Editor's 2018 Gift Guide

Less than two weeks before Xmas, I mean we are totally in the spirit as we speak. The tree is up and you can hear nothing but Xmas songs all over the radio. For ABDZ, it's our time of the year where we would share our gift guide, this will be the Editor's edition. Hello, it's me! Fran├žois from ABDZ, I decided to take a different direction this year and I divided my hand-picked selections into imaginative type of characters of what (in my opinion) would describe our most popular categories this year on ABDZ.

Cool Tech: A roundup of iPhone Xs & iPhone Xs Max Cases

With all the reviews of the iPhone Xs coming in, it seems like Apple has earned another step forward with their latest iPhone. Some might differ by this opinion but I guess we will know for sure with the upcoming iPhone Xr coming out next month.

How to get Featured on Abduzeedo - 5 Things you can do

"How can I get featured on Abduzeedo" is a sentence that we have seen and heard thousands and thousands of time in the course of the last 11 years. There is nothing wrong about that sentence other than we truly like to hear about you guys. We have been building one the first design communities and we are proud of that. We have featured hundreds of designers, illustrators, artists coming from all over the Globe. So do you get featured on ABDZ? It's quite simple actually.

Back to School: Editor's Picks

It's that time of the year where we all go back to our routine. Summer is over (sadly!) and we are grinding slowly to our commute. We hope that you have enjoyed a beautiful summer or/and vacation time. It's always important to take some time off to keep a balance in your life vs career. At Abduzeedo, we kept it chill and steady with our everyday opportunity to provide the best inspiration out there for you guys. For this Back to School, we decided to drill down a list of tech from backpacks, notebook and more. Hope you will enjoy!

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