Music of the World: Design that is high on techno

Graphic designer Roma Erohnovich, whomakesit, released new branding and visual identity for the electronic music project ‘Music of the world is a music of the hemispheres’ for Dr.Spy.der, a legend for electronic music, and an entire generation with a fine taste for high-quality sound has grown up listening to his DJ sets and compositions. A signature melody and, most importantly, an idealistic philosophy make Spider a significant figure on the electronic scene. His project Music of the world is a music of the hemispheres» is a series of radio broadcasts where he tells his story through music.

"Music of the world is a music of the hemispheres" is a metaphor for music as intellectual creativity. In Russian as well as in English, the term "hemispheres", applies to both the Earth and the human brain. Hence the project’s main graphic metaphor is a silhouette of a man with a globe inside his head. Design for music projects is a genre at the very intersection of visual and auditory culture.

We created the project's identity, logo, and key graphic techniques. Design that is high on techno is a mix of brutalism, eclecticism, aesthetics of technical graphics and art, as well as generative graphics. 

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