Motion Design for DC Lottery "Roaring Cash"

Inspired by the golden palette and art-deco designs of DC Lottery’s Roaring Cash game, LOOP . took the viewer on a ‘20’s thrill ride - playing with the idea that our ticket “opens the door” to thrills, excitement, and the Great Gatsby high-life.

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  • Client: DC Lottery
  • Agency: MDB
  • Production & VFX: Aggressive / Loop
  • Creative Directors: Alex Topaller, Dan Shapiro, Alex Mikhaylov, Max Chelyadnikov
  • Art Director: Alex Mikhaylov
  • CG Supervisor: Max Chelyadnikov
  • Animation: Dmitriy Paukov, Roman Senko
  • Modelling: E.D. Satan, Max Chelyadnikov, Filipp Gorbachev
  • Lighting: Max Chelyadnikov, Filipp Gorbachev
  • Compositing: Max Chelyadnikov, Roman Senko
  • DP: Paul Morris
  • Producer: Alex Aab
  • Stylist: Rahel Berihu
  • Post Producer: Won Cha
  • Additional Editing: Jason Yantz
  • Storyboard Artist: Mercer Boffey
  • Colorist: Dominik Deras
  • Sound Design Dir. Cut: Niccoló Chotkowski @ Smide

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