NFT Spotlight — Digital Art of Mart Biemans

Our good friend Mart Biemens is a digital artist with over 15 years of experience currently based in the Netherlands. Mart has been crafting his art ever since the early days of abdz. It's quite a while and he had the opportunity to work with renowned brands like Adobe, Tiger Beer, HardRock Cafe, Diesel, AFC Ajax, Interscope Records, and more. Like many digital artists, many have shifted into NFTs, and since they are the pioneers of digital art. It's such a rewarding moment to see them embark on the new era that has been booming since the past year. What's particular about Mart's work is his versatility in creating art in many forms. I absolutely his level of craft to what comes to the direction, details, and especially the vibrant colors. I have taken the liberty to share a few pieces from his Foundation, and you will notice the uniqueness of his art is quite stunning, spirited, and makes you wanna look at them for hours. Mart recently sold out his 'Abstract Waves collection on Foundation. Another splendid series to go through, enjoy!

NFT — Digital Art


Mart Biemans is a digital artist based in Netherlands. Make sure to follow his NFTs on Foundation and give him some love on his social feeds.

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