Symbolikon - Library of Ethno Esoteric Symbols for Creatives

Michela Graziani started a really awesome Kickstarter project called Symbolikon Digital Encyclopedia which is a collection of symbols taken from historical, global civilizations, given a new life where ancient culture meets modern design.  Symbolikon is a journey of discovery, taking users through the symbols and iconography of historical cultures and ages, providing in-depth and meticulously researched information about meaning and origin.

We live in a world of symbols: from the stop sign at the end of your street, to the apps on your phone, the buttons you press to call the elevator up, or down, or shapes and shadows in the logo of your favorite brand. Symbols are everywhere. 

Symbols have history, too. They didn’t spring up out of thin air. Symbols pre-date our own, contemporary cultures and even our modern-day alphabets. Symbols represent objects, ideas and relationships, and they have done for thousands of years.

With Symbolikon, I have created a digital resource for all kinds of creatives to search, discover and integrate a vast number of symbols and styles into their work. I have organized this extensive library into 25 easy-to-use categories, tagged symbols using key-words and descriptions in order to ensure effective and efficient searching.

Symbols - Kickstarter Campaign

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