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Minimal Brand Identity & Packaging: LESS Cosmetics

We are taking a look at a minimal brand identity & packaging design for LESS Cosmetics by Patrick Reichert-Young. He is a creative director from Köln, Germany, we are featuring his project because of most of its minimal approach. We know how beauty & cosmetics products tend to be heavy in imagery, especially on the branding. Here we have a combination of fonts, lines, and two colours. Simple as that but the beauty comes from the overall design and how everything just flows with simplicity.

Brand Identity for Loupedeck by BOND Creative Agency

There's something about brand identity projects that have a dark theme. I know that it might be personal preference but black business cards or stationary definitely adds an elegant/upscale look. The Loupedeck work done by BOND Creative Agency is a great example of that.

Behind the Art Direction & Brand Identity of Blade Runner 2049

Seriously bummed that the movie Blade Runner 2049 didn't perform well as expected. With a settlement of a high score from most well-known movie blogs and critics out there but still wasn't enough. On the other hand, I was always intrigued by the team who collaborated on the art direction & whole brand identity; behind such a great movie and at this scale as well. We are taking a look at Stanley Sun and his team over at Concept Arts Studios.

Elegant Brand Identity for the Fashion Brand SOIA

Nere Oria is a graphic designer from Deba, Spain with a very strong portfolio in visual and brand identity. I was quite surprise to see the projects she shared on her Behance profile. There's not a lot of information about them but the images speak for themselves. For the SOIA project I love how Nere explored a simple color and make the whole system work fine with it. I also have to say that the business card sometimes looks almost impossible to read.

Brand Identity: New York Women's Surf Film Festival

Honoured to be sharing this brand identity project for the New York Women's Surf Film Festival. Into their 5th annual festival, their goal is to celebrate the filmmakers and female wave riders who live to surf, highlight their sense of adventure, connection to the ocean and more. Designed by Shanti Sparrow, it was greatly inspired by the movie by its aesthetics, also we can witness the work from Sarah Lee that we've featured in the past on ABDZ for her underwater photography. Get inspired!

Kati Forner Design's Beautifully Minimal Branding for H.Smith

We're starting the week off with some beautiful blush-toned branding work from Kati Forner Design, a full service creative studio based in sunny Los Angeles. Kati was tasked with a comprehensive brand identity for H.Smith, a luxury, fashion-forward boutique with a discerning clientele. The sophisticated, feminine and perfectly minimal work is comprised of textural papers, hand painted patterns, gold foils and blind embosses creating an elevated brand voice.

Illustration & Brand Identity: Brand Refresh for Mutual Attraction

About a week ago, we've featured the latest work from Radim Malinic with the branding project for Inhere. This week, he is back again but with a project in collaboration with Bristol-based Craig Minchington. It's a refresh that involves brand identity and illustration for Mutual Attraction. A dating agency and matchmaking service that needed some love to share their expertise for everyone in the name of love.

Brand Identity & Graphic Design: First Edition of Synergy Event

We are taking a look at this prestigious brand identity and graphic design for the first edition of the Synergy event. Designed by Portugal-based Pedro Matos, the event took place at the recently recovered Vidago Palace Hotel. I love how Pedro used inspiration from the actual event location where he mentioned that the skylight drew his attention. That's just the best when you can get this kind of inspiration and Pedro took a joy to share some of his progress as well. Please enjoy!

Brand Identity and Art Direction for LoTA

LoTA is a brand identity and art direction project created and shared by Ronnie Alley. The design is simple and very elegant, with bold typography and excellent editorial design. I particularly love the gradients, which Ronnie says it represent the variety of colors available in hair color and makeup. The way the headlines overlap the images is awesome very stylish and works quite well here. 

Brand Identity Love: Snob Hôtel Paris

We're looking to book our next trip to Paris after discovering this beautiful art deco inspired brand identity for the crisply named Snob Hôtel located in the center of the city of light. Buenos Aires-based branding studio Asís can be credited for this elegant body of work and we couldn't be more delighted with the result. The branding for the Snob Hôtel was conjured up to match the bourgeois quarters paying homage to the Parisienne lady and her 'chic and chilled' demeanor.

Stunning Brand Identity and Packaging Design for Riley®

Riley® is a brand identity, packaging and art direction project created and shared by Panos Tsakiris on his Behance profile. I had to feature this project because it's simply awesome. I love the simplicity and how modern it looks with a simple black and white theme. The bottles are my favorite but make sure to check out the whole process that Panos was kind enough to share with all of us on his Behance page.

Delicious Brand Identity and Packaging: Utopick Chocolate Bars

If you happen to have a sweet tooth you may have noticed that chocolate bars are having a moment in the world of packaging design poising themselves as the perfect creative canvas for creative folk to have some fun when it comes to brand identity. It's a known fact that packaging has a true impact on how we discern taste and we're already salivating over the work by multidisciplinary design studio Lavernia & Cienfuegos for Utopick Chocolates.

Brand Identity for Moon Dream Recording

Moon Dream Recording is a brand identity and graphic design project created and shared by Erik Musin and Timofey Popandopulo. The brand identity has very nice and simple look but with some very 80s applications. Below you can see a bit more behind the process with some descriptions and a multi-media set o applications like audio and video. Enough talk, check out after the break.

Brand Identity Au Sommet Place Ville-Marie

We are taking a look at this brand identity project by Sid Lee for Au Sommet Place Ville-Marie located in Montreal, QC, Canada. I really do enjoy featuring projects coming from my own hometown. For this case, there is a mixture of visual identity and graphic design of this iconic monument of Montreal that was built in 1958 by I.M. Pei & Partners. Place Ville-Marie recently launched and promoted its new 360˚rooftop experience and this is what we are now exploring.

Graphic Design and Brand Identity for MIX Studio

MIX Studio is a graphic design and brand identity project created and shared by Mélanie & Nicolas Zentne on their Behance profile. MIX STUDIO is a multidisciplinary sportsclub offering yoga, TRX, barre and spinning classes. In my opinion they did a great job on this brand, it express a lot of movement with the lines. The applications are also quite inspiring. Check out in the comps below.

Brand Identity and Product Packaging for Autistic Art

We are looking at a brand identity project by Laszlo Polgar and team for the Mosoly Otthon Foundation. Together, they went through the process to create a logo and packaging work on products that would have been on sale in profits on the non-profit organization. What I liked a lot about this project is the use of drawings made by the autistic people and branded through the identity and products. It creates quite a personal touch that is hard to go unnoticed.

Brand Identity and Graphic Design for The Metropolitain Orchestra

The byHAUS Studio shared a great brand identity and graphic design project on their Behance profile. It's the new identity for The Metropolitain Orchestra with Yannick Nézet-Séguin. They describe it as a rethought the identity by playing with contrasts and sensations. The new logo is a monogram composed of two letters: one anchored in modernity, the other in a classical tradition. Moreover, the perfect circle which replaces the letter O is exploited throughout a graphic design platform as a window where the music is expressed.

TUTU MUNDO Brand Identity

I think the truly hardest challenge as a designer is to conceptualize your own logo/brand identity. It's an easy task to accomplish for a client/gig/project but to have the same treatment for yourself is totally a different game. We can't just be so sure about do we like or not, we basically just can't decide. Which is totally odd. Well, just to remedy to that, we'll love to share this stunning identity by Tugba Ozcan and her brand called: TUTU MUNDO. Hope you will enjoy!

The Hidden Sea

Our good friend Jon Contino has been a long-time comer with always inspiring and great projects to share on Abduzeedo. Today we are sharing his work with The Hidden Sea where he was involved in everything from the brand’s identity, from lettering, illustration, and logo, including all the bottles, website, packaging and even a brand film. Art directed with Co Partnership to bring this stunning identity together, hope you will enjoy!

Graphic Design Works by Jennifer Lucey-Brzoza

We've been shifting a lot of UX/UI articles lately on Abduzeedo, not that is a bad thing but the industry is heading more towards the future of digital content and projects. At times, it's great to see what designers are doing in brand identity, typography and even illustration. We tend to forget that most of us are coming from a  Print background. Like the work from Jennifer Lucey-Brzoza that we are showcasing today.

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