Mental Health Illustrations by Muhammed Sajid

I am not sure if this is for a project or personal illustration but I thought it would be nice to share on abdz. Titled 'Mental Health', we are taking a look at this illustrations series by Muhammed Sajid, a designer based in Bangalore, India. There isn't a well-fitted moment to speak about 'Mental Health' during a pandemic, I think it has affected all of us during the course of the last year alone. It's important to stay positive but also recognize the hardships whatever it is for your life, career, family, and even losses. It's also important to TALK ABOUT IT to close relatives and friends. Make sure not to hold anything inside that might hurt you or even do you any harm. Thank you Muhammed Sajidf for a beautiful reminder, we can get through this.

Step into the garden of words. Where thoughts blossom and ideas seed. Sway to the winds of fantasy, or stay rooted in the wisdom of reality. Turn a new page to nourish your mind. Grow with the flow — Vaidehi Murthy

Image may contain: cartoon and illustration

Image may contain: cartoon

Image may contain: cartoon and illustration

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