Celebrating 60K on Instagram: Top Moments so far!

We have recently hit a milestone on ABDZ, celebrating 60K followers on Instagram, thank you so much for your support! The account originally started as a personal account where Fabio would share experiments in goals to improve his photography skills. Years later, we decided to shift the account into what we are today, mostly for you guys. Using the account as a feeder to share your spectacular works. Here we are today, we are sharing some of the top moments so far and celebrating! Watch out as we are gearing up for a giveaway, stay tuned!

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Top Moments on Instagram

Let's go back in time


This has to be place to take pics of the Golden Gate Bridge #m

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Most Liked so far


Osore around the Globe - Lightroom CC presets inspired by Cyberpunk I have launched the Osore Lightroom Presets for about 4 months ago, what started as an experiment became something much more. I love seeing people sharing their shots via #osore and #osore_series. The presets have been created to encourage you guys to explore your world and make your own perspective of Cyberpunk. We all have anyhow our own perspective of the off-world and I am giving you a foundation with Osore. So I decided to put together a collection of something of the shots I have seen via the hashtags, coming from all around the globe. An amazing beginning so far, thank you! More on the blog. Article by @aoirostudio Link: ? https://abduzeedo.com/osore-around-globe-lightroom-cc-presets-inspired-cyberpunk

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Runner-up by @asur_misoa


@aoirostudio with our Osore Presets

By Billelis

By @luxigon

Tutorial by @fmsasso

By @kaneda99

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