Finarte — Branding and Visual Identity

FIB | Fábrica de Ideias Brasil shared a beautiful branding and visual identity for Finarte, a Brazilian company established with the objective of helping collectors to better manage their art patrimony by offering credit products, insurance and valuation services. Thus, collectors can better understand the economic value of their works of art, protect this important asset and manage it more dynamically, having access to liquidity to meet other needs and opportunities or even to acquire new works. FIB was responsible for the visual identity and contact points. The concept of the logo and visual identity refers to the movement of money, an analogy to the income of capital through art.

art patrimony coin money collectors insurance

art patrimony coin money collectors insurance


  • Project Manager: Mariana Jorge e Ivy Miranda
  • Visual Identity: Thiago Limón
  • Interface site: Gabriel Catte

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