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Web Design: 22 Great Drupal Sites

For some time now, I'm getting to know Drupal, a really powerful, open source cms. With it, it's possible to do virtually any kind of site you want, and it's great for magazine style sites. If you don't know, Abduzeedo is made on Drupal. Equipped with a powerful blend of features, Drupal supports a variety of websites ranging from personal weblogs to large community-driven websites. So I went through the internet, looking for some nice sites made on Drupal, and for my surprise, it looks like people don't explore it too much, making mostly magazine, journal style sites. Anyways, here's a selection of sites, and at the bottom, the sites made by our staff. Sites made by our staff

Creating a blog

Here it is, it took a while but I have finished my blog, yes I know there are a lot of details to be fixed yet (sorry IE 6 users, I haven't hacked it yet), though, pretty much of its functionalities are working just fine. I would like to talk a little bit more about this blog, one thing that I'm always trying to figure out when I'm visiting a site is, what CMS or Blog System this guy chose to use and why. I have noticed that Wordpress seems to be the most used at this moment, however there are a lot of good CMS's and Blog systems out there such as Joomla, Textpattern, Movable Type, Typo3, CMS Made Simple.... A good place to test them is > and This curiosity made me test a bunch of them, and as a designer one of my goals with this blog is always share my opinion about the experience that I got using them. For this site I chose Drupal. Why did I choose it? Well I've been using Drupal since May or June and I think it has everything that I need to create a good site not only visual but well coded, accessible, valid and stuff like that. Now the Drupal's guys are about to release its 5th version (it's in RC1), it has a lot of improvements such as new default theme, css compressor, more organized, faster, and one of the best for me is jQuery as its javascript library. There are a lot of good article about Drupal on the web, below I list some of them. (series of articles about drupal) have a really cool podcast about drupal)