Block 170 Film — A surreal tribute to Blockchain

I stumbled across this very cool film tribute by Ambre Collective, an art and motion design studio from Paris. Titled 'Block 170', it's a film tribute about the first transaction ever on Blockchain between Satoshi Nakamoto (Creator of Bitcoin) and Hal Finney. It's obviously a surreal representation but I thought it was super cool and creative at the same time. It's like a representation of what happened through the code, it's dedication. Props to Ambre Collective for their work and make sure to check out the film below.

This film is a tribute and a surreal representation to Blockchain technology and its creator Satoshi Nakamoto. He talks about the first financial transaction between Satoshi and Hal Finney that was encrypted in Block 170.


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Ambre Collective is the work of duo Jonathan Plesel & Thibault Zeller who created an art and motion design studio based in Paris, France. Check out more of their work at

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