A Look Back: 10 Years of Inspiration from Behance

Over the past 10 years we've seen the release of the iPhone, iPad and Android devices to major economic and cultural moments that impacted creative expression. This year also marks 10 years of Behance. Back in the day, at the peak of the Web 2.0, Behance was the first social tool for designers and we were lucky enough to get early access from founder Scott Belsky. We're excited to celebrate a decade of Behance and show our appreciation for this amazing tool that has been our go-to for design inspiration and references since the beginning. It's incredible to discover that Behance now has over 10 million members, more than the population of Sweden, with the largest growth coming from Asia. Check out some of our favorite works featured on Behance that were shaped by tech and cultural advances over time and a few milestones below. 

- In 2007, a small founding team launched Behance. Their dream was to give creatives a place to share their work and make their ideas happen. This is what Behance looked like in 2007.

- Behance launched the 99U Conference in 2009 (and later, the companion print magazine) to help creative professionals build incredible careers and shape the future of the industry

- Behance was acquired by Adobe in 2012, out of the belief that the tools used should be connected with how we discover, inspire, and collaborate.

- Behance reaches one million members in 2013, giving members new opportunities to discover a broader range of outstanding creative work across the world.

- Behance launched Adobe Portfolio in 2016 to help creatives show their best work in an easy-to-customize website. Since its launch, we’ve seen members take their creative portfolios, and careers, to new heights.

- In 2017, Behance marks 10 years, and 10 million members. One thing has stayed true: connecting the creative community is the best way to empower the creative community.








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