Stellar: A new home for the best freelance creatives

Businesses are hiring freelancers now more than ever. But in the creative freelance industry, there are no platforms to find high-end, vetted talent. Most of the popular creative websites are not selective and are oversaturated with low quality work, making it difficult to find even one diamond in the rough.

Stellar is a new platform that solves this issue, connecting serious design-minded businesses to expert freelancers. The platform features an exclusive group of hand-picked freelancers across branding, photography, web design, product design, illustration, motion, and copywriting. It is invite-only, guaranteeing quality at every turn.

"Stellar is a fantastic resource for companies and creatives looking for top talent. It's one of the few resources I trust when sourcing potential collaborators or referring work out. Every creative on the platform is at the top of their game and the ability to search by style, pricing, and industry experience makes it easy to find the right creative."

– Jessica Strelioff, freelance brand designer

Stellar is now live. Browse expert creatives, or sign up to be invited below. 

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