Okane "Echoes of Japan" Illustration

I wanted to share this stunning illustration made in Cinema 4D by XEBIUS ++ aka Manuel Camino, a visual artist based in Málaga, Spain. It's a combination of a 3D model, some photo textures, and brushes together into this beautiful piece. "Echoes of Japan", that's how Manuel calls it. As usual, I really dig how you get to acknowledge some BTS, seeing the process is always inspiring on so many levels. That's why I thought it was worth it to share on abdz. and remembering some of my memories of Japan.

It was early morning, like on real life, and windy, the red leaves of Momiji were flying all around and the fishes were able to come inside and outside of the water while a Turtle was carrying the heavy load of this mass of water. It lasted just a few seconds, but I won't even forget.


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