3D Made Easy with Adobe Dimension New Updates

Adobe announced updates to Dimension, including new features and improvements that will enable users to create incredible photorealistic 3D scenes with increased power and efficiency.

As part of the company’s commitment to working with the design community to implement user feedback and highly-requested features, new features and improvements toDimension include:

  • Cloud Rendering (Beta): An in-app service that automatically sends 3D scenes to the cloud, renders using our servers, and then streams the results to a user’s device so they can watch the progress and download the final image. This is aimed to free up computer resources in the process and render much faster than before. During this beta, all Creative Cloud users will get 15 free credits per month, with each render requiring 1-3 credits depending on the quality.
  • Import Substance Materials: Created with Substance Designer, Substance materials are parameter based, meaning there are thousands of variations of patterns and designs a user can create from even just one Substance material. Support for Substance materials with .SBSAR format import is now available in Dimension, and new Substance materials are available in the starter assets.
  • Scale Objects Easily Using Units and Dimensions: It’s now easier to scale objects in Dimension using units and size properties. Users will now be able to choose from several 3D units of measurement to use in their scenes.
  • Higher-res placed graphics: Adobe has improved the process of placing graphics onto models in ways that will offer more control and higher quality results. Now, when a user places a graphic onto a model, it will maintain a higher resolution with less pixelation and higher visual fidelity, so a 3D scene will look even more realistic than before.
  • Saving in CC Libraries: Dimension now supports the saving of both graphics and colors in CC Libraries, so any changes users make now save automatically for use on other Dimension projects and in other Adobe products. Additionally, now when an image is saved in CC Libraries, the image is a fully cloud-linked file, meaning if it is edited and saved in Photoshop or Illustrator, it will update automatically in Dimension. You'll see the CC Libraries panel has also been updated to support custom grouping.

3D Made Easy in Dimension

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