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As we are continuing our efforts to bring ABDZ into your inboxes! Nowadays we are grateful to be surrounded by such a wide range of incredible design tools and it's getting quite distressing to keep track of every single one of them. So for the past weeks, we have been experimenting and introducing a new formula with a roundup of design tools only available for our subscribers. We have been getting an amazing response so far and would like to continue this initiative. Aside from the Weekly Digest, we will additionally bring more exclusive articles like tutorials, giveaways and more.

Life Lesson - My learnings from completing 30+ UX Design Interviews

François here from ABDZ. I would like to share a life lesson, it's more than a lesson actually. I recently completed about 30+ UX design interviews during the course of the last 4-5 months, It's not something I would pride myself about but I did learn numerous lessons that I would treasure to share on ABDZ. Wherever you are a long-time reader, new to the blog, professional or beginner; there are some actions in this article you can unquestionably learn from. Shall we give it a start?

Travel Photography: ABDZ hosting a Photowalk in Tokyo

Hi everyone, this is François here from ABDZ. I will be traveling to Tokyo this upcoming October and would love to host an ABDZ Photowalk. Would you be interested? We can explore the different neighborhoods of Tokyo where we can explore the Tokyo Skytree, Sensō-ji, Meiji Shrine, Harajuku and more. Whatever it is raining or not, it will be a great opportunity to meet some of you living in Japan or visiting just like me.

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We have a little announcement for you guys! We would like to bring Abduzeedo into your inboxes! It's never too late to march into this Mailchimp platform so we can bring lots of exciting stuff coming real soon! We promised to send you guys Weekly Digests alongside with giveaways, tutorials, thoughts on and a lot more. Don't wait up and subscribe now, thank you everyone for your support!

ABDZ Sticker Contest: The Winners

So, after a really tough time trying to decide thru 251 entries, we finally got the three lucky guys who won. I would like to thank every contestants who took part on this, you all done great, hopefully we will do another contest on similar guidelines pretty soon, cheers! The Winners First Place: nairbnorb

ABDZ Sticker Contest: The Submissions (Updated)

I'm proud to announce that Abduzeedo + Sticker + Hydro 74 contest got over 200 entries, that's almost a record in terms of contest on our website, thanks everyone who submited your artwork. As we had little a problem on getting all the submissions previously, we will announce the winners on April 30th, for now I will leave you guys all this awesome submissions. monking_m

Last Week: Abdz + Sticker Robot + Hydro74 Contest

For the first time Abdz is doing a contest in partnership with an artist and a sticker brand, just in case you don't know both, let me introduce you to them. About Sticker Robot Sticker Robot it's a top notch Sticker company, producing the best and most extraordinary genres of sticker you will ever see. Working mainly with silk screen, their printing technique can make any sticker dream you have come true.

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