Branding and Visual Identity for Bestside Films

Massimo Studio shared an awesome branding and visual identity project for Bestside Films.  Bestside's main goal is to make history. They believe in the core pillars upon brands are created: Relationship, Movement and History. Always seeking to understand what is the needs of each project, aligning technique, sensitivity, and creativity. We will make history!

For the brand identity, the amazing people at Massimo Studio explored Bestside’s versatility to approach any kind of film project to create strong key visuals and a dynamic logo which can transform itself to attend the type of work they’re playing at the time. The bold applications relate to the ambitions the company has in their scope and with the purpose of no one passing to some piece of Bestside's work without noticing them.

It's dynamic logo which can transform itself depending on the client

  • Design Services: Brand Identity; Key Visuals; Goods
  • Sector: Film; Audio-visual
  • Website:

Branding & Visual Identity

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