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Free Copyright Free Photos Friday :)

One of my goals for 2020 is to get back to photography and simply have fun with it. Perhaps get a bit better, but the main goal is to have fun capturing the surroundings. I will also be posting most of them on Unsplash so everyone can get them for free. I will also, shameless, post them here on Abduzeedo, which it is nothing more than a personal blog.

web design

Web Design Concept for Balenciaga

Damir Peric and Oksana Ochoa Sierra shared a web design project inspired by the master of precision, Cristobal Balenciaga. This concept pays tribute to his legacy and opens a new chapter by reimagining the digital world of Balenciaga.


Introducing Wacom One

Yesterday at CES, Wacom announced the Wacom One, an economical new creative pen display.  The new Wacom One gives creative beginners, social content creators, budding photographers and visual thinkers a new pen display platform to create with.


EQ3, a Canadian Furniture Brand launched its new flagship in NYC

We are sharing some news that is quite pleasing and proud at the same time. For two reasons, first is seeing a Canadian brand EQ3 who is a furniture company that freshly expanding to the US and recently establishing a new flagship located in NYC. Built from scratch, and giving an affordable retail price for Canadian design for our everyday home life.

digital art

Abstract Digital Art: Tech Styleframes

Luca Genovese shared an incredible digital art project titled Tech Styleframes - Exploration. He used Cinema 4D and JSplacement to create a series of abstract images that look like computer motherboards and electronics. The outcome is simply beautiful, full of light effects and different perspectives.

graphic design

Graphic Design: Happy New Year 2020 with an 80s Look

Romain Billaud shared an awesome graphic design and personal project on his Behance page. As we start a new decade it’s amazing to see all the different ways to interpret the 2020 year. Romain has jumped to my top 3, if not the top 1 because of the stylish 80s look and feel. 


#AustralianFires - Together let's help.

I am a little bit lost of words as I am writing this article. As you have probably have seen in the news or on social media. The beloved country of Australia has been experiencing its worst #bushfires since the end of summer.


Experiments with 'Paper' by atelier MARTINI _

As the beginning of the year settling its sails, I think it's important to set off some goals and TRY your hardest to accomplish them. I think it's the hardest part! In my case, I always wanted to do more CGI/3D related works to be specific. I tried many times but it's not a 'demand' per se towards my daily work so it's hard to keep giving it more time.


New Year, 'What you have been missing' Round-up

Holiday's over (for some of us 👋) and time to get back to the grind. Now the feeling that you had a couple of restful days, you got to hang came back home for the family, hang out with friends or/and even had a chance to travel for the occurrence. Now it's time to kick off the new year and restart all over.


New Year, New Wallpapers for your Phone or Computer

One thing I used to do quite often was to change my desktop and phone wallpaper. We had a quite popular series called Wallpaper of the Week to share and celebrate that passion. With that spirit I want to share a few photos that I took that can be used as beautiful wallpapers. I am using one of them already for the past two weeks.


The Interior & Street Art of Base 23

Having spent my Christmas Holiday in Germany, I started paying attention to how the cities I visited were paying closer attention to graffiti and street art. It definitely gave an outlook that differentiates from the others. That was cool! Now back from holiday, I decided to feature artists and it wasn't hard before I have found one.


Reflections on year-end, decade-end

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The Intriguing Art of Corey Brickley

Corey Brickley is an illustrator that has been recently caught my attention for a feature on ABDZ. His work is quite intriguing and it's the kind of art that makes you second guess about what was the initial concept or the idea behind its creation. It definitely brings a notion of imagination that we were so used to when we were kids.


2019: In Retrospective

Where do I start? Hmmm This year has been filled with interrogation, waiting, and remunerating on many of its aspects that I don't where to begin. I started off 2019 with a strong determination, an idea where I wanted to change my life and the lives of those who are very close to me. We know where we all ended but it wasn't an easy path to cross.


Amazing Pure CSS Multicolor Gradients with Gradienta

Gradienta is one of Shahadat Rahman, a Bangladeshi product designer, graphic designer, speaker & passive happiness earner side project that he made for both designers and developers to use ultra lightweight, colorful, responsive backgrounds for their personal and commercial projects.

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