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Simplicity in Design for Pleno Natural Juice

There’s something about juice packaging that really makes designers really excel at simplicity and pure gorgeous ideas. I’ve posted countless projects here on abdz. about this particular subject but the source seems to be unlimited. For this post I’d like to share the project that Guilherme Vissotto created for Pleno Natural Juice. As I mentioned before, it’s simple, elegant and just really beautiful.

Packaging Design - Gift for You

I am a coffee person. I rarely drink tea, however I have to admit, tea has much nicer packaging design. Like this one suggested to us by Lung-Hao Chiang. He says that due to the COVID-19 epidemic, he hopes that the vision of the Moon Festival gift box this year can bring warmth, hope and vitality to consumers and give each other best wishes at this time of family and friends reunion.

Minimalist & Timeless Branding + Packaging Design of Sydney Juice Bar

Aleksandra Iakimchuk shared a beautiful branding and packaging design project for Sydney Juice Bar. I am not that fun of juices to be honest but with a design like this one that Aleksandra created I would be more than inspired to have a few of those a day, at least just to enjoy the simplicity of a clear and elegant typography. No splashes or cheesy images of flying fruits, just good old black text over white label. 

Unique Branding & Packaging Design for Volume Portable Cocktail

Yura Park and Ching-Fa Lung shared a quite unique branding, packaging design and visual design project for Volume. Volume a portable cocktail experience. The name for this brand was inspired by alcohol by volume(ABV). Alcohol by volume is a standard measure of how much alcohol is contained in a given amount of an alcoholic beverage.

Poster Collection inspired by VHS packaging

Xavier Esclusa Trias has created a poster series that is bringing a bit of a nostalgia moments to be honest. Pure throwback from the days where we didn't care about going to rent movies at the video store, where the packaging was just part of an item that you will eventually learn to appreciate. From what Xavier created, I just dig there aren't any 'special effects' like gradients, shadows, or whatnot. It's all graphical shapes and typography; there is something about having to work within these past constraints.

FRISKA - Fresh Packaging Design for your Digestive Health

Today we want to talk about your wellbeing. You’ve heard me talk about breathing techniques in the past but today I want to focus on another trending topic known as your gut health and a new brand that just launched called FRISKA.

Libation Label Love... and Support your Local Businesses!

Times they are a-changin wrote Bob Dylan in the 60s. Every decade has its ups and downs, but the 2020’s started with a big low. If you’re anything like me right now, you’re experiencing heightened stress levels, less than quality sleep and an over-indulgence in things like caffeine and alcohol. While I’m less than proud to admit this fact I’m also happy to say I have been inspired! Inspired by all the beautiful wine and spirit labels that I’ve been enjoying thanks to Jessica Lasky Catering.

Beautiful Branding and Packaging Design for SnackBytes

Modisana Hlomuka published a beautiful branding and packaging design project for SnackBytes, a South-African-based pet treat brand by Nutribyte. The range currently has two flavors, Chicken and Peanut butter named ChickByte and PeanutByte respectively.

Packaging Design Awesomeness: Abrogratto

Abrogratto 18 is a brand of premium, ready-to-drink bottled cocktails. As it is a small company, they have chosen to create collections of small batches of classic cocktails, the first one being Negroni. The visual identity of Abrogratto 18 is versatile and neutral so that it can adapt to each of the collections without losing the essence of the brand. Afterwards, the packaging was designed, which was inspired by the name of the brand and history of alcoholic drinks around the world.

Packaging & Logo Design for Vizou's reading glasses collection

I am starting to be attracted to showcasing work and projects that aren't related to 'user interface' and user experience. It's probably because I work into this field but having the opportunity to share whatever inspires us what makes me keep going with ABDZ. With this momentum, I would like to share the work of Studio Chapeaux and what they have done for Vizou's reading glasses collection in terms of graphic & packaging design.

Vibrant & Abstract Packaging for Laroché Chocolate

Martin Naumann and Andrius Martinaitis have shared a colorful and abstract-feely packaging for Laroché Chocolate. They posted their full project on Behance, make sure to give it a look. Other than loving this visual direction to express a chocolate product but I do like that they shared a snapshot of the development.

Colorful Packaging Design for coffee liqueur Hywilde

Chad Michael Studio has shared such a lovely packaging design for the coffee liqueur titled: Hywilde. Coming with 100% Arabica beans and natural flavors, the client Artist In Residence Distillery must have loved the bilingual typographic approach finish with a 'red-ish' brand logo filled with an accent of gold everywhere. This is the kind of packaging that definitely stands out on the shelves and will make you notice and admiring the art. What do you think?

Eric Emanuel x Adidas Originals SS19 Collection Launch

The fine folks from Matte Projects have shared with us a couple of really interesting projects that deserved recognition on ABDZ. First of all, let's share their work on a 'VIP' packaging design collaboration for Eric Emanuel x Adidas Originals SS19 Collection Launch. This entire project is creative to its material, design, and just take a look at those floral patterns. It's so beautiful! Each kit was built to house a pair of shoes and selected apparel.

Packaging Design: Minimalist Wine Bottle Design

Mikel Romero shared a wonderful packaging design on his Behance profile. It's for the 1-24 Edition Wine and it features a super minimalist look, pretty much just a number on the bottle. It looks simply awesome and definitely deserved a feature here on Abduzeedo.

Packaging Design Concept for Malbec Club

Massimo Studio was invited to develop the packaging design concept for the new Malbec grooming line, from naming to labels. As the official font for all brand lines at the time of development, they followed the entire creation process using the Effra font for all materials.

Minimal Brand Identity & Packaging: LESS Cosmetics

We are taking a look at a minimal brand identity & packaging design for LESS Cosmetics by Patrick Reichert-Young. He is a creative director from Köln, Germany, we are featuring his project because of most of its minimal approach. We know how beauty & cosmetics products tend to be heavy in imagery, especially on the branding. Here we have a combination of fonts, lines, and two colours. Simple as that but the beauty comes from the overall design and how everything just flows with simplicity.

Packaging & Branding: Adidas Superstar 50th Anniversary

We are proudly featuring the first student project of the year! It's a pretty cool project by Duy Dao who is a student at the Art Centre of Design in Los Angeles, California. We follow his work on creating the packaging and branding for Adidas Superstar 50th Anniversary: Forever Young campaign. A beautiful purplish colour palette for the design of the packaging that will totally envy our inner unboxing pleasures; alongside with dual tone poster designs marked by celebrities like Pharrell and basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Packaging Design: Chaos Fashion by Socio Design

With this time of year when we are taking down the stores and hunting for the best deals. We are exposed to a wide range of product packagings, what might catch your attention or by the looks, this product must have good reviews. One of fave this year is the tech accessories; they are so many out there. From practical to some purely for the style, we are featuring the work of Socio Design and their packaging design for Chaos Fashion. A combination of stylish tech with a flared visual approach.

Stunning Brand Identity and Packaging Design for Riley®

Riley® is a brand identity, packaging and art direction project created and shared by Panos Tsakiris on his Behance profile. I had to feature this project because it's simply awesome. I love the simplicity and how modern it looks with a simple black and white theme. The bottles are my favorite but make sure to check out the whole process that Panos was kind enough to share with all of us on his Behance page.

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