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Muse & Co. Outdoors Takes #Vanlife to Next Level With Sustainable Design Top of Mind

In March of 2020, we were all blindsided by the pandemic and there’s no doubt we’ve all learned to pivot and adapt both professionally and personally. On the professional front, you may still have the luxury to work from home which also means anyplace with a solid WiFi connection (hello digital nomads). On the personal front, you’ve likely explored new ways to unwind and disconnect while also staying safe during the pandemic (hello #vanlife).

Bespoke Lighting Designer Ted Bradley Goes Green

This summer, global warming seems to be affecting all parts of the world simultaneously. With wildfires and heat waves in the west, destructive hurricanes like Ida in the east, we're keen to focus on artists and designers like Ted Bradley who are doing their part to tackle climate change by making sustainability a key component within the overall design process. 

Brand Identity & Bottle Design for OSUISSE

Water in Switzerland is crucial, has roughly 61,000km of rivers and streams and around 1,500 lakes. And it's quite a stunning view wherever you go up in the mountains with the help of the railroad system. It's everywhere! Along those lines, I wanted to share the work of Paperlux Studio and the work they have done for 'OSUISSE' on the branding, visual identity, and the bottle design. 'OSUISSE' is providing the 'World's Finest Water' and with the help of Paperlux Studio.

Keeper — Designed for Tomorrow Furniture

João Teixeira shared another clever and well-crafted industrial design project. As the global pandemic still takes place almost everywhere, there's a lot of habits we've created to deal with this issue. One of these habits is related to how often we take our shoes and leave them at the entrance before walking around the house.

Wallbox eNext, the new EV charger designed by Lúcid Design Agency

Wallbox eNext is Circontrol's new electric vehicle (EV) charger, designed by Lúcid Design Agency. This project has involved the creation of a device designed and adapted to the new digital reality of the consumer, offering a new EV charger that allows the incorporation of a large interface.

Touch smart door lock - Industrial Design

Dimtry Lee shared a super stylish industrial design for a smart door lock. Touch smart door lock soft and round shape with hard material surface make the smart door reliable, firm and friendly. At the same time, it also provides a comfortable touch - describes Dimitry. The integrated structure makes the product more integrated, simpler and more classic. Visually it gives the impression that the lock body is lighter and thinner, creating a new style of modern smart door locks and ensuring the safety of the product. 

Loop Desk — Minimal and Sophisticated Industrial Design

João Teixeira shared another beautiful industrial design project fully rendered in 3D using Blender. Minimal yet sophisticated, and slim were some of the keywords while designing the Loop desk. The name derives from the way the monitor stand is designed, looping all around the table top in a seamless way.  This design was motivated by the way most people have been working from home due to lockdowns, enhancing the workspace and making it more friendly and productive.

Minimal, Handcrafted Apple TV Remote Case by Fifthmade 

Make your Apple TV remote easier to hold and harder to lose with Fifthmade’s flagship product, the Apple TV Siri Remote case. Fifthmade, a Louisville, Kentucky based design company, builds minimal home goods that improve your everyday life.

Sustainable Studio Otelier reimagines the standing desk, and furniture retail

Otelier—a San Francisco-based studio launching its debut collection of height adjustable tables for the home—reimagines the standing desk from a design perspective in the age of COVID and beyond. The collection consists of a desk and a dining table, both height-adjustable. Otelier started with a height-adjustable dining table for people working in their kitchens or dining rooms, the first of its kind. Soon, friends and family asked for a desk, which was added to the collection.

Ben Coffee Table - Industrial Design

João Teixeira shared a really beautiful industrial design project. Ben coffee table was designed specifically for 3D modeling purposes, Mr. Teixeira wanted to test a new way to simulate welding on Blender so he was motivated to design an object in which he could experiment. In short words, Ben is a basic and simple table, its metal structure is CNC bended and the pieces all welded together. Both table tops are CNC milled. “I aimed for industrial processes that could guarantee ease of production and precision.

WEGA Concept 51K 3D Render

A little blast of nostalgia for this feature on abdz. We are taking a look of a 3D render of the 'WEGA Concept 51K' which was released in the years of 1978-1982. For those who are not sure what that is, it's basically a 'DJ Set from the 1980s'. Jason Zigrino, a digital artist from the USA; does an absolute impressive at recreating his own take of the 'WEGA'. First of all, taking a look at the series; what strikes me the most are the details and the lighting. It just creates such a unique tone.

Hook Adjustable Light - Industrial Design

Huisu Jo shared an industrial design project that would solve one of the biggest issues I have today with working from home, light or the correct lighting for video-conference. 'Hook' allows people to adjust the position of the lights they need according to the situation. 

Last Minute Gifts (and things I know I won't get): Gogoro EEYO 1

After all these years I never felt any need to get a bicycle. I have a nice Fuji road bike since 2011 and it’s been very reliable and fun to ride - I am not a biker that gets all geared up on weekends, I just like to bike. The biggest issue for me has been the fact I live in a hilly area, that adds an extra challenge not so much on my legs, but more related to my motivation to just go for a bike ride. That’s why the idea of an electric bike has been growing on me, the issue was that most of them, personally , were just too ugly.

EATSY Adaptive Tableware for Visually Impaired by Jexter Lim

We are featuring an industrial design project that is quite intriguing that is totally worth a share on abdz. Introducing EATSY which is an 'adaptable tableware' for the visually impaired designed by Jexter Lim. What's really interesting about this project is the entire process, from the conceptual idea, sketching, prototyping, and lots of testing.

Toys Made to Last by Huzi Design

They believe in less but better. Not the forgettable plastic toys, blinking lights, or complicated electronics. Instead, they make simple, modern toys that last. Full of stories and imagination. To be enjoyed today and treasured tomorrow, these are toys you will keep for good. By making toys with better values, they hope they will become a lasting part of your life and a meaningful part of your story. Check them out at Huzi Design or on Instagram @huzidesign

Industrial Design: NOMAD Base Station Pro

STEL Design is an industrial design studio based in Santa Barbara, CA, USA and we are taking a look at the design of the NOMAD Base Station Pro. In other words, a full surface wireless charging station where you can charge up to three devices that can be placed anywhere on the actual surface. And as I quote: 'An 18-coil matrix lies beneath a seamless surface for an effortless charging experience.' I really dig the design, it's classy, premium feel and it comes in black.

Draw from nature, with Unto's Color Gem

Draw from nature, as if you picked up a rock and start coloring. Color Gem is a set of mineral-like crayons exploring the metaphor and satisfaction of releasing colors directly from a burnt chalk, an apple, or granites and stones. Studio Unto has transformed the crayon block into a process similar to rock erosion; every sign of press, indent and dulled corner instruments the flow of the user's artistic footprints. 

Minimalist Flower Vase by Shinya Oguhi

Flowers are always beautiful from bud to withered. Intending to show off the beauty of flowers, this flower vase was conceived, not any flower vase, but an elegant example of great industrial design.  The author is Shinya Oguhi, an award winner industrial designer based in Tokyo, Japan. There’s not much to say about this project, it’s the perfect combination of form and function. Minimalism at its best.

A look at the making of Google Pixel 4

Arthur Kenzo is an industrial designer working in the Google Industrial Design Team. He shared a look of the making of the Google Pixel 4. I do own the Pixel 4 and it's quite fascinating to see some of the behind-the-scenes of what went through the process and designing Google's flagship phone.

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