Streamlining Accessibility with Stark, now comes to the Mac

Stark is a series of products to help you and your teams streamlined accessibility and compliance across the design process. They are what I would say the norm to arise and follow. Let's not forget the people behind the products are a really cool bunch of people. Right now you can get Stark as plugins in Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch and as an extension on Chrome. They just launched Stark for Mac to enhance even more their advocacy through end-to-end collaboration. It's now on private beta, subscribe now.

Our mission at Stark has always been to provide the most valuable tools, educational material, and community around accessibility. We’ve long known that catering to only one discipline in an organization was counterproductive, and we’ve worked hard to enable everyone—from design and engineers to QA and stakeholders—to bake accessibility into the product development process from the beginning, while ensuring teams with legacy tech debt have a solution for retrofitting their software.




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