How to get Featured on Abduzeedo - 5 Things you can do

"How can I get featured on Abduzeedo" is a sentence that we have seen and heard thousands and thousands of time in the course of the last 11 years. There is nothing wrong about that sentence other than we truly like to hear about you guys. We have been building one the first design communities and we are proud of that. We have featured hundreds of designers, illustrators, artists coming from all over the Globe. So do you get featured on ABDZ? It's quite simple actually. We are sharing 5 things you can do to help you get our eyes on your portfolio/product or brand; obviously, the main reason for us is we can't see everything. We do know with certainty, there are many talented people out there and yet no one has ever seen their work or need an extra push to gain recognition from the community.

I must admit, one of the best perks of being an Abduzeedo is to discover people like you from all around the World. There are no words to describe our reactions when some of you are actually featured on ABDZ. It's a really great feeling and an extraordinary reason for us to keep doing what we are doing.

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How to get Featured on Abduzeedo

1. Simply Click on the Banner

How to get Featured on Abduzeedo - 5 Things you can do

Obviously, I wish life was that easy. Still, never give you up (Hah!)

2. Understanding the content of Abduzeedo

What would describe best Abduzeedo? I personally love saying that we are one of the most sought design blogs on the web and now working independently as a digital publication. We do know that you guys love to see so you can get inspired by: Illustration, 3D, CGI, Digital Art and more. What we would love to see more on the blog are projects related UI/UX Case Studies, Motion, Tech Reviews, Learn from designers working from our industry. Once you understand what are our motivations and goals, you will know if you are a great fit or not.

How to get Featured on Abduzeedo - 5 Things you can doArtwork by Rik Oostenbroek

3. Reach Out

You can always reach us by Email (Really convenient!). In all seriousness, the easiest way to reach us is through our Facebook, you can always tweet at us @Abduzeedo or using the hashtag #abduzeedo on Instagram. Generally speaking, I would say that 80% of the content is hand-picked by one of us. If we come across your work and we are somehow moved emotionally by you or the project. We will always make the effort to feature it on ABDZ.

How to get Featured on Abduzeedo - 5 Things you can doWork by Ben Johnston

4. Some Don'ts

  • Don't send us creepy emails
  • Don't forget to attach links in your emails
  • Don't promote your work through comments
  • Don't send us a DM on Instagram

How to get Featured on Abduzeedo - 5 Things you can doWork by Aurélien SALOMON

5. Arrogance will be ignored

This is the part where this is "Real Talk", Fabio Sasso created Abduzeedo back in 2011 after his studio got robbed back in Brazil. Even after this unfortunate event, he will always see good in people and especially in his approach. This is also our motto as well. We truly enjoy featuring people who are creating amazing things and friends who are taking us on their journey of success. It's humble feeling that some of them started their careers here on ABDZ. On the other hand, we will never tolerate people who are genuinely looking at their own benefits when facing the "ensemble" of this whole community. If you are looking to be featured for the wrong reasons, you will be ignored.

How to get Featured on Abduzeedo - 5 Things you can doArtwork by Pawel Nolbert

Not Take Rejection Personally

In conclusion, rejections will occur when we see that your work or projects are not a great fit for the blog. After 11 years of publication, I truly think what kept us going is our reputation for curating high-quality content for you guys. It's a standard that we have to live by every day. It may sound harsh to some but if you can rely on my own experience, I tried many times to get myself featured on ABDZ until I had my first big break. Rejections should be part of your success in life, it's like a failure. You won't know what truly matters to you until you have tasted it.

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