Cybercity Illustrations by Evgenij Kungur

Let's pay a visit into the Cyberpunk World with this incredible illustration series by Evgenij Kungur, a freelance artist from Кунгур, Russian Federation. Taking right back into the underworld of Blade Runner, with its futuristic spaceships, neons, animated billboards and more. He shared three different styles of illustrations including its variants. But the coolest part is seeing the process behind each artwork, make sure to check it out.

Bold & Colourful Illustrations by Design Lad

We have received the amazing work by Design Lad not to confused with Design Lead! He is a London-based designer and illustrator that focuses his work in bold, playful and colourful 3D illustrations. I am surprised that we have never featured his work before on ABDZ. Represented by our friends from Jelly London, make sure to follow his work on Instagram

Pastel Japan, Cats and Alleyways Illustrations

We are featuring the illustrations from Denise aka surudenise, they are filled with pastel colours, Japan, cats and alleyways. What else do you want? These are packed with beautiful and vibrant colors! I especially like her two illustrations referring to Kyoto Cats Day/Night, almost have that Anime feels. You should definitely give her a follow on Instagram where she incorporates the same feels in terms of color palette.

Stunning Light Prism Series by Danny Ivan

We would like to share the work from Danny Ivan whom which we have featured before on ABDZ. Danny is based in Porto, Portugal and his work is quite inspiring! Always being related to light, this time we are sharing his experiments and inspired by the light prism. You must remember these? Shown to illustrate the differing wavelengths of light where some of us learned about rainbows and colors. It's a beautiful series, hope you will enjoy!

Beautiful Brain: The Drawings of Legendary Santiago Ramón y Cajal

We were awestruck by the newly released Beautiful Brain, a companion book to a traveling exhibition showcasing hand-drawn notebook renderings by the father of modern neuroscience, Santiago Ramón y Cajal. The exhibition is the very first peek at Cajal's extraordinary drawings here in the US and is a mind-bending look at the way neurons, the building blocks of our brain, spinal column and nervous system, communicate with on

Archer Farms Coffee Packaging Illustration by Tom Haugomat

Staying in the layers of projects related to packaging, we are featuring this lovely series of illustrations for Target's renowned Archer Farms Coffee by Collins. Designed by Paris-based illustrator and art director Tom Haugomat from Messieurs Dame. Working mainly in illustration, animation and painting; you should definitely follow his Behance for the latest work.

Neo-noir-inspired Conceptual Illustrations by Tony Skeor

I would personally never get enough of everything related to neo-noir-inspired culture. Last year, we had the chance to explore that genre again with movies like Blade Runner 2049 and Ghost in the Shell. So it was obligatory to share the conceptual work of Tony Skier who is a concept artist based in Kyiv, Ukraine. His work is a mixture of different tools from Adobe Photoshop, Brush, After Effects and more, definitely check him out via his ArtStation Profile.

Voguish Portrait Illustrations by Janice Sung

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! We hope that everyone enjoyed a beautiful time off with their families, siblings, and friends. We are back and moving forward in 2018! Let's kick it off with the stunning work of Toronto-based illustrator named Janice Sung, she is an independent illustrator and her craft is all around portraits. You might have recognized some famous celebrities or movie characters like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Mathilda and more.

Clever Animal Illustrations made of circles, triangles and squares

We are featuring this fun illustration project by Nikola Radojčić and Nenad Radojčić from Braća Burazeri. As you may have noticed, it's a series of illustrations of animals made of circles, triangles, and squares. The results are just fantastic and quite clever. It's such a good creative challenge to limit ourselves to create under some circumstances like shapes. Braća Burazeri did an incredible to embrace the challenge and also shared a bit of the process along the way.

Illustration Inspiration: A series of illustrative work to inspirit your week

Since our weekly curated UI/UX interactions series are going well, we decided to give it a try with illustrations. Instead of focusing on one specific medium for illustrations like a print design for example. We will surf and look for great pieces across more platforms from books, print, web, applications and more. We will mix it all from static, dynamic and even live animations, this might be a great series to bookmark! For this week, let's go in different directions and see how this will boost your creativity!

"Canicule" Series: Illustrations by Raphaëlle Martin

In honor of the blistering, record-breaking heat we're experiencing out West we were inspired to post these charming illustrations by Freiburg, Germany based illustrator and animator Raphaëlle Martin aptly titled "Canicule" translating to "dog days." The Bay Area has never seen heat like this before and without any AC we're channeling these lovely illustrations and transporting ourselves to that pool, cocktail in hand, for a much needed res

Liquid Mind Illustrations

Giovanni Maisto share a little bit of the behind the scenes of one of his recent projects, the Liquid Mind. The three illustrations on the theme of the liquid state, the liquid essence of the thought, the continuous evolution and changing of forms, as in a dream state. All that comes to life by the inner senses, and that reason alone does not create visions - those are his own words to describe the work. As it's been a while since we had some illustrations case studies I hope you enjoy this selection.

How To Illustrations

These illustrations will show you how to avoid death by lightning or even how to teach a parrot to talk. This awesomeness was created for the New York Times by "Made by Radio" a creative studio specialized in illustrations and animations. Check them out! For more from Made by Radio visit

Editorial Illustrations by Davide Bonazzi

Davide Bonazzi is an Italian illustrator who uses a mix digital techniques with textures of scanned found objects, in order to give my conceptual illustrations a warm and evocative atmosphere. For more from Davide Bonazzi visit . Tette e cibo / Boobs & Food | A project for fighting brest cancer

Pray for Paris

After the horrible attacks to Paris, the entire world came together to show their support to Paris including designers from all over the globe. Here is a few illustration that pay honor and support to France as we all pray for peace. by Nicolas Fredrickson

La Marmota Brand Illustrations

Spanish illustrator Carlos Arrojo shared with us his latest project. A visual identity for restaurant La marmota respostrebar, and many illustrations to go along with it. Check it out! For more from Carlos Arrojo visit Logo

Vintage Book Illustrations by Maka Zedelashvili

Maka Zedelashvili is an illustrator from Tbilisi, Georgia. In this post we will display her work for the book " Galaktionology " which refers to the bohemian life of XX century Georgian poet -galaktion tenants and activities. Enjoy! For more from Maka Zedelashvili visit

Memorial Day Illustrations

To celebrate Memorial Day I selected some really cool illustrations from Dribbble that shows some different prospectives of how people perceive this day. Happy Memorial Day! by Rick Murphy

Sky Art by Thomas Lamadieu

Thomas Lamadieu uses photos of the sky from between buildings and makes really cool art over it. His artistic aim is to show a different perception of urban architecture and the everyday environment around us, what we can construct with a boundless imagination. For more from Thomas Lamadieu visit

Digital Art by Alexey Kashpersky

My weekends are always good time to surf the web and find inspiring work. It didn't take too look for me to find Alexey Kashpersky amazing 3D and illustration work. Alexey graduated from the National Technical University in his native town of Poltava (Ukraine) and earned a degree as Master of Visual and Decorative and Applied Arts with honors.

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