Poster Series Inspired by William Shakespeare

Xtian Miller created a poster series inspired by William Shakespeare’s sonnets; a collection of 154 poems originally published in 1609. Excerpts were selected for 25 posters and reinterpreted in visual abstract form to convey the concept of time and light vs dark.

Poster Design

Sonnet Posters by Xtian MillerSonnet 094 poster by Xtian MillerSonnet 094Sonnet 001Sonnet 059 and 107Sonnet 007Sonnet 115Sonnet 064 and 061Sonnet 027Sonnet 153Sonnet 015Sonnet 015Sonnet 051Sonnet 053 and 043Sonnet 097Sonnet 045Sonnet 012 and 119Sonnet 060Sonnet 018Sonnet 018Sonnet 010Sonnet Poster Grid and TypographySonnet 027

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