Branding for Egna Shopping for a Sustainable Future

The incredible people from by north™ shared a super friendly branding and visual identity project for Egna (meaning Suitable in English), a new shopping mall opening in late fall in Bodø. Egna will offer sustainable goods and services, giving people an easier way to make choices that are better for our planet. Whether it’s sustainable materials, recycled, refurbished, redesigned or locally sourced you can find it at Egna.

Branding and Visual Identity for Cycleon

Lazly Bateman shared a branding and visual identity project for Cycleon. Despite the lack of details or description about the project, I really love the overall aesthetics that Lazly and team proposed here. It is simple, effective and with a nostalgic feel. It reminds me of old visual identity manuals I used to see in books when I was in college back in the late 90s. 

Visually Delicious Identity and Branding for Mexican Restaurant

Anta Petrenco shared a beautiful visual identity, branding and packaging design project on their Behance profile. The project was for a small restaurant of Mexican cuisine who want to make not only delicious food, but also be visually attractive to their customers. Anta combines clean vector lines with vibrant colors to create modern look patterns. The result is quite modern but very friendly because of the color palette. I am a big fan of the style and that’s why it totally deserved the feature. 

Stylish Branding and Visual Identity for GOLDWIN INC

Ibiza Dream shared a beautiful branding project for GOLDWIN INC which from my understanding is a premium lifestyle clothing line of products described by Ibiza as “For city dwellers who commune with nature on weekends. For those who have their own style and never settle for what they own. The feature is not so much about the clothes but the presentation which is simply beautiful. Bold typography, excellent imagery with what I’d say, impeccable presentation.

OnlyDomains New Branding and Visual Identity

Rigved Sathe, Meroo Seth, Priyanka Damwani, Marc McCutcheon shared a branding and visual identity project for OnlyDomains. Founded in 2010, OnlyDomains is a one-stop registrar designed to help solopreneurs, freelancers, and MSMEs get online. They offer domain names, web & email hosting solutions, SSL certificates to 300,000+ customers globally. 

Passiflora Films Branding and Visual Identity

Michał Markiewicz shared a branding and visual identity project for Passiflora Films, a creative production company based out of Warsaw, with over 10 years of production experience in the Polish and Worldwide markets. The scope of my work encompasses comprehensive rebranding including logo, key visual and printed materials.

Branding DOD Alfaiataria

DOD Alfaiataria is an independent streetwear clothing brand from Sao Paulo, Brazil. DOD was born when Juares Tenorio (A.K.A. JUBBA) made some handmade and tailored pants for himself and some close friends. Their pants are a mix of classic and modern design, with high quality and comfortable fabric for both casual and skatewear. DOD is now a well-known and desired brand among the fashion streetwear segments in São Paulo. Their brand wears famous people and also anyone who wants to be like DOD - Dapper or Dandy.

Flexible Branding and Visual Identity for NUPHASE ©

Saul &Co shared a branding and visual identity project for Nuphase© a public image consultancy located at the heart of Querétaro, México, founded in 2020 by Carla Margut and Karla Calderón. Carla Margut's taste for sobriety and Karla Calderón's colorful personality result in a versatile consulting firm capable of adapting to the user's needs.

ström everything flows and nothing stays — Branding

atipo ® shared a branding and visual identity project for ström, a creative agency with headquarters in Sweden and Spain that addresses communication from a digital perspective and is adapted to the new audiences. The agency is formed by a multidisciplinary team that includes designers, musicians and web developers who declare themselves passionate about design, music, storytelling and technology and feel a deep commitment to design and build brands and multi-sensory digital products.

6–7 is 6ourbon 7ime

In a world where we’re all working from home, how do we know when work ends and life starts? Beam Suntory, the world’s largest bourbon maker, saw a new role for its brands in this reality. A movement to set the boundaries again and make 6-7pm sacred.

Brila - Branding and Visual Identity

. DEBUT . shared a branding and visual identity project for Brila Laboratori de Ideas. The concept is quite interesting, when I look at the treatment of the “b” it clearly looks like the number 10. That said the overall identity work is simple, fun and effective. Worth the feature.

Oin Ye Exhibiton — Branding to recognize the Asian culture

Oin Ye is a ceramic artist from Vietnam. He is more known regionally and sells selected products at exhibitions or art markets. For Oin Ye next exhibition "Collection 2" Studio Fabio Biesel were allowed to develop the branding and visual identity work. Studio Fabio Biesel created print and editorial products like posters, a catalog, cards, etc. The result is really impressive and very personal.

SCALE AI Branding and Visual Identity

Plasticbionic ., Etienne Murphy and Simon Chénier-Gauvreau shared a branding and visual identity project for SCALE AI which the objective is to accelerate the application of artificial intelligence for supply chains. The designers created the scale. Both logo and graphic device, it helps them highlight the values, connect different ideas, and create original and malleable grids for various touchpoints.

Gotcha! Branding and Visual Identity

Charlotte Fosdike shared a branding project for Gotcha!, a family focused photography company based in Queensland, Australia. The brief: to design a new, contemporary brand identity, in keeping with the overall essence of the original logo - a design recognised by their customers since 2005. It was imperative to craft a classy, memorable and carefully refined brand that would set a strong foundation for the continued growth of the company. 

Hungarian State Railway Digital Brand Guidelines

MÁV (Hungarian State Railway company) and it's advertising agency (Lounge Design) invited Dot Creative  to redesign the online ticket sale platform of passenger transportation for the Hungarian State Railway

Ja+cor Branding and Visual Identity

Mateus Araújo shared a branding and visual identity project for Studio Jacyntho+Cor. The studio started from the need of unifying creative forces. The sisters Camila and Thais Jacyntho as well as Pedro Corraes run the studio with the goal of offering architecture solutions aligning design, comfort and sophistication to provide a different concept, which they call living well with quality.

Visual Identity for Irresistible Studios

We are sharing the work of Quim Marin Studio, a studio based in Barcelona, Spain. They have worked at designing this stunning visual identity for 'Irresistible Studios' which is a group of specialists, production companies in impact commercials, stills, social content, design, and animation. In terms of 'identity, it's a beautiful combination of photography, graphic design, and white space. It's refreshing and the play on the colors gives a pleasant result. Props to the work of Quim Marin Studio.

Brand and Visual Identity 42 Entertainment

cheeer STUDIO shared a branding and visual identity project for 42 Entertainment, a company  founded by CMC, the most influential investment institution in China specializing in the cultural industry. Their vision is to expand the cultural and social scene in China with the emphasis on comedy, and thus creating a new choice of lifestyle for the younger generation.

Ensin — Empathetic Branding and Visual Identity

Kuudes Helsinki & Stockholm shared a branding and visual identity project for Ensin, a new B2B service company that aims to be the Finnish market leader in outsourced customer relationship management. The designers at Kuudes created a brand for Ensin that would communicate their heartfelt and modern approach to customer service. The S in the Ensin logo changes dynamically, taking different forms in different surroundings.

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