Industrial Design: Geco Hub is a Smart and Stylish Storage System

Have you ever experienced that last minute panic when you’re trying to leave the house and can’t find your phone/wallet/keys? Or not been able to find the TV remote or your reading glasses? Or perhaps forgotten to post a birthday card or letter that was waiting by the door?

Geco Hub is just the place for these items and more. It’s wall-mounted storage for the things you can’t afford to lose or forget, somewhere you can keep the often-needed stuff visible and easily accessible so it’s always there whenever and wherever you need it. All you have to do to store something in Geco Hub is push it in.

What’s more, Geco Hub is seamlessly modular, as you can tile multiple units together to create one giant storage space. You can even mix and match colours between units to create your own piece of ever-changing wall art.

Industrial Design 

It’s more compact than shelves and cabinets, so it can fit in small spaces around the home where other storage can’t. It can be installed in minutes without any screws too.

Geco Hub was recently 600% funded on Kickstarter and is currently available to preorder at a discount for a limited time here.

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