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Sonikpass Awesome Brand Identity and Web Design

Rolf Jensen shared an incredible brand identity and web design project on his Behance profile. It is for Sonikpass, a San Fransisco based startup company creating an incorruptible digital version of you at the moment you want to conduct a digital transaction of any kind from logging into a secure digital access point to digitally unlocking the door to your home.

Brand Identity for Stockholm 2026 Olympic Games

Hannah Decker published a super cool brand identity project on her Behance profile. It's actually not a new post, it's from last year, but for some algorithmic related reasons I just learned about it yesterday. It's better now than ever, and that's because it's awesome. The project is a concept, I believe, for the  Stockholm Sweden 2026 Olympic Games and it's the full brand identity. The best part for me is that it has a more minimal and simple visual language.

TEDxKoenigsallee Identity by KittoKatsu GmbH

Duesseldorf is a beautiful city in western Germany, we are taking a look at the first official TEDx event brand identity entitled: TEDxKoenigsallee. Designed by a local brand strategy & design agency, KittoKatsu GmbH has been making an incredible work. I particularly love the different types what we say "icons" based on the theme of "The Future of...". I also like the choice of repetitive colors used, it's somehow reminding me of Figma but still very elegant. Check it out!

Brand Identity for Sushi Junction by Lee Ching Tat

Mortise Design is a brand designer & illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan. He recently shared a brand identity for Sushi Junction, it's a colorful design mixed with Japanese & Chinese cuisine. It's really a common thing in Japan seeing many brands taking on their packaging designs to attract customers with limited time and always-on-the-go. What's interesting about Sushi Junction, It is the first Japanese restaurant in India to offer a wide variety of food and inspired from Indian flavors.

Brand Identity for Mikron, a leading microelectronic enterprise in Europe

Happy Monday gang! Let's check the work from Freshblood Creative Services, a creative studio based in Moscow, Russian Federation. They recently released a brand identity project they worked for Mikron, a leading microelectronic enterprise in Europe. It's actually a redesign, they have kept the previous logo icon but they updated the typeface with a font that is slightly condensed. It's a nice look but I think where this is getting interesting, it's the inspiration welcomed for the quality of the print.

Brand Identity for Oddone

After seven years of in-house experience at Uber and Google, my great friend and creative director Roger Oddone decided to use his passion, talent and brand expertise to reopen his studio with a new name: Oddone. "Motivated by the name change, we tasked ourselves to evolve our previous visual identity. The rebrand synthesizes our pursuit for creating meaningful design that balances creativity and logic."

Brand Identity for The Clifford Pier Singapore

It's booked! We will be heading down to Singapore for our yearly vacation, nothing cooler than exploring designers, artists, and photographers based in this beautiful country. Let's take a look at the work of Foreign Policy and their Brand Identity for The Clifford Pier. I took this particular project because the design truly reflects the colours from Singapore after watching so many travel videos on the subject.

Super Elegant Business Card Designs Printed by MOO

You probably have noticed that we are fans of minimalist brand identity and design work. We believe in the saying "if I had more time I would have written a shorter letter" applies really well to design. Not only design but pretty much everything could be summarized to its core. Business cards have been a major tool for networking and still play a huge role. It's also awesome to see how designers translate the brand into such a small format and yet transmit the same message.

Branding & Graphic Design Works by CHALLENGE Studio

Following up with the #FridayFeature, let's take a look at the work of CHALLENGE Studio based in Gliwice, Poland. They focus their work in Web Design, Branding, Art Direction and we are featuring the branding pack from 2016-2017 with logo design, brand identity and more. Make sure to follow their work on Behance.

Visual Identity and Graphic Design for Kodak

We are taking a look at this very cool visual identity project for Kodak, a place for music. Designed by Estudio Albino and Roberto De Leon who are both from Guadalajara, Mexico. What I love about this project is first of all the tone they used on the use of the logos across the branding, you totally understand the movement generated by music through the distortion. It's a beautiful understatement and surely is creative on all ends. Enjoy!

Brand Identity & Graphic Design: Onet

Let us take a look at this beautiful and colourful brand identity project by Ollestudio for Onet, there is also graphic design and illustration involved in the overall process. With the company motto of:"Design is fun.", this design studio from Krakow, Poland truly does it all with a flair, I would definitely check out their Behance for more branding projects.

Brand Identity: Dalston Creative

I am a couple hours away to leave for Sweden, by the meantime I wanted to discover some designers from this beautiful country in the eastern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. We are taking a look at the work from Dalston Creative, a design studio located in Stockholm. They have worked at creating the brand identity for NOCK, a new three-floor design from the 19th-century building on Renstiernas Gata on Södermalm. I would love to point out that the architect was done by Jenny Frigren and Interior design by Covet

Art Installation of Adobe's Summit Identity

Nothing is more inspiring for a designer to work on a project where the client just gives you full creative control. Well it's the privilege given from the team at Adobe when DBLG London when they took on the task to build a physical installation for Adobe's Digital Marketing conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. They built a bespoke installation which was 3x5 meters tall, with over 47 handcrafted pieces assembled together.

Minimal Brand Identity & Packaging: LESS Cosmetics

We are taking a look at a minimal brand identity & packaging design for LESS Cosmetics by Patrick Reichert-Young. He is a creative director from Köln, Germany, we are featuring his project because of most of its minimal approach. We know how beauty & cosmetics products tend to be heavy in imagery, especially on the branding. Here we have a combination of fonts, lines, and two colours. Simple as that but the beauty comes from the overall design and how everything just flows with simplicity.

Brand Identity for Loupedeck by BOND Creative Agency

There's something about brand identity projects that have a dark theme. I know that it might be personal preference but black business cards or stationary definitely adds an elegant/upscale look. The Loupedeck work done by BOND Creative Agency is a great example of that.

Behind the Art Direction & Brand Identity of Blade Runner 2049

Seriously bummed that the movie Blade Runner 2049 didn't perform well as expected. With a settlement of a high score from most well-known movie blogs and critics out there but still wasn't enough. On the other hand, I was always intrigued by the team who collaborated on the art direction & whole brand identity; behind such a great movie and at this scale as well. We are taking a look at Stanley Sun and his team over at Concept Arts Studios.

Elegant Brand Identity for the Fashion Brand SOIA

Nere Oria is a graphic designer from Deba, Spain with a very strong portfolio in visual and brand identity. I was quite surprise to see the projects she shared on her Behance profile. There's not a lot of information about them but the images speak for themselves. For the SOIA project I love how Nere explored a simple color and make the whole system work fine with it. I also have to say that the business card sometimes looks almost impossible to read.

Brand Identity: New York Women's Surf Film Festival

Honoured to be sharing this brand identity project for the New York Women's Surf Film Festival. Into their 5th annual festival, their goal is to celebrate the filmmakers and female wave riders who live to surf, highlight their sense of adventure, connection to the ocean and more. Designed by Shanti Sparrow, it was greatly inspired by the movie by its aesthetics, also we can witness the work from Sarah Lee that we've featured in the past on ABDZ for her underwater photography. Get inspired!

Kati Forner Design's Beautifully Minimal Branding for H.Smith

We're starting the week off with some beautiful blush-toned branding work from Kati Forner Design, a full service creative studio based in sunny Los Angeles. Kati was tasked with a comprehensive brand identity for H.Smith, a luxury, fashion-forward boutique with a discerning clientele. The sophisticated, feminine and perfectly minimal work is comprised of textural papers, hand painted patterns, gold foils and blind embosses creating an elevated brand voice.

Illustration & Brand Identity: Brand Refresh for Mutual Attraction

About a week ago, we've featured the latest work from Radim Malinic with the branding project for Inhere. This week, he is back again but with a project in collaboration with Bristol-based Craig Minchington. It's a refresh that involves brand identity and illustration for Mutual Attraction. A dating agency and matchmaking service that needed some love to share their expertise for everyone in the name of love.

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