2019: In Retrospective

Where do I start? Hmmm This year has been filled with interrogation, waiting, and remunerating on many of its aspects that I don't where to begin. I started off 2019 with a strong determination, an idea where I wanted to change my life and the lives of those who are very close to me. We know where we all ended but it wasn't an easy path to cross. I am Francois from ABDZ and this is my year in review.

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As we are continuing our efforts to bring ABDZ into your inboxes! Nowadays we are grateful to be surrounded by such a wide range of incredible design tools and it's getting quite distressing to keep track of every single one of them. So for the past weeks, we have been experimenting and introducing a new formula with a roundup of design tools only available for our subscribers. We have been getting an amazing response so far and would like to continue this initiative. Aside from the Weekly Digest, we will additionally bring more exclusive articles like tutorials, giveaways and more.

ABDZ Store: New items added. Osore Lightroom Presets and more

I don't if you have ever noticed but we have an ABDZ Store. It has been established since the last redesign in goals to serve a 'marketplace' of items we review on the blog and also initiatives we create. They are a few things in works at the moment but for now, I wanted to share an update on the new items added the store. In this update, I added my series of presets titled: Osore which are 'Lightroom' presets you can purchase to create your own perspective of Cyberpunk. It has been quite a successful initiative so far!

Introducing Osore Shanghai Lightroom Presets inspired by Cyberpunk

François here from ABDZ, it's been a little while since I last shared an update on my Osore Lightroom Presets. I was kept pretty busy with my personal life and building ABDZ at the same time. I did find some time to finally release my new Lightroom presets titled: Osore Shanghai.

Celebrating 60K on Instagram: Top Moments so far!

We have recently hit a milestone on ABDZ, celebrating 60K followers on Instagram, thank you so much for your support! The account originally started as a personal account where Fabio would share experiments in goals to improve his photography skills. Years later, we decided to shift the account into what we are today, mostly for you guys. Using the account as a feeder to share your spectacular works. Here we are today, we are sharing some of the top moments so far and celebrating!

Life Lesson - My learnings from completing 30+ UX Design Interviews

François here from ABDZ. I would like to share a life lesson, it's more than a lesson actually. I recently completed about 30+ UX design interviews during the course of the last 4-5 months, It's not something I would pride myself about but I did learn numerous lessons that I would treasure to share on ABDZ. Wherever you are a long-time reader, new to the blog, professional or beginner; there are some actions in this article you can unquestionably learn from. Shall we give it a start?

Travel Photography: ABDZ hosting a Photowalk in Tokyo

Hi everyone, this is François here from ABDZ. I will be traveling to Tokyo this upcoming October and would love to host an ABDZ Photowalk. Would you be interested? We can explore the different neighborhoods of Tokyo where we can explore the Tokyo Skytree, Sensō-ji, Meiji Shrine, Harajuku and more. Whatever it is raining or not, it will be a great opportunity to meet some of you living in Japan or visiting just like me.

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