Match Branding Redesign by COLLINS

Strategy and experience design company COLLINS and online dating giant Match™ have partnered to evolve the 25-year-old brand from within, growing and amplifying its mission while inviting thoughtfulness and trust back into a space they pioneered.

COLLINS worked cross-functionally with the organization’s executive, product, design, and marketing teams to create a new brand strategy that enabled them to amplify the experience of Match™ while also paving new roads for a more inclusive environment of dating. This included a renewed focus on hospitality and concierge. Where other apps forcibly push you to “engage” and maximize your limits — to then pay for more maximum engagement — Match™ strove for the effortlessness of a concierge’s wave, showing you to your table; almost invisible but deeply appreciated.

Across all touchpoints, “Match” itself became a simple statement and a clear ambition. The color palette eschewed bright colors to something more inviting, a better representation of the context in which Match™ is used. The new logo also implies something more, with the heart having moved from the top to the bottom — full stop — indicating the brand’s confidence in the service they provide.

“When someone’s been doing their job really well - for 25 years - they present a sense of calm, assuredness, and confidence,” says COLLINS Partner and Creative Director Nick Ace. “Match™ is that standard bearer, and their mission has always been simple: to help singles find the kind of relationship they’re looking for. When you’re ready to find someone, Match™ is right there with you. We designed every piece of the brand and app to make good on that. The new identity reflects a brand that is wise, experienced, and has navigated every possible conversation. In a sea of dating apps, Match™ is the most experienced in the room.”

While users have looked to Match™ with high expectations for decades, their partnership with COLLINS has put that trust and experience back at the forefront, from creating a profile to the reimagined process of being onboarded into their world. In fact, a few months before the official launch, Match™ tested the new identity system to see how it resonated with their customers, resulting in a massive 13% increase across all key metrics on the brand’s platform.


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