Iris & Cole - Luxury Artisanal Brand Identity


Zeynep Basay and Cem Haşimi shared an awesome brand identity project for Iris & Cole, a luxury artisanal skincare company. It has 3 perfectly crafted anti-aging blends, with 100% natural ingredients.  It represents a mindful approach to living and embracing a return to simplicity and an appreciation for crafted, natural products.

The brand is:

  • A return to quality and craftsmanship.
  • Respect for the oceans and earth. The packaging is recyclable and minimizes plastics.
  • Dignity for animals. No test on animals and the products are vegan.
  • Mindful consumption and earned rewards. Conscious choices.
  • An appreciation for natural ingredients and how the body will embrace them.

Brand Identity

Design, Art Direction and Photography by Pata Studio. For more information check out:


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