Peak Design is back. Introducing the Travel Tripod

To me, Peak Design is one of the best in the industry at creating useful and durable products for photo gurus like us. There aren't many brands that emphasize good design and they are one of them. Now Peak Design is back with their 9th Kickstarter piercing through the market of? Tripods! Introducing the world's most compact and professional travel tripod.

Peak Design: Say hello to the Travel Duffle 35L & Dufflepack 65L

About little less than two months ago, we have featured the Peak Design Travel Line and they have been crushing their Kickstarter goal. With an initial goal of 500K, now they are over 4 Million with over 11K backers. That's an insane outcome but I am not that surprised. Peak Design proved themselves to combine design usabilities with our daily life. I have been following for a long time and they have never disappointed.

Watch Love: NU:RO - a minimalist analog watch

We all have heard about the new Apple Watch Series 4, same design just bigger. The amazing pals from ANTON & IRENE have released a minimalist analog watch called: NU:RO now live on Kickstarter. That's a watch worth sharing about on ABDZ. A limited edition of 500 only, the watch has two dials one with hours at the top and the other with minutes at the bottom.

Introducing The Playroom: an interactive synthesizer space

Imagine being able to play, record, and discover the beautiful history of vintage and contemporary synthesizers in one special space. Introducing The Playroom will be a beautiful open space created for people to take advantage of the huge SMEM (Swiss Museum & Center for Electronic Music Instruments) collection located in Fribourg, Switzerland. They will also host lectures, workshops, classes, and more. And for a hands-on experience, The Playroom can be rented for private recordings, events, and parties.

Introducing the Peak Design Travel Line

Our friends from Peak Design is launching their travel line today! Through Kickstarter, you will be able to get your hands on the latest Travel Backpack 45L, camera cubes, packing cubes and more. I personally found the backpack to be looking quite stunning, can't wait to get our hands on for a review. What is your go-to backpack in terms of bringing your gear for traveling?

Anicorn introducing Order, a timepiece inspired by NYC

We would like to introduce a cool project that launched today on Kickstarter coming from the makers of Hidden Time Watch. Now they are back and introducing Order. They have partnered with we partnered with graphic designers Hamish Smyth and Jesse Reed.

Meet ELIA: The world’s most intuitive tactile reading system

Back in 1829, Louis Braille introduced us the braille system. What seems to be working after all these years, studies show that the system relies on outdated technologies from the 1800s. Meet ELIA, a new, modern and efficient alternative that's incredibly easy to learn for people who have a visual impairment. This is such an interesting project that is currently live on Kickstarter.

Moment is introducing the Future of Mobile Filmmaking

We have been featuring the incredible from Moment ever since their beginning and yet they always find ways to innovate with exciting new products for us to use. I personally use Moment every single day and I do encourage people to use their products when you are into mobile photography. Now they are back on Kickstarter with what they called: The Filmmaker Collection. What is it?

Peak Design is launching their greatest hits revamped of Capture, Slide, and Slide Lite

The folks at Peak Design just launched a 5-day Kickstarter and at the time we are writing this, the project has been funded 3 times the initial goal. Congratulations to the whole team! They are launching their greatest hits products but with an all-new revamped design. Introducing the new Capture, Slide and Slide Lite; I personally use the Capture Pro and it is such an incredible built as your camera carrying clip. Check it out and support them!

Kickstarter: Introducing Phantom, the complete Clear Ice System

It's always amazing the number of great projects we stumbled across on Kickstarter and also landing in our inboxes over the years. It's also inspiring seeing entrepreneurs creating products and businesses around small things that can make a great difference, not necessarily in our field but rightly for others. Introducing Phantom by Wintersmiths, a complete clear ice system for your next cocktail!

Astro Alphabet Space-themed Flashcards

Our good friends at Lunar Saloon, Alex and Meg Griendling launched a really cool project on Kickstarted, the Astro Alphabet.  Astro Alphabet, a grow-with-you set of space-themed flashcards, has launched its funding campaign on Kickstarter. 

What's Worth Preserving? Chicago Design Museum's Heartfelt Book Project

We love Kickstarter almost as much as our morning Cup of Jo so upon discovering this heartwarming project by Chicago Design Museum's Founder and Executive Director Tanner Woodford we just had to share with our readers in hopes we could help bring it to life. My personal affection for handwritten notes and helping save this lost art is also a motivating factor for supporting this special cause.

Industrial Design: Tiller, a Minimal Device for tracking your time

We would like to share another project that is currently live on Kickstarter. For this case, it's a beautiful, minimal device for tracking your time. Introducing Tiller, approached with a clean industrial design. This product has been created to make time tracking straightforward, simple, and unnoticeable. Just one tap starts or stops a timer, and a small turn switches between items. It’s a significant reduction compared to other software-based products. Let's dive in.

Introducing ZIPPELIN: a Travel Bag and Inflatable

We would like to share this interesting product that is currently live on Kickstarter. Introducing ZIPPELIN, a one-of-a-kind travel bag that is inflatable! Hand-cut in Switzerland from recycled truck tarps. This is the first rolling travel bag that is spacious when you need it, compact when you don't. I love the fact that it's inflatable because you can easily store it AND use high-quality recycled material makes it even better. What a wonderful concept, check it out!

Louis Rossetto and Erik Spiekermann Launch Crowdfunding Campaign For Change Is Good - A Novel and Collaborative Art Project

We were so thrilled to hear about an amazing new partnership between Wired Magazine co-founder Louis Rossetto and the illustrious designer and typographer, Erik Spiekermann in the launch of Change is Good, a novel and a collaborative art project highlighting the heroic era of the internet. Today, this dynamic duo launches a crowdfunding campaign for Change is Good available as a collector’s first edition of 1,000 numbered copies exclusively on Kickstarter starting at $98 USD.

Editorial & Graphic Design: Everyone, El Salvador

The mighty folks from Toronto-based Underline Studio have partnered with the Salvadoran human rights organization, Asociación Pro-Búsqueda. To create and design a special edition newspaper that highlights the atrocities of El Salvador's civil war through art, poetry and action. Their goal is to spread awareness and promote their cause. You should definitely check out their Kickstarter and give them your support.

Product Design: Bringing Back Humanscale Manual from the 1970s

As of late, we've have published a series of revisited things from the past on ABDZ coming from manuals, branding items and more. It's somehow quite interesting because the things are stuff that we haven't even known its existence. It's kind of where I am heading with this Kickstarter Campaign of the Humanscale Manual originally created in the 1970s.

Introducing the EPA Graphic Standards System

The EPA Graphic Standards System was a guide to consolidate numerous US state offices with their graphic design and communications department. Back then, millions of dollars were being wasted annually due to non-standardized formats, inefficient processes, and almost everything being designed from scratch. 40 years later, creators of the NYCTA and NASA Graphics Standards Manual reissues are back in collaboration with the design firm that once worked on the EPA for a new edition.

AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular Headphone Goes Wireless

Back in summer, we’ve featured a review of one the best headphones out there and it’s the AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular Headphone, you can check out the review right here. From the sound, the minimal look, the material; I thought its best feature was to be able to modularly customize your TMA-2 the way you wanted to be (more than 1000 possible configurations).

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