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How to get Featured on Abduzeedo - 5 Things you can do

How to get Featured on Abduzeedo - 5 Things you can do

"How can I get featured on Abduzeedo" is a sentence that we have seen and heard thousands and thousands of time in the course of the last 11 years. There is nothing wrong about that sentence other than we truly like to hear about you guys. We have been building one the first design communities and we are proud of that. We have featured hundreds of designers, illustrators, artists coming from all over the Globe. So do you get featured on ABDZ? It's quite simple actually. We are sharing 5 things you can do to help you get our eyes on your portfolio/product or brand; obviously, the main reason for us is we can't see everything. We do know with certainty, there are many talented people out there and yet no one has ever seen their work or need an extra push to gain recognition from the community. I must admit, one of the best perks of being an Abduzeedo is to discover people like you from all around the World. There are no words to describe our reactions when some of you are actually featured on ABDZ. It's a really great feeling and an extraordinary reason for us to keep doing what we are doing. Stay Connected Like US on Facebook Follow Abduzeedo on Twitter Follow Abduzeedo on Instagram How to get Featured on Abduzeedo 1. Simply Click on the Banner Obviously, I wish life was that easy. Still, never give you up (Hah!) 2. Understanding the content of Abduzeedo What would describe best Abduzeedo? I personally love saying that we are one of the most sought design blogs on the web and now working independently as a digital publication. We do know that you guys love to see so you can get inspired by: Illustration, 3D, CGI, Digital Art and more. What we would love to see more on the blog are projects related UI/UX Case Studies, Motion, Tech Reviews, Learn from designers working from our industry. Once you understand what are our motivations and goals, you will know if you are a great fit or not. Artwork by Rik Oostenbroek 3. Reach Out You can always reach us by Email (Really convenient!). In all seriousness, the easiest way to reach us is through our Facebook, you can always tweet at us @Abduzeedo or using the hashtag #abduzeedo on Instagram. Generally speaking, I would say that 80% of the content is hand-picked by one of us. If we come across your work and we are somehow moved emotionally by you or the project. We will always make the effort to feature it on ABDZ. Work by Ben Johnston 4. Some Don'ts Don't send us creepy emails Don't forget to attach links in your emails Don't promote your work through comments Don't send us a DM on Instagram Work by Aurélien SALOMON 5. Arrogance will be ignored This is the part where this is "Real Talk", Fabio Sasso created Abduzeedo back in 2011 after his studio got robbed back in Brazil. Even after this unfortunate event, he will always see good in people and especially in his approach. This is also our motto as well. We truly enjoy featuring people who are creating amazing things and friends who are taking us on their journey of success. It's humble feeling that some of them started their careers here on ABDZ. On the other hand, we will never tolerate people who are genuinely looking at their own benefits when facing the "ensemble" of this whole community. If you are looking to be featured for the wrong reasons, you will be ignored. Artwork by Pawel Nolbert Not Take Rejection Personally In conclusion, rejections will occur when we see that your work or projects are not a great fit for the blog. After 11 years of publication, I truly think what kept us going is our reputation for curating high-quality content for you guys. It's a standard that we have to live by every day. It may sound harsh to some but if you can rely on my own experience, I tried many times to get myself featured on ABDZ until I had my first big break. Rejections should be part of your success in life, it's like a failure. You won't know what truly matters to you until you have tasted it.

Abduzeedo's Best of 2017: our 80 most popular articles of the year - Part II

Abduzeedo's Best of 2017: our 80 most popular articles of the year - Part II

We are about less than 3 weeks before the end of the year, we decided to make our year in review for you guys. We feel now would be the best time before we turn our computers off for the holidays! Let us introduce our picks for Abduzeedo's Best of 2017! This year, we have seen a rise of UI/UX but you guys are still into projects related to illustration, 3D, CGI, graphic design and more. This year, we have featured 900+ projects and made 300+ daily design inspirations. Let's keep going and from the Abduzeedo team; Happy Holidays everyone! More Links Follow my tweets @aoirostudio Follow my pictures on Instagram Year in Review (In chronological order) - Part II 41. Gradient Exploration with Radial Series 42. Incredible Graphic Design Process for a Poster by Partee Design 43. Black & White Photography: Exploring Huacachina Lines 44. Fantastic Doodles by Visothkakvei 45. Conceptual Art & Illustration by Sylvain Sarrailh 46. Art Direction & Advertising: Everything is okay Until it's not. 47. 3D Rendering & Digital Art: Suprematism & Constructivism 48. Digital Photography of Hong Kong by Ludwig Favre 49. Graphic Design: a New Poster Collection Spring 50. 4th of July Illustration by Brian Miller 51. Astonishing Papercut Artworks by John Ed De Vera 52. Illustration & CGI: Kiplinger Magazine Spread 53. Digital Art Series: Pop Culture Dystopia 54. Eerie 3D Rendering Work by Stuart Lippincott 55. Illustration: Mayweather V McGregor by Yann Dalon 56. Delicious Brand Identity and Packaging: Utopick Chocolate Bars 57. Elegant and Minimalist Web Design Ideas 58. Natura Insects: A series of Insects made of Flowers 59. Interaction Design & UI/UX: Sherpahire.comd 60. Surreal Illustration Style: The observatory 61. A Collection of Solar Eclipse Photography 62. Stylish UI Design for Nike SB Concept Project 63. Beautiful Vector Illustration by FUGSTRATOR 64. Street Art & Illustration: Seawalls Mural 65. Spectacular Drone Photography 66. Wallpaper of the Week x Unsplash - The Shape of Dorset, UK 67. Dazzling Neon Artworks by Juliette Oberndorfer 68. 10+ Embroidery Works That Will Brighten Your Day 69. Tokyo Photography Series: Neon Dreams 70. Introducing the 2017 Selection of the Unsplash Awards 71. Introducing InVision Studio: the World’s most powerful screen design tool 72. UI Inspiration: Some more Fresh UI/UX Interactions 73. 80s Throwback with Netflix's Stranger Things 2 Tribute Posters 74. Illustration & Graphic Design: Butcher Billy's Stranger Tales: S2 75. Beautiful Photography with the iPhone by Eric Van Nynatten 76. Workspaces Inspiration: Some Ideas to spice up your productivity 77. Graphic Design on Instagram by Lucas Berghoef 78. UI Inspiration: This week's selections from Outcrowd, Nicola Baldo and more 79. Awesome 80s Typography with The Sonnyfive 80. Mind-boggling Vector Illustration Work by James Gilleard

Abduzeedo's Best of 2017: our 80 most popular articles of the year - Part I

Abduzeedo's Best of 2017: our 80 most popular articles of the year - Part I

We are about less than 3 weeks before the end of the year, we decided to make our year in review for you guys (Part II comes out tomorrow). We feel now would be the best time before we turn our computers off for the holidays! Let us introduce our picks for Abduzeedo's Best of 2017! This year, we have seen a rise of UI/UX but you guys are still into projects related to illustration, 3D, CGI, graphic design and more. This year, we have featured 900+ projects and made 300+ daily design inspirations. Let's keep going and from the Abduzeedo team; Happy Holidays everyone! More Links Follow my tweets @aoirostudio Follow my pictures on Instagram Year in Review (In chronological order) 1. Wallpaper of the Week - Abstract Symmetry 2. Branding and Visual Identity: KKAW 3. Product Design: DIY Paper Polygon Art by VIU 4. Monitor Review: LG UltraWide 38 5. Industrial Design: Motorbike from Great Japan 6. Illustration: Happy 25th HBO Asia 7. Digital Photography: Bridge in the Fog 8. Illustration: The Dark Knight Trilogy by Krzysztof Domaradzki 9. UI Design - Trello Atlassian Redesign Concept 10. Motion Design/Typography - Skatepark 11. Web Design: Squarespace Re-design 12. Digital Photography: Too Close for Comfort Series 13. Product Design: Portable Wireless Keyboard by Orée Artisans 14. Fashion Design: Nike ACG Running Collection Concept 15. Branding & Visual Identity: Drap Agency 16. Industrial Design: Noordung Electric Bike 17. Illustration: Daily Renders: Dimensional UI 18. Architecture: Stuttgart City Library 19. Digital Art: Bison by Lukasz Poslad 20. Motion Design for UI by Michal Sambora 21. Photography: Aston Martin Lagonda with Tomek Olszowski 22. Wallpaper of the Week - Abstract Symmetry II 23. Illustration: Grimms' Fairy Tales by Ale Giorgini 24. Architecture Photography: Beautified China 25. Interaction Design: The Rebirth of the Majestic 26. Illustration: Landspace Collection Vol. 1 27. Art Direction: Phone Wall Campaign 28. Graphic Design: DIRECTV’s Super Saturday Night 29. Mobile Design: Interactions by Tubik Studio 30. Architecture: Airbnb Offices in Dublin 31. Graphic Design: Baugasm 365 Posters 32. Illustration: The Work from Christian Orrillo 33. Digital Art & Set Design: Unsmart Devices 34. Tribute Series to David Bowie as the Starman 35. Fauxsaics: a Series of Typographic Mosaic Illustrations 36. Case Study: Gradients in Illustrator 37. Adventurous Typography Design & Calligraphy 38. HACK'D Illustration Officially for Ghost In The Shell 39. The Perfect Office - Love Hulten Astovox Hi-Fi, WD 4TB Wireless My Passport HD, Office Ideas and More 40. Mural Design & Illustration by Ben Johnston See you tomorrow for Part II!

ABDZ New Design

When I started Abduzeedo, almost 10 years ago, in 2006 I had no idea what it would become. I started blogging as a side project, the whole idea of blogs was something quite new in Brazil but it was already relatively  mainstream everywhere else. It was a great time, Web 2.0 was the revolution. Designing for that meant to know web standards, CSS and of course being able to create your Wordpress theme. I chose Drupal for the CMS because it was a more robust tool for my design studio and we using for most of our clients. Today, after all these years, we are proud to launch our newest design. The Abduzeedo design has changed quite a lot over the past 10 years. Our first version was a simple beige theme, classic colors of the Web 2.0, with a nice icon of a UFO abducting our sidebar. The design evolved to brown, then a black theme until 3 years ago when we went to a simple white design. This new version doubles down on simplicity and the white theme. Before I talk a bit more about the behind the scenes, I'd like to highlight some of the design principles behind the new design: Simplicity A more editorial look and feel Focus on content and text Avoid hero images for posts This new version doubles down on simplicity and the white themeI have spent over one year looking for references and inspiration for the new design. I sketched several ideas until I felt comfortable with what we have now. For me, the biggest challenge was to accommodate the advertising units. Despite the fact that most people don't like ads, that is what helps to keep the blog alive, but I also agree with the majority. Ads are not beautiful in general and the vary quite a lot. What I tried to do was create a way we could display them in a more organic way with the other posts. For the post content, we tried to create more typography resources to make posts more robust. Besides images and quotes, we now can add a grid of images, pull quotes, highlight content and feature two different image sizes. We know that there are plenty of amazing tools out there like Medium, which provides a great content creating tool. We considered a lot of options before this new design, but in the end we knew that we built a solid audience and we should keep our focus on them. In addition to the new design, we are changing for 2016 and the new year to come. We are reducing the amount of daily posts as we understand how overloaded we are with content and we didn't want to become too repetitive. We also will be sharing more personal content based on our experiences, sometimes critiques on works we saw and liked, and more varied tutorials in addition to Photoshop. We think prototyping is very important and we might tackle some posts on simple/hacky ways to create quick and dirty prototypes. Good design is honest. It does not make a product more innovative, powerful or valuable than it really is. It does not attempt to manipulate the consumer with promises that cannot be kept. - Dieter Rams After countless days and nights trying to get this new design done I hope you guys enjoy it and I invite you to participate via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social tool you dig. Below I will share some of the references for the new design. If you find any bugs, let us know. We know there are likely tons of them :)   

Abduzeedo New Design: Simple and Responsive

Abduzeedo was created as a personal project. The main goal was to backup work while trying different things not only in the realm of graphic design but also experimenting with new trends in coding and stuff like that. Every year we try to refresh the site with a new design, however this time it took us a bit longer, but alas here it is. It took us a little longer this time because last year we felt it wasn't exactly the right time nor necessary. The site was still performing well but with all the talk about responsive web design we saw an opportunity and a need to get on board with that. As you can see there are quite a few changes not only in terms of visual design, but under the hood as well. We would like to point out 5 major changes: Color palette: After years of a colorful rainbow palette we decided to change. The idea was to create a super simple color palette while maintaining the dark background. So, to have a nice contrast we went with yellow, because there's no better contrast than black and yellow. Typography: We know that typography is the language in it's solid state. Web fonts are expanding with different options from Typekit, Google and many others. We decided to use Google Web fonts because it's super fast and reliable. Our font of choice was Armata. Responsive Design: Using HTML 5 Boilerplate and some Javascript files we made the site responsive for mobile, tablets and desktop. We are working on another version for larger resolutions. So stay tuned. A big thanks to WebdesignerWall for the amazing tutorials and tips. Family of Web sites: We used to keep everything in our Drupal CMS. Now we've launched 2 different sites : "UNEWZ" for user news and "RAWZ" for the daily inspiration submissions. Our goal is make the site even more open to users. Now everybody can submit images and write posts for the Abduzeedo community. We will use these Web sites to source quality content to be featured on the blog. Simple and big: you will notice that the home-page has less text. We hid the description text and made them visible only when you roll over the posts. We are also using bigger thumbs and bigger images in the articles. Abduzeedo is all about inspiration, and nothing like some big images to inspire us. We still have so much to do, designing a web site is, I dare say, an endless project. But that is why it's so much fun. We learn so much and we of course make and will continue to make tons of mistakes. So bear with us. We will be improving this new design on a daily basis. We hope you enjoy it and feel free to share your thoughts with us

Daily Inspiration #1000 Giveaway Winners

On last December 8th, we celebrated the 1000th Daily Inspiration on Abduzeedo and for the occasion we have put together an incredible giveaway for you all. We randomly picked the winners among all your comments and here are the lucky winners! Originally, the Daily Inspiration started as a way for us to share images we liked since we were constantly finding good stuff on the web and wanted to bookmark them. People really enjoyed it and slowly the Daily became quite popular. You guys started sharing your inspirations and work with us, and that really made what the Daily Inspiration is today, and for that, we thank you. 2 Abduzeeedo Book Winners Fabi Simoes (fabianasrs(@) and Hafyzza Kamal (hafyzza(@) Abduzeedo Book 2 Abduzeeedo Retro Posters Winners bechteaa(@) and Patrick Suin (suin2d(@) Abduzeedo Retro Poster 1 NoPattern Calendar and 1 T-shirt (of your choice) NoPattern Calendar (tyler(@) T-Shirt (brandoncoxdesign(@) NoPattern Calendar and T-Shirt To the winners, we'll contact you and we'll send your prizes via the mail. Also thanks to everybody for participating and contributing to the Daily Inspiration. If you wanna be featured in the Daily Inspiration, make sure to check out our Abduzeedo Raw Inspiration at

Abduzeedo 5 Years - 5 Lessons Learned

This month Abduzeedo celebrates our 5th anniversary. It’s been an incredible journey, starting after a terribly demotivating robbery that ended up being the best thing to happen to us. Nothing could be worse, but as the art of war says: when you cannot go back the only thing you can do is to move forward. And that is what we did. During these five years we’ve posted tutorials, inspiration, wallpaper, and interviews. We learned a lot through sharing, and that in turn made us better in our professions and we hope in yours too. “By changing nothing, nothing changes.” -Tony Robbins So in this post, instead of a design tutorial we will share five things we learned during these five years. 1- Admire Designers We believe that the best thing to evolve is to find, admire, and learn from designers. It’s really important to have idols because they help us to try hard in order to reach their level. They push us to overcome our own limits. So instead of envy or getting frustrated because you’re not at the same level, use that as a great motivator and a path to follow. We always admired designers and digital artists such as James White, Chuck Anderson, Scott Hansen, Eduardo Recife, and many others. 2 - Take risks, embrace change “A year from now you will wish you had started today.” -Karen Lamb Most of the time we over-think things and end up doing nothing. With us it was the same, we were running Zee in Brazil and our business was doing fine and that sort of made us afraid of taking some risks and trying new things. After we lost everything we kept doing our job, but it made us less worried about risks and we tried more things like starting Abduzeedo and other web services. Some worked out, some didn’t, but we had an incredible time in terms of evolution in our careers. Traveling and working away was also something we started doing. I started spending 3 months in the USA working on Abduzeedo and Zee miles away from Brazil. That also created new opportunities to meet new designers and learn a new culture. 3 - Don’t be afraid of criticism “You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching” - William W. Purkey With the Internet we all have our own voice, we can always express our opinions and thoughts. However it’s common and easier to criticize as well. People asked me why I didn't have a blog back in 2006 and my answer was always the same: Who wants to read what I say? What will I say? How will I deal with the critics? We were always afraid about what others would say about our work. When we started Abduzeedo our situation made us stop thinking about that. We also decided to write in English and not our native language. Don’t let other people slow down your goals. Criticism is always good but learn how to take only what really matters. Don’t let bad words affect you, make them a motivator. Our first tutorial, December 2006. 4 - Share what you learn Sharing what we do and learn has been our mantra. It was the second most important thing we’ve learned and we have been doing that since. When you share your knowledge it’s like killing two birds with one stone because it helps you to promote yourself or your business through teaching and helping people. As Dan Ariely says in his book Predictably Irrational, when you give something to someone that is not money you enter in the social mode and that creates a much stronger bond with your audience. 5 - Do what you love We know, it’s as cheesy as it sounds but you can always follow your dreams and do what you love. As Gary Vaynerchuk says we live in the Thank You Economy. We have free tools to do anything we want to promote our work and create our audience. It depends only on us and nobody else. Of course it requires a lot of hard work and persistence, but in the end there’s nothing like waking up on a Monday morning and knowing that you will have great things to do. “As soon as anyone starts telling you to be “realistic,” cross that person off your invitation list.” –John Eliot We also have great examples of people that changed their games by doing what they like and have been doing great. Guys like the Envato founders Collis and Cyan Ta'eed, James White and the amazing SignalNoise, Scott Hansen, Shelby White with Designspiration, and our editor Francois Hoang with Montreal Meets. Abduzeedo 5th Anniversary Poster by Alex Beltechi These are just five things we’ve learned, but they are without a doubt the most important ones. We share these ideas pretty much all the time, but we think it’s worth repeating. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and an amazing 2012.

Daily Inspiration #1000 + Giveaway

Take a break in your day and come celebrate the 1000th Daily Inspiration! Abduzeedo is thankful for all the support you gave us along the years. To celebrate, we decided to throw a giveaway! Originally, the Daily Inspiration started as a way for us to share images we liked since we were constantly finding good stuff on the web and wanted to bookmark them. People really enjoyed it and slowly the Daily became quite popular. You guys started sharing your inspirations and work with us, and that really made what the Daily Inspiration is today, and for that, we thank you. Giveaway We have 2 Abduzeedo Books, 2 Abduzeedo Retro Posters, 1 NoPattern T-shirt (of your choice) and 1 NoPattern Limited Calendar to giveaway. To participate is very simple, just leave a comment in the comment box below with a valid email so we can contact you. We'll pick in total 6 winners on December 15th, 2011. Best of luck to you all! 2 Abduzeedo Books Abduzeedo Book 2 Abduzeedo Retro Posters Abduzeedo Retro Poster 1 NoPattern Calendar and 1 T-shirt (of your choice) NoPattern Calendar and T-Shirt About NoPattern NoPattern aka Chuck Anderson has been a great contributor and generous enough to include items from his latest store revamp in the mix for the Daily Inspiration 1000th Giveaway. Check out this store at Check out also his website , be a fan on Facebook or follow him on Twitter. ------------------------------------------------- This post is part of our daily series of posts showing the most inspiring images selected by some of the Abduzeedo's writers and users. If you want to participate and share your graphic design inspiration, just send us, via email, the image with the link from where you found it, also use "Daily Inspiration" in the subject, and don't forget to send your Abduzeedo username; or via Twitter sending to If possible use the HTML code: <p class="imgC"><a href="Link to the page you found the image"><img src="Link to the Image" /></a></p> Do you want to see all images from all Daily Inspirations? Check out You can also submit your images and inspiration to RAWZ via AoiroStudio Attilatheone aurora23 Coolvibe Diogo Carneiro Fabio Fabiano Feature Me Florian NICOLLE Giancarlo Clarete Joerg Daiber Mike Archer Sebastian Andaur Shootme Signalnoise Vervex Send your suggestions via Twitter to using #abdz in the end of the tweet. @Daniel_Nelson @LetMeBeInspired Send your RAWZ suggestions via aephotodesign al b sure Aleksei Alex Tass Berrykung Bogdan Sandu Cristian cuddlemeugly cuded Estúdio Happy giftcouture juanalexisc Kevin van Diest |kfDesign Mackenzie Maria Papaefstathiou nenuno Oleg Kremeshnoy pk Profeta999 sutsurikeru thaeger Thomas Clements Victor Ruiz WhatAnART zinkai

Introducing Abduzeedo RAW Inspiration

One of the most popular posts on Abduzeedo is the Daily Inspiration. A daily dose of inspiration to inspire your day and your creativity. And today we wanna introduce a project that we've been working for a couple of weeks now. It will be a new way to share your work and get featured on Abduzeedo's Daily Inspiration. Introducing Abduzeedo RAW Inspiration! It's basically a page where you can see readers sharing their works from all over the world. To submit your work or what inspired you, it's a really easy process. You log on, and simply click on 'Submit your Inspiration'. You have a simple browse and fill form and that's it! We will select the best images for the Daily Inspiration. For more information on Abduzeedo RAW Inspiration, check it out more at How to Submit your Work

4th Birthday, Christmas Giveaways & AbductedDeals

As you probably guessed from the title of this post, Abduzeedo is coming up on its 4th Birthday. Which begs the question, “What are you doing for your birthday Abduzeedo?!” Good question. But before we talk about the future, lets remember the past. The Founding Back in 2006 Fabio Sasso, Co-Founder of Zee (a web design studio), went to lunch. While at lunch everything from the Zee offices was stolen. Yes, everything. From that day on Fabio decided to post everything he was learning about design on a blog so that he would always have a copy “stored in the cloud” in-case something as tragic as the robbery ever happened again. Over time, those tutorials got pretty popular and early readers started asking questions like, “Hey Fabio, what inspires you?” So Fabio started posting that stuff too. He even had to recruit a team of friends and family to help keep up with demand! Fast-forward 4 years, and now, the Abduzeedo Team posts inspiring stuff, strange stuff, fun stuff, educational stuff, all kinds of stuff! In fact, if you have asked for it, we have done our best to make it happen. With good reason too! We have found that throughout the years, if we respond to the needs of our readers, we are always met with good results. Which is why for our birthday we would like to once again, collaborate with you our readers, to take Abduzeedo to a whole other level. The Future From the beginning Abduzeedo has always been about offering up knowledge, inspiration, and community - FOR FREE. And we have no intention of changing that. In fact, we want to make those offerings even better by re-thinking what we already do, and attempting to do it even better. Which brings us to the first of several new beta experiments to come... Introducing, Abducted Deals (beta) This beta is designed to expand the reach and effectiveness of Abduzeedo Giveaways (and maybe once and for all, make all those annoying ads on our front page, a thing of the past). With all the hub-bub around group buying these days we got to wondering if we could provide awesome deals in the range of 50% to 100% off on stuff you want/need as a designer, in a win-win-win model that everyone from the reader, to us, to our partners enjoys. That’s a tall order, but we think it is at least worth a try. I mean, how cool would it be if your new workspace was on us? Or you got a master creative suite from Adobe for 50% off? Or better yet, what if you gave us a wish-list and we tracked down partnerships that got you those things for free or at a heavily discounted price? We think it sounds pretty sweet! But what do you think? This next week leading up to Christmas we will be running a series of Christmas Giveaways where we will test this model and invite you to give us feedback on how we can make it better, or if you even like it at all. If you are interested in learning more and making sure you get a great new deal close to every day next week, head on up to the top right corner and spend a few seconds signing up for an Abduzeedo account. We will be following up with a more in-depth email tomorrow or the day after to give you a teaser of the Christmas Giveaways and explain how the new model will work. Any feedback you can give will be much appreciated and we will definitely take it into account for the next test we run :) Looking forward to your thoughts! - The Abduzeedo Team P.S. Not to be too much of a tease, but signing up for an account now could be a big bonus for you in 2011 - wink, wink... ;) Also! Stay tuned this Saturday for our traditional Anniversary Poster Giveaway! This year's design was done by Rik Oostenbroek

Abduzeedo Photoshop Battle Highlights

This past July Abduzeedo put on our first offline event. Despite the fact that I was pretty nervous about how it would turn out, it actually went really well. A lot of people showed up and now we're planning to organize another battle in another city, or maybe even another country. The Photoshop Battle consisted of eight designers battling it out to take home the title of Abduzeedo Photoshop Battle World Champion. We'd draw a subject in which the contestants would have to design a wallpaper in 30 minutes. Even though that's a pretty short time to create something cool, the final results were stunning. After almost seven hours of dispute, we had our first Abduzeedo Photoshop Battle World Champion: Cássio Braga. Below you can check out a video by John Arlington with the highlights of the event, (in which John was kind enough to include English subtitles for all you non-Portuguese speakers out there.) Youtube Vimeo Abduzeedo - Battle of Photoshop from Alexandre Guterres on Vimeo. For more information about the event visit

Abduzeedo Redesign Case Study

After months of study, designing, and developing, the new Abduzeedo is up. I know it might sound quite dramatic but this probably was the design I put most thought into. I tried to define exactly how the user experience would be and also what I could do to make that happen without losing reference from the previous designs. Now that the site is up, even though I am still fixing some minor issues and I know that will never end, I will share with you here a little bit of my creative process and what directed me to make some of the design decisions I made. Goals The first thing to do on any design project or anything you want to do is to define the goals of the project. For this new version of Abduzeedo I had tons of ideas and things that I wanted to do, but I am only one so I picked up just a few that I considered the most important, so the goals of this new design were: SIMPLICITY SHOW MORE CONTENT EASY TO BROWSE Simplicity The design must be simple in all senses of the word, the UI must be almost invisible in my point of view for a site like Abduzeedo in which the content is what matters and the only way to drive the user’s attention to the content is to make the UI as simple as possible. Show more Content After almost 4 years we have an incredible amount of content, and the best part is that most of this content is atemporal, they are pure inspiration and they will always be, so we needed to find a way to make this content more reachable to the readers like even random articles. Easy to Browse I love some iPad apps like Pulse for example because they are easy to browse through the content. Abduzeedo’s previous layout was very blog style with all the posts piled in a column. It was necessary to scroll down a lot to cover 10 articles. We needed to find a way to make that less of a hassle. Defining Constraints With the goals defined it was important to set some constraints so I would be able to start the labor work. In order to make a site simple my decision was to simply not use any graphics on the interface. The UI would be simply text and some gradients on the navigation to separate it from the rest of the content creating a hierarchy. To be able to show more content the site would have to use more screen area and also be fluid for some resolutions. Another really important thing in my case was the resources I had in terms of who would do what. Basically this was a project I did solo, with some feedbacks from Fabiano Meneghetti and a jQuery help for the User News form from my brother Eduardo Sasso, and I have to work with my available skills and also learn things that were necessary to make it happen, however I couldn’t try to reinvent the wheel because I wouldn’t be able to make it. It’s always good to know your limitations so we know where we can improve ourselves too. The visitors statistics were really important to set some constraints in terms of browser and resolution usages, important areas and what to show to them. Inspiration As I mentioned before tons of things inspired me for the new design. First and foremost I wanted to change the grid style to a more magazine-ish grid style, therefore I could present more content. Below you can see some of the references I took in consideration. Before going to Fireworks I sketched quite a lot especially trying to come up with a fluid grid. I also did something that I think was very good and I will definitely do that more often. Before designing the UI in Fireworks I went straight to HTML first. So I played with solid colors and basic shapes in order to have a look and feel of the real deal and not a static mockup. My first concept was a total fluid layout that would adapt to any resolution and fill the screen with content. I really like that idea, however after testing the HTML I noticed that in certain resolutions the main content was sort of weakened by the amount of content next to it on the sidebar. Once again, that was only possible after testing the HTML, because in my static sketches the idea looked killer but in reality it would be a flaw. Below you can see some of the sketches and the first HTML concept. Click on the image to see the grid in action. Resize your browser window to see what happens. I also tried some jQuery plugins for fluid layouts like the Masonry one, which looked awesome in their demo pages, however once again, as I tested it with the real Abduzeedo content it didn’t work well. I mean, the plugin did what it was intended to do, what happened was that some content would radically change its position depending on the resolution, weakening the consistency of the UI. For example, in my computer the User News is in the top left and in my iPad it’s in the bottom right. That would make the user think too much in order to surf the page and what I want them to do is to get inspired and not to learn how the Abduzeedo UI works. We use this plugin for the User News section. Final Design As you can see the final design is what your looking at right now. Just a few highlights about the design. Header The new header now uses much less of the screen, in the past it was like 250 pixels high, now we shrank it to 110 pixels. Therefore we gain more space for the content. We kept the original black style and added a gradient for the navigation bar so it differentiates itself from the content area. Background I am a huge fan of noisy backgrounds especially dark grey ones, probably because they remind me of the Atari 2660 console which has that rough texture very alike the noise background we have on Abduzeedo now. Home-page and Section pages The posts now have a smaller thumbnail with description and title. They are organized next to each other instead of piled up in a gallery style. We had this sort of style in the previous version but it was a different view option for the home-page and a laboratory for us :) User News and Tutorial of the Week This area is really important because every week we have a cool tutorial and lots of user generated content. In the former design the tutorial of the week was buried a day after it was published, which is really bad. Now it will be visible on every page till a new one comes along. The same applies to the User News...they will be visible on all pages. Random Inspiration This is a little experiment I wanted to do. We want to show you some random inspiration, let the odds show you what's cool and inspiring for you at any given moment :) Footer The tags are now in columns, the end of the tag cloud hehehe, and we have some other blocks with the link to our iPhone App, which wasn’t promoted in the previous design, and of course our magic mug for you to buy us some coffee because we are all human beings in the end and not aliens. Resolutions The site now has 2 layouts for different resolutions, so those with higher resolutions which represents more than 65% of our audience will have less scroll with the same amount of content. Layout for iPads, Mobile Phones, Netbooks based on 1024x760 pixels resolution Layout for resolutions higher than 1024x768 pixels Well there are many more new features like focusing all the sharing features to the Meebo Bar, the new post design with larger images, tons of CSS3 little effects and transitions such as the Not-found page and we are also working on new features while fixing some minor bugs the site might have. I hope you all like the new design and feel free to send us suggestions, opinions and critics about it. Our goal is always to deliver the best content to you and to ourselves because we use the site for inspiration as well, so it's as much mine as it is yours.

Abduzeedo iPhone App Sneak Peek - Beta Testers Wanted

As I have mentioned a few times we are working on an iPhone app for Abduzeedo. We had some small issues that delayed the release but now we are on the right track for the launch. First, however, we want to test it more and with more people. The first version of the iPhone app will be about inspiration and it will show all images from the Daily Inspiration series. We have already planned the expansion to all the inspiration content on Abduzeedo. Sneak Peek Here is a short video showing the basic functionality of the app. Our goal is to provide an easy to use interface for inspiring images, so you can save it on your iPhone or iPod Touch; share it with your friends via Twitter or visit the site for more information. Looking for some beta testers We want to release the app as soon as possible, but we want to make sure that it will be running smoothly, that is why we need to test it a little longer. Therefore we are looking for some iPhone/iPod Touch users that would be willing to test it for us. If you are interested leave a comment and we will be contacting you to get the iPhone Device ID.

Abduzeedo's Christmas Wishlist

It's that time of year that everyone got their own wishes and expectations for this Christmas. We are no different, so each team member of abduzeedo wrote a 5 item list of our wishes for this Christmas. It's a super cool list full of crazy things—we ask that you complete the list sending out your 5 items to make this list even bigger. Fabio Sasso Google Nexus One Phone Wacom Cintique 12wx Race Advantage T-Shirt The Alien Abduction Lamp Large Vinyl Bowl Fabiano Meneghetti The Alien Abduction Lamp Rock-77 Poster by James White Led Cinema Display New Office like Parliament Design Mustang Paulo Gabriel Nike+iPod Sport Kit Apple Magic Mouse Ultimate Ears 700 Canon VIXIA HF20 Camcorder GeForce GTX 295 Paulo Canabarro Burton Vapor 163" Disputa pelo Alimento Artwork by Mundano Field Notes "The Kit" Tangerine Apostrophe Chair Agent White Print Headphones by Skullcandy Alexis Papageorgiu USB Christmas Tree Etherwave Theremin Nikon D90 Arrogant But Aufentic Hoodie Loaded Dervish Gisele Muller iPod Nano Nike + iPod Sport Kit Rechargeable Battery - 13-inch MacBook (black) Nintendo Wii Some wide-angle lens for my Canon EOS Rebel XSI Amanda Macedo Sexy Apocalypse Shirt Crosley AV Room Portable USB Turntable "Tie your shoes, pack a good lunch and remember that we're all in this together" Public School Poster Urban Outfitters: Design your bike Fuji Instax Instant Camera What's your list?

Abduzeedo enters Europe - Launch of Abduzeedo Germany

As we announced earlier this year we want to open the design market a little. With people from more than 200 countries that visit us every month, the germans are on number 4. So its an act of honour to accommodate them with something. From today we will be available over in german. The same inspiration, interviews & tutorials, just in german. Isn't that great? Abduzeedo, founded in december 2006, was never supposed to become that big. You can read the story in our awesome about page. After the Blog gained some insterest the goal of Abduzeedo changed and more authors came. Nowadays there are 8 contributors and lots of guest writers, who made it to one of the top design blogs of all time. 3 years later we crossed the 2.5 million visitor mark. After we launched the site in Brazil we had to add german and soon (don't tell anyone) russian. We worked hard in the last month on the german translation and are more than exciting to present you this project. At the moment we have a small amount of german articles, but we try to catch up with all the great done work on here. Also we want to stay up to date with the actual site. If you'd like to see a special article translated contact me Unfortunately there was someone else who got the domain so we have to stick with Contact For the german reader: Do you have a question about an article, an artist, a website? Do you want to show me your work, an artist you like or just get a date with, then contact me on . Also we created a new Twitter account for all the communication friends online. Please add us and tell your friends to get some good design A big thanks to.... We'd like to give a big thanks to all our readers & all the websites who link us. The design community hast made and inspired us. You guys raised and fed us. Our guideline "from the community for the community" still exists. Therefore the Abduzeedo team would like to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who visited our site. Thanks also to Fabio Sasso, who I attacked with tons of messages in the last months. And also a huge thanks to Franz Krekeler who helped me a lot with the translations. Thanks Amigo

Abduzeedo Gets a Facelift

After almost a year, we have a new design! As web designers we’re always thinking about what to change in order to make the site more friendly for those who are looking for inspiration and tutorials. Our main goal was to simplify the design and also add more white-space. The images of the articles have and always will be the main asset of the blog so we wanted to drive the user’s attention to the images and text, and less to the interface itself. That’s why we have removed the stars on the header but still kept them on the footer. Also we were very inspired by magazine designs, that explains the text overlapping the images. New Features Among the main changes on the new design we could list: Bigger images Preview image at the top of the articles More white-space Thumbnail view on the home-page Threaded conversations on the comments CSS 3 for effects (sorry IE users) Big preview image with text overlapping Thumbnails view Reply to comments Navigation In terms of navigation, we split the menu in two. The main menu consists of the most important categories on the blog: Tutorials Photoshop Illustrator Pixelmator Fireworks Quick Tips Case Studies InspirationArchitecture Illustration Photography Daily Inspiration Sites of the Week Best of the Week Popular Post Wallpapers Inspiration Meebo Bar Another great feature we added (and that we're really excited about!) is the Meebo Bar! The Meebo Bar allows you to drag and share any images of the site via Twitter, Facebook or email. Also we will be able to chat while navigating on Abduzeedo. That way we might even be able to help you guys on tutorials or any questions you might have regarding posts and so on. Meebo Bar It doesn't just stop there. Abduzeedo is always under development. We try to learn as much as we can from you and we’re always open to suggestions. Our idea is always to make the experience as better and simpler as possible. We still have some features up our sleeves that will be released very soon! One thing I can reveal right now is that our iPhone app is 95% done ;) iPhone app is coming Also we want to mention and thank our hosting (mt) Media Temple for the great support during the redesign process, we were working with the 2 versions and sometimes doing crazy things but they guys over at Media Temple kept Abduzeedo up and running.

Abduzeedo Updates and T-Shirt Giveaway

"With great power there must come great responsibility". We are well aware of this amazing quote by uncle Ben. For that, we'd like to apologise to all of you who tried to visit Abduzeedo this week and didn't make, because our server was down. For some time now, Abduzeedo has been growing a lot, thanks to all of you guys. But unfortunately, our server needs also grow with us, and sometimes it doesn't follow our pace. That's why Abduzeedo was down for at least 2 days this week. We didn't intend for that, and we are really sorry. Also, we'd like to get your opinions on a nice server, that supports gigantic sites with gigantic traffic, and we will give away an Abduzeedo T-shirt for that. If you know any, let us know! And today, we also would like to announce the winners of the last 2 giveaways that we started running some weeks ago: "Designing for the Web book" and the "500 Postcards by PrintPrintPrint.Biz". So, I'll just cut the little talk and announce it. :) Designing for the Web book Mr. Dies Chad Fenwick 500 Postcards by PrintPrintPrint.Biz jetgirl Congratulations to both! And also, as we've already mentioned, we'd like to give away an Abduzeedo T-shirt from our store at Spreadshirt. All you have to do is leave a comment. We'll choose the winner in the next few days. Cheers! ;)