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Santiago Moriv's Tribute to the Grand Hotel Budapest

Let's start off the week with a beautiful tribute to the Grand Budapest Hotel directed by the mighty Wes Anderson. This tribute has been expressed through the form of illustration and character design by Santiago Moriv who is an illustrator and visual artist from Medellín, Colombia.

Exhibition Poster Series for Centrepoint Spacesuit Collection 18

Did you get a chance to watch the first look at Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong and the years 1961-1969 in the movie: "First Man". I thought this would be the perfect introduction for our feature of an Exhibition Poster Series for Centrepoint Spacesuit Collection 18. It's a collaboration between many talented artists including Ryan Atkinson, James Elgie, Rijin Kunnath and RODAS ®. Imagine the conventional spacesuit into a fashion collection, what do you think?

The Incredibles 2 Campaign Illustrations by Ricardo Chucky

The anticipated Incredibles 2 will be heading to the theatres this upcoming Friday. It's hard to imagine that the last movie (The Incredibles) was released back in November 2004. We are pretty excited for this movie and it's kind of a celebration with this launch with the work of Ricardo Chucky. He is an illustrator and a 2D artist based in Burbank, CA, USA and he has worked on the illustration, retouching and finishing touches for the teaser campaign.

Colorful 3D Illustration: Love Letters to Another Girl

Let's take a look at this cool 3D illustration series entitled: Love Letters to Another Girl, designed by Liron Ashkenazi Eldar and Gal Eldar. Both located in New York, it's such a cool series with vibrant colour palette accomplished with Adobe Photoshop and Maxon Cinema 4D. Also I just gotta love the reason why this series was commissioned for, it must have been such a special woman.

Stylish Digital Artworks by Alex Maltsev

We would love to introduce the work of Alex Maltsev who is a digital artist based in Los Angeles, California. I am surprised we have never featured him on ABDZ but now it's official. His style is quite experimental because you can notice how Alex is trying different concepts and it's working quite well for him. Focusing his work on of course digital art, motion, and illustration; make sure to check out more of his works on Behance.

36 Days of Type 2018 with BÜRO UFHO .

We have discovered the work of BÜRO UFHO . through ABDZ on Instagram. They are a great example of the lovely things we see on #abduzeedo. As for their project, it was for 36 days of type that invite everyone into art to create a unique design of the alphabet. Everyone has their own style which makes it quite diversifiable. Hope you will enjoy!

Art Direction & Illustration: The Flavors of World Cuisines

We are sharing the work from Omar. Aqil and Duck Knees who have worked with Expedia on both respectively on Art Direction and Ilustration. Based on the concept of Synaesthesia (which is a form of a condition.) that you can sense the causes of an involuntary reaction in one or more of the other senses. Based on that personal experience, you get such a great idea and in the end, it's such an explosive concept worth taking a look at. Props for their work!

Deadpool 2 Tribute Artworks

During the occasion of the past long Weekend, I took the opportunity to go watch the new Deadpool 2 starring Deadpool himself aka Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin as Cable. The movie was quite hilarious and really entertaining. I personally thought the first one was a lot better but nevertheless to say it's worth to go watch it in the theatres.

Google Pixel 2 Wallpapers by Leta Sobierajski & Wade Jeffree

We are sharing this very cool project by Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree for the Google Pixel 2. It's a crazy fact that the wallpapers they have worked would be installed on every single Pixel 2 Phone. It's such an accomplishment and another fact that they haven't used any digital tools except for their creativity, hands and a lot of patience. Check them out, it's quite amazing! Props to everyone involved in the project.

Meta Morphis Illustration Series by Kirill Maksimchuk

Happy Friday everyone! We wanted to share this series of experiments/illustrations by Kirill Maksimchuk, a visual artist based in Kaliningrad, Russian Federation. It hasn't been long ago since our last feature on ABDZ but his work is such so unique and visually inspiring! You should definitely check out his Behance, it's filled with 3D, 4D renders, concepts, motion and more.

P L A C E S: Illustration Series by Muhammed Sajid

Just a little while ago, we have featured the work of Muhammed Sajid on his "Home" series on ABDZ. Muhammed has a distinct body of work that needs a lot more recognition and just adding to his awesomeness, he is even sharing a GIF time-lapse of his process. What can you ask more? It's quite inspiring! Let's kick it off in style with Muhammed Sajid

Billelis's Illustration Tribute to Avengers: Infinity War

We have featured the work of Billelis for his rad illustration on Black Panther. He is back again with two illustrations as a tribute to Avengers: Infinity War. This movie has been crushing at the Box Office and it's exciting on how it inspires artists to create. Thanks to Billelis for sharing the process shots which is interesting and always inspiring. I just love the texture on Thano's Gauntlet, it's amazing.

Artists coming together for Avengers: Infinity War Tribute

Following up our hype over the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie coming out on April 27. Are you excited? Are you going to watch it on the Premiere? Again, we won't share any spoilers but we've put together a tribute collection from artists coming from all over the Globe for the occasion.

Avengers: Infinity War Fan Art by masaolab

One of the biggest movies of all time is coming out this week and we are obviously talking about Avengers: Infinity War, starting a giant list of super famous stars including RDJ, Chris Evans, Chadwick Boseman and etc. We are NOT going into the spoilers but as a little tradition, we would like to share awesome series by many of you guys out there who like us are quite excited for this movie of a lifetime. We are featuring the work of masaolab.

Motion & Digital Art: William Hill Vegas Ad.

Let's kick in Wednesday with this 80s vibe motion and digital art project by Vladislav Solovjov. He is a motion designer and art director based in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation; he worked on a collaboration project with Bark&Bite for William Hill Vegas. For those you don't know, the William Hill Vegas is actually a casino based in Las Vegas, Nevada! Clever eh? You just gotta appreciate the mixture of the retro vibe with that sweet red supercharged mustang car! Take some time to watch the videos as well!

Incredible Digital Art Work of Bastien Grivet

Bastien Grivet is a Swiss Art Director, Concept Artist, Matte Painter & Composer based in Montpellier, France. He has an incredible portfolio featuring different styles with one thing in common, they are all top-notch in terms of quality. Personally, because, of my fascination with light effects I tend to prefer anything that has a neon light effect. For this post I focused on a few projects exemplifying Bastien's incredible digital art work.

The Unstoppable Beeple with the Everydays Series

We are not shy to admit how much we love Beeple's work on ABDZ. We just can't help to appreciate his insane creativity and perseverance at making new work every single day for as long as we can remember. This might be his 4th or 5th feature on ABDZ and we won't be stopping there. If you don't know who is Beeple, he is an artist based in Charleston, SC USA and focusing in Digital Art, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics.

Winter Sport Character Design by Dora Vincze

We are delighted to share a timely post today by Hungarian-based illustrator Dora Vincze showcasing some fun illustrations celebrating winter sports. Just in time for the Olympics in South Korea, these whimsical, animated character illustrations have us beaming from ear to ear. The Winter Olympics began in 1924 in Chamonix, France as a major international affair and continued to take place every four years. Having evolved since their inception, sports and disciplines have been added and subtracted over time.

Awesome Digital Art and 3D work by Pete Norris

After gaining a BA in Automotive design from Coventry University Pete Norris went on producing work for clients including Free Radical Design, Nissan, AKQA, Fiat, Shell, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft and the Creative Assembly. In the spare time he creates vehicles, characters, Graffiti, fine art, product design and various other amazing things. For this post we want to highlight some of his incredible automotive design projects alongside with other 3D work. Check it out.

Digital Art & Illustration: NEOMANCER by Kirill Maksimchuk

Let's share the vibrant 3D work of digital artist Kirill Maksimchuk. Based in Kaliningrad, Russian Federation, we are taking a look at his latest piece entitled: NEOMANCER. It's a cool concept and experimentation about an overdose of exposure from a character's emotions which is a female in this case. You can quite definitely the different approaches that Kirill took. It's impressive work! You should definitely check out his Behance for more of his 3D projects.

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