Geometric Pattern posters inspired by architectural locations

Xtian Miller is a designer based in Detroit, MI, USA. His project is genuine, well-executed, and thought this should be perfect to be featured on abdz. Titled: ARC: Pattern Research, it's a series of 'geometric pattern posters inspired by architectural locations', it's a study that contains 25 prints that also can be purchased via his store. First of all, I just love the overall graphical approach on these, if you have ever visited or googled these landmarks. You can totally recognize its origins through the poster design which is pretty cool if you ask me. It's subtle enough but at the same time so creative and it’s paying homage to architecture. It almost feel like it's an illusion of patterns that makes you look at it and simply drift away. Amazing feeling, well done!


Decomp study of 25 geometric patterns identified in real architecture all around the world. Presented in black and white posters with references to structure’s name, location, and architect.

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