you can see from the digital art collection below, his work is simply awesome with subjects ranging from epic Nile battles to awesome Sci-fi concepts.

Girls Series by Lera Kiryakova — Character Design

Lera Kiryakova is an illustrator based in Tula, Russian Federation. She shared a lovely series titled 'Girls' which is an illustration series highlighting fictional characters and some of them you would recognize from the movies like 'The Queen's Gambit, Brave, Moana, and more. One particular really caught my eye and it's that character with the pinky hair holding a Coca-Cola can. What's really distinct is her eyes, her look and it's just really cool. Make sure to give Lera some love on her social networks.

'2003' — Cinema 4D

Cornelius Dämmrich is a 3D artist based in Cologne, Germany. We are sharing a piece titled '2003' which is a follow-up from something he has created back in 2011. I just love the back story of this piece and the incredible level of attention to detail. With the upcoming trailer of the new Matrix is about to be out, this project is pure shills and nostalgia. Make sure to check out his video and the entire full project on his Behance.

Reimagining a future through Sci-Fi inspired by Digital Art

Fabio Araujo has been tagging us via our Instagram and we have discovered his work. He has been sharing a project titled: Sci-Fi Emarat which is his take on reimagining a future by using his creativity, iPhone photography and Adobe Photoshop. There are imaginative pieces of the Etihad Towers, Museum of the Future, Airport Road; all places photographed from his home in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Which one is your favorite?

Modern Street Demons Illustrations

Eduardo León is a graphic designer and illustrator from Mexico, Mexico. He shares a series of illustrations that really caught my eye in terms of style, concepts, and purely its execution. The results are really cool, they remind me of a series of characters from a game or an anime series. What do you think? I am excited to see more of the series in the near future. Make sure to follow the work of Eduardo on Instagram.

Isolation Dreams: Illustration Series in Cinema 4D

Prateek Vatash is back with another 'pure awesomeness' illustration series that needed some love on abdz. We have featured his work before and it never ceases to amaze. With the title 'Isolation Dreams', you can't help to see a connection with this pandemic and how this future has become to be. Going through this series, I love the gritty signature he left on every single piece, it makes you feel part of the art and eventually part of his dreams.

Futuristic Sci-Fi Sets by _DOFRESH_

Summer is slowly fading into the season of fall, the weather is getting somehow colder, the mornings are more chill. As we are welcoming a new term, we also embrace the 'rain'. Whenever I think about rain, it constantly brings back these scenes from the 'Blade Runner' movies. This is why we are featuring the work of _DOFRESH_ and his series titled 'SciFi Sets'.

NFT Spotlight — Shadow Series by Kaiwan Shaban

It's been quite some time we haven't posted about NFTs on abdz. And yet it's still buzzing on Twitter as usual so I decided to give it another stab at it. I stumbled across the work of Kaiwan Shaban, a visual artist, photographer, and filmmaker based in Berlin, Germany. With this series titled 'Shadow', he created such a moody atmosphere by combining digital art and cinematography. I really enjoyed the pieces highlighting a character with the hat, almost 'no-face'. This is some of the best works I have featured lately, give him some love.

Japan Life Illustrations by Minaminani Take

Today was the first day back to school for students in Switzerland. It somehow reminds me of Japan because of how orderly, and structured was the students welcoming. I stumbled across the work of Minaminani Take who is an illustrator. based in Japan. She illustrates what I would call 'Life scenes', probably things that we would see across the world. But if you pay close attention to the details, you can tell it's Japan. Give it a look and make sure to check out the rest of her work on Behance.

Osmosis — Personal Experiments with Filter Forge

I have been digging the work of Martin Naumann and have been enjoying the abstract experiments that we have featured on abdz. Here's to another titled 'Osmosis' which is a series of personal experiments using Filter Forge. I will be honest, this is the first time I have heard of this tool. Thanks for Martin, I will be definitely be checking out more, back to the series. Martin has been experimenting with creating a visual balance between liquids, textures, and colors. Props to the lovely results, check them out.

Collection of 3D Art & Shapes

We have featured the work of Deep Yellow before on abdz. They are a design studio based in Pristina, Kosovo specializing in visual identities, brand, packaging, and motion. They have shared this massive collection of 3D art and deep shapes for our inspiration titled: 'Deepshape Series'. Make sure to check out the entire collection, it's quite impressive with the shapes themselves. But let's not forget about the lighting and color choices, props to the entire team for this incredible work.

Brutalist Hong Kong Posters

I stumbled across this series of 'brutalist-inspired' posters of Hong Kong and thought it would be a great fit for a feature on abdz. With the shades of blue, red, white, and lots of textures. We are following illustrations of several iconic and controversial modernist architectural pieces in Hong Kong, built between 1950s and 1980s. One particular that strikes me is the design for the Wah Fu Estate, it's a modern and iconic design. For more about Anthony, can you check out his site and social media feeds.

Gamepads turned into Monsters Illustrations

I always enjoyed featuring projects that are well-thought-out and completely out of the ordinary. Judging by the title, you can tell right away it's cool, thankful to share the work of Ilya Lyakh who is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Moscow, Russian Federation. We are featuring his work titled: 'Monster Play 19' which is a series of popular console gamepads turned into monsters. An inspiration he took after seeing a custom gamepad, great reference to a cool result. Check it out!

Astro Metal Front

As a fan of sci-fi and the space subject it is always awesome to see other designers sharing the same love. For this post I would like to feature the work created by Flavio Montiel using Cinema 4D and Photoshop. The project is titled Astro Metal Front and as you can see it's beautiful. For more information about Flavio Montiel check out

Rain and Life Illustrations by Vipin Das

Vipin Das is an artist and illustrator based from Bangalore, India. I wanted to share the work of Vipin in response to the recent 'climate change' events that have been happening all over the globe. I am speaking especially about the 'heavy rain and even flooding' happening in Europe and Asia. I like how the illustrations describe multiple scenes of rain and also life scenes as well. Make sure to follow more of Vipin's work via his Behance.

Chromatic Pastels Brings Joy to Light Effects Lovers Like Me

Chromatic Pastels continues Shane Griffin exploration into diffractive light, this series sees the vibrant chromatic palette juxtaposed against subtle pastel environments. If you follow the blog you will know that we have already featured Shane and his amazing work here on ABDZ, and this set is once again worth sharing especially if you, like me, are into light effects. Also,  18" x 24" Prints available from Shane’s Shopify page. 

Tokyo Mirages Series by Romain Trystram

We have been hearing lots of buzz regarding Tokyo lately, it's probably related to the Olympic Summer Games! Sadly for us, there is almost no way to be able to watch any of it live (Europe!) But as an encouragement, I stumbled across the work of Romain Trystram is an art director and illustrator from Agadir, Morocco. We are huge fans of Romain's incredible skills to create wonderful illustrations filled with colors and lots of vibrant colors. He released a new series titled: 'Tokyo Mirages' and man oh man.

Combining Ancient & Modern Art into a Mask Series

Seryozha Parshakov is an artist based in Moscow, Russian Federation. I wanted to share about his 'Ancient Future' series which is an art series showcasing an abstract exploration of masks combining ancient and modern textures. I totally feel a dystopian feel to these, especially the texture and the 'true tone black color' as a baseline. But at the same time because of its ancient visual approach from past centuries, it's definitely something worth featuring on abdz.

Abstract 3D Illustrations by Mathieu Le Berre

Mathieu Le Berre is an art director into motion and 3D based in Paris, France. We are taking a look at his series titled 'Andromeda' which is a 3D abstract piece as I quote: 'objects of the natural, real or imaginary world, but only shapes and colors for themselves.' It's purely imaginative, creative, vibrant, and I really dig the art direction. You should definitely check out more of his work via his Behance and other social feeds. He has lots of amazing projects and more to come I am sure.

Surf Locos Illustrations

It's cool how the season can shift your perspective on your day-to-day. I have been feeling more lively with the summer and how things are very slowly coming back to some normality. This is what I felt seeing the work of Magdalena Kaczi, an art director and illustrator based in Warsaw, Poland. We are featuring her series titled: 'Surf Locos' and within a few illustrations, you can the perfect mood of that 'surf life'. I really like that first image, you can almost feel the emotion of that piece itself.

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