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Normform — a generative grid-based design tool

The Normform is a generative grid-based design tool that helps create digital content like vector patterns really fast and with a great variety of results. Once a day, we publish a pattern artwork on our site which is available for free download and use under Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0).

InVision Freehand - More Templates to boost our workflow

A couple of months back, we have shared the news that the fine folks behind Freehand by InVision have introduced a series of templates for us to work better, faster, and more collaboratively within our teams. They have shared more templates this week from Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and, make sure to check them out. They also shared some sort of a Q+A, I will make sure to include some of them below. It's cool insights to understand the 'why' and releasing more things to improve our work/life situations. Let's take a look!

Introducing Spline, 3D Tool for Designers

Introducing Spline, a 3D tool for designers and mostly to help us create web experiences. I had the chance to play a little bit before publishing this article and I must admit that it looks promising. Obviously, there are a few things to improve but let’s not forget it’s still the 'preview release'. I would be curious to see to what extent Spline can take your 3D skills whatever you are a pro or a beginner. I have been learning Blender lately and Spline provides an intuitive interface that will make you easily remind of Sketch for example.

Introducing Craft. A look at the next-gen document editor

I have been following the work of Daniel Korpai for quite some time. He is working as a product designer at InVision and also on his side-project that he just launched recently. Introducing Craft, a next-gen document editor available on macOS, iPadOS and iOS. It has the capabilities to really push your workflow and obviously into a simple, intuitive, and blazing fast whatever you are online or offline.

Welcoming Projector. A powerful creative tool to discover.

Is there a place for another tool? What if I say there is a combination of Figma and Google Slides? Curious now right? We would like to share a warm welcome to Projector. What is Projector? It's a web browser-based tool that helps individuals and teams turn ideas into beautiful visuals across any format. Inspired by modern media, you will get quickly familiar with its ways of helping you build and shape your ideas. I would like to personally thank the team at Projector for granted me early access and seeing what they are building.

Introducing ProtoPie 5.0 - Interaction Recipes and more

Our good pals from ProtoPie have just released their 5.0 which is packed with new features and one that has been in demand for quite awhile. Being an avid user of ProtoPie myself. I totally understand this will be on-demand and it makes to introduce 'Interaction Recipes'. It's basically a way to share your designs in its entity.

Fonts Ninja, a tool that will supercharge your workflow

Fonts Ninja is a tool/chrome extension that I have been using for a long time now. It's super handy when you are in the middle of a design process to gather font inspiration for your next web design project. Or when you stumbled across a site that you found quite fascinating and you ask yourself: 'What's the font they used?'. I think we all somehow ask ourselves this question at least once. Well, Fonts Ninja was always there handy for that need.

Figma introducing new features to boost your workflow: Links and Search

Figma should be part of your set of tools as designers and even as non-designers. They really changed the game in terms of how we work and how they have built (still going strong) a community surrounding the design tool and how you can contribute as well. They have introduced today two small features but quite impactful to your workflow. Say hello to 'Links and Search'. I think we all have been in this kind of situation where you have feedback and it is heard and now implemented within the tool.

Figma Plugin Love: Email Generator by Grigoriy Mashkovtsev

I would like to share about a Figma plugin that I have been using lately and would like to share on ABDZ for your workflow. It's an Email Generator by Grigoriy Mashkovtsev. It's a useful plugin where you can design your own email template and export the HTML code from a frame. Simple as that! A little while ago, I took the liberty to share feedback on how Grigoriy can improve his plugin where I thought has a lot of potentials.

Launch your portfolio this weekend with Carbonmade

It used to be this way: If you didn’t have the time or technical knowledge to create a fully custom online portfolio, your only other choice was a limiting template. The new Carbonmade 4 changes that.  You might be familiar with Carbonmade from years ago (it’s helped more than 2 million creatives put their work online since 2005). Carbonmade 4 is still the easiest and most fun portfolio builder out there, but the experience is a whole lot different. 

Get ABDZ Weekly Digest in your inboxes

As we are continuing our efforts to bring ABDZ into your inboxes! Nowadays we are grateful to be surrounded by such a wide range of incredible design tools and it's getting quite distressing to keep track of every single one of them. So for the past weeks, we have been experimenting and introducing a new formula with a roundup of design tools only available for our subscribers. We have been getting an amazing response so far and would like to continue this initiative. Aside from the Weekly Digest, we will additionally bring more exclusive articles like tutorials, giveaways and more.

Adobe XD: a New Frontier for XD Plugins and more

Adobe XD has shared their August Update and it's packed with updates for CSS Code Snippets in Design Specs, Improved Integration with Photoshop, and a New Frontier for XD Plugins. Their biggest update is obviously the completely new way to use 'plugins' within the 'Plugins Panel'. It's also enhancing the integration with other apps like Photoshop. They also improve the 'Component bounds' to help you create experiences faster and easier. We shared a couple of their updates here on ABDZ, let's check them out.

Introducing Drama App, all-in-one design, prototyping, and animation tool

Last week, we have witnessed an introduction to a new design tool. Yes you have heard me! Whatever you think if it's a necessity or not, I decided to give it a feature and share an introduction. Say hello to Drama App which is an all-in-one design, prototyping, and animation tool. From the creators of PaintCode, Drama App is currently in BETA version and you can easily give it a spin yourself. I know I will, purely just as an exploration.

Figma Plugins are here! 🎉 Which plugins to get? Let's go!

You must have heard the news by now and Figma Plugins are here! I have to be honest, it's a lot more than what we were expecting during the past weeks with teasers and articles on #behindtheplugin. Backed with experience and facing daily problems that current plugins have to actually push our workflow. They found out that (in their words) design plugins are not always reliable or secure. They’re often built on not fully-supported APIs.

Enroll into a freelance Web Designer's Journey by Webflow

The kind folks from Webflow have just released their kickass and free comprehensive course that teaches you how to succeed as a freelance web designer. It doesn't stop there, it's going all the way from first of all 'getting the clients', 'proposal research', 'pricing your work' and a lot more.

Figma Update: GIFs in Prototypes, Plugins, Text Progress and ⚡

Figma shared their latest updates and I have to admit. They are killing the game! ⚡ I am a big fan and it has definitely sped our workflow at ABDZ. This monthly update includes GIFs in prototypes, Figma plugins (coming real soon!), Text improvements within one click and more. Some are big and others are smaller enhancements BUT it overall this design tool is getting better and better. If you haven't tried Figma yet, I strongly advise you to give it a try. Like now!

Interactive Prototypes using Auto-Animate by Adobe XD

Back in October, Adobe XD released their biggest addition's feature yet: Auto-Animate. In the world of prototyping, creating simple interactions is a thing shared by many design tools. But creating immersive animations are another thing, making transitions between your artboards with a flair.

A delightful insight on Intuit design team workflow - InVision Design Genome Project

Our friends from InVision recently released the latest from their Design Genome Project Report in collaboration with Intuit: Designs for delight. A perspicacity on how the teams from Intuit work together to empower their customers through storytelling with insights that would shape strategy, action and things you would do for your consumers.

Introducing Form: a free wireframe kit from InVision

Our friends from InVision have launched two things recently! First of all, they are introducing a new design of their blog now called: Inside Design. They are also sharing a free wireframe kit, to celebrate their launch as well, how cool is that?! Introducing Form: a free wireframe kit from InVision, it's 190 templates ready-to-use for your next/current design project.

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