FCB Artgroup Tbilisi Transforms Packaging Design for HeidelbergCement

HeidelbergCement Georgia, the largest aggregate manufacturing company in Georgia, recognized the urgent need for an upgrade to their packaging and corporate identity, including packaging design. To tackle this challenge, they enlisted the expertise of FCB Artgroup Tbilisi. The goal was to create a visual style that showcased the brand's innovative side while emphasizing the quality of their products.

FCB Artgroup Tbilisi embarked on a comprehensive branding project, focusing on developing a visually captivating concept that incorporated the brand's identity components. The team skillfully crafted strokes and shapes within the patterns, representing the product's purpose and usage. The core idea revolved around showcasing the versatility of HeidelbergCement's offerings, highlighting the many ways they can be applied.

The results were outstanding. The modern design effortlessly resonated with the target audience, allowing HeidelbergCement Georgia to re-establish its brand image with confidence. The bold new packaging design instantly caught consumers' attention, leading to an increase in product popularity and sales.

FCB Artgroup Tbilisi's expertise in branding and design allowed HeidelbergCement Georgia to differentiate itself in a competitive market. The revamped packaging not only exuded innovation but also conveyed the brand's commitment to delivering high-quality products.

The collaboration between FCB Artgroup Tbilisi and HeidelbergCement Georgia exemplifies the transformative power of effective branding and design. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the brand's objectives, FCB Artgroup Tbilisi successfully reimagined HeidelbergCement Georgia's packaging, injecting it with a fresh and contemporary appeal.

This packaging design project by FCB Artgroup Tbilisi for HeidelbergCement Georgia demonstrates the significant impact of thoughtful branding and design. Through a comprehensive approach that integrated visual identity components, the brand achieved a successful rebranding that captivated consumers and resulted in increased product popularity and sales.

Brand, visual identity and packaging design

Brand, visual identity and packaging designBrand, visual identity and packaging designBrand, visual identity and packaging designBrand, visual identity and packaging designBrand, visual identity and packaging designBrand, visual identity and packaging design


  • Agency: FCB Artgroup Tbilisi
  • Client: HeidelbergCement Georgia
  • Client Marketing Managers: Natia Tsvariani & Elene Kartvelishvili
  • Copywriter: Ani Zakareishvili 
  • Art Direction/Design: Ira Kimberg
  • 3D & Motion Design: Beka Abramidze
  • Project Manager: Ani Zakareishvili

For more information make sure to check out FCB Artgroup Tbilisi Behance profile.

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