Meet Sunnie - Healthy eating and a strong brand identity in one smiling package

Heading back to school (insert prayer emoji here) and lamenting convenient and healthy options that don’t leave you cookie-cutting animal sandwiches and prepping ants on a log just to ensure your child actually eats something? Look no further than Sunnie, a new brand disrupting the kid’s food space with nutritious foods that are minimally processed so you can feel confident about what your kids are eating. An added bonus, joyful, sustainably-designed packaging that will surely spark some convos at the lunch table.

Co-founders Katy Tucker and Lisette Howard, two LA-based moms with six kids between them, pinpointed a white space in the world of convenient kids’ lunches that were a healthy alternative to what was currently on the market. The pair recognized the genius of the concept but cringed at the label on existing products. They realized that they had a viable solution in front of them — one that could make a big difference for busy families. Tucker and Howard knew right off the bat that they didn’t want to create another product for kids that claimed to be healthy but was ultimately just a lot of over-processed junk. 

The name Sunnie was chosen to convey the feeling sparked by a well-balanced, nutritious meal

After nearly two sleepless, nerve wracking years, Sunnie was finally born in August of 2020, amidst the pandemic no less. The name Sunnie was chosen to convey the feeling sparked by a well-balanced, nutritious meal: Sunnie meals help kids shine from the inside out. Sunnie also happens to be the name of co-founder Katy’s grandma, who brought sunshine everywhere she went. Grandma Sunnie (who lived to be 100!) was utterly devoted to real, unprocessed foods. 

From a branding standpoint, Tucker and Howard strolled countless supermarket aisles looking for brands that stood out. They both were (and still are huge) fans of Siete, so they ended up tapping the same creative agency to help bring the Sunnie brand vision to life. Enter Drawn, the uber talented brand development agency out of Eugene, Oregon. We’re loving the end result of a bright, playful brand identity coupled with interactive packaging to show kids nutritious food can be delicious and fun.  

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