Citte Branding & Visual Identity

Estudio Trauma shared a branding and visual identity project for Citte, a company focused on urban projects, urbanism and technology. Today it is in its embryonic state. Founded by Cristiano Oliveira (current director) The company encompasses a set of services related to urban management of cities. In Ceará there are still few companies directly linked to the services we will provide.

Kids Frist Branding & Visual Identity

Studio Brave shared a branding and visual identity project for Kids First. With the slogan Kids at the heart of everything. Kids First, formerly Child Protection Services, has been working with children and families for over 120 years. The rebrand provided an opportunity for transformation, both internally and externally, with a focus on establishing Kids First as a leader in their field.

Thalita Garcia Arq. Branding & Visual Identity

David Silva shared a branding and visual identity for the architect and her firm Thalita Garcia Arq. The goal of repositioning the Thalita Garcia Arq brand was to allow the firm  to expand into new markets and consolidate herself as an industry leader, demonstrating her best talents and projects. 

Zero Hotel Branding and Visual Identity

atelier d'alves, Natanael Gama, Joana Correia, and Cátia Lima shared za branding and visual identity project for The Zero Hotels. The design approach for the visual identity picks up the cubist aes­thetics of these capsule rooms. Based on straight and simple lines, the custom font also reflects the geometry of their architectural style.

8 Doors Distillery Branding and Packaging Design

Daniel Freytag, working closely with founders Kerry and Derek Campbell created a whisky brand for 8 Doors Distillery which feels premium but also accessible - harnessing the uniqueness of the distillery’s location and expressing this in every small detail. The design is inspired by the natural environment and climate - identity, colour palette, typography and textures all combine to create a sense of the rugged isolation found at the very edge of the Scottish mainland. 

Pop Plant Branding and Visual Identity

Pop Plant is an interior and exterior plantscaping business, specializing in inner city spaces. Originally established in 2012, Both Studio were tasked with creating a new branding and visual identity to better represent their evolving business and appeal to their clientele of architects, designers and other design-aware individuals.

Oxio Branding and Visual Identity

Samuel T. Scofy and Saul &Co shared an elegant branding and visual identity project for Oxio. Telecom is too often associated with bad surprises, headaches, deceptions and harsh feelings. Two young men, who were frustrated by the bad service they were getting from their telecom provider in their small town (outside Quebec City), decided to do something about it. That is how oxio was born.

Branding and Visual Identity for Realm

Spencer Woolcott, Saxon Campbell, and Hello Comrade shared a branding and visual identity project for Realm. Realm is the first globally collaborative real estate collective to be built around the unique lifestyles and personal interests of each client. A curated luxury lifestyle platform that collects, secures, and repositions client data to improve the holistic real estate experience. 

Impero's Bold Identity Rebrand and Site

Recently Impero has unveiled a new and fresh rebrand of their visual identity and web experience. Released near the end of 2020, we are welcomed with a refresh that is bold in typography and seduced by a vibrant accent color. Beyond its principles, I think it's cool they included 'motion principles' which is something we rarely see in visual identity rebrand. Quite unique! Another detail that you would come to appreciate is the usage of the project facts and quotes you will stumble across during your browsing experience.

Branding and Design Guidelines for Atmovum

Sabbath . shared the branding and design guidelines they created for Atmovum, a company that develops new & alternative technologies in sustainable mobility, focused on needs inside and outside of cities. At = @, in constantMovum = Movement - The naming communicates constantly and unstoppable movement, as well as growth, experience and capacity offered to find better alternatives.

The Brand Identity of the Kiruna Forever Exhibition

Delightful to share about the work of Magdalena Czarnecki, she is a talented graphic designer, art & creative director based in Stockholm, Sweden. We are sharing the collaborative project she worked on for the Kiruna Forever exhibit.

Hail to Reyna Noriega

At this moment around the world and during this health crisis, feminism opposition and black matter controversy, when one thing wasn't enough, many things happen together, and hope is on a fine line. Will we ever see this light at the end of the tunnel? As much as I want to say "Yes, very soon!", and the reality of it depends on humanity to be able to unify and look at each other like one. We all express it out in our way and words to transcend the message to raised awareness.

Thoughts on Branding from Rowan, a new premium coat-care brand for dogs

We love seeing new products coming to life especially when there's a lot of attention on Branding and Visual Identity alongside, of course, the overall high quality of the product itself. Rowan is the world’s first beauty brand for dogs, that’s right, dogs, and is offering naturally-derived solutions for pet parents packaged in an equally premium way that could very well be shopped in the beauty aisle. 

TAG Aviation Branding and Packaging Design

.Oddity Studio shared a branding and packaging design project for TAG Aviation. Basic personal hygiene becomes a luxury amenity on board private jet airlines: high quality products with a long life leather mask holder packaged in minimalistic red and white box along with silver metallic greeting cards. A perfect brand expression is scored with playful details of runway and taking off plane.

Branding and Packaging Design for LABONE

Matias Funes shared a branding and packaging design for LABONE. For the variety and minimalist design lovers the design inspired by the famous brand "Pantone" offers us a colorful, handmade and 100% organic experience. This design contains a colorful collection made up of three categories of five soaps each. The peaceful "Herbal Collection", the invigorating "Earth Collection" and the colorful "Fruit Collection".

Reach Branding and Packaging Design

Kati Forner shared a super stylish branding and packaging design for Reach. The whole project is simply beautiful. The color palette, the typography and layout, it’s hard to point at any flaw on the presentation of the work. Truly inspiring. For more information make sure to check out more work from Kati Former at

Branding and Visual Identity for NI FU NI FA COLLECTIVE

MUY MUY® shared a branding, editorial design and app design project for NI FU NI FA COLLECTIVE, a multidisciplinary creative collective showcasing works from all over the globe.  The identity design itself thrives in ambiguity and contrast, primarily due to the striking red color that engulfs every application of the brand.  The ultra minimalist logotype alongside sans serif typography and imagery, echo the collective intentions of having a strong visual l

Civil Branding and Visual Identity

Mayra Monobe shared a branding and visual identity project for Civil. As she described it, our lives change with time, so why not our furniture? Civil is a New York based furniture brand with Scandinavian roots and a desire to change the status quo by producing modular furniture that evolves with time. Made for city livers and lovers by recognized designers, the brand marries high-end design with direct-to-consumer convenience.

Branding and Visual Identity for Eko Trädvård

Ville Oké created the branding and visual identity for Eko Trädvård (Eco Treecare),an arborist in the southern parts of Sweden offering felling and pruning services in accordance with the highest standards of safety. The identity was based on the idea of a medical cross that also resembles a tree with one branch cut off. The cut-off shape became a simple visual tool that is used in pictograms, patterns, typography and color.

Brokian Branding and Visual Identity

Rowen™ Brand Agency shared a colorful branding and visual identity work for Brokian a real estate company that uses AI to boost business and the customer experience in addition to improve the productivity of their business. 

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