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Editorial Design: Cazador Cookbook by Tim Donaldson

This is an editorial design by New Zealand-based Creative Director Tim Donaldson, it's a design of cookbook entitled: Cazador. The print material reminds me of an old cookbook which brings a great load of nostalgia. Once inside the book you are introduced to a few images which again keeps that vintage concept but you will notice the big beautiful fonts for the "chapters" and also use for a two-spread designated for quotes. Simple, lovely and quite efficient.

Experimental Poster Designs: Zero Posters Vol.1

Let's kick it off with an experimental poster design project entitled: Zero Posters Vol. 1. Designed by Alaa Tameem and tariq yosef shishani, they are following their path of Unkown territories but so awesome at the same time. So it's particularly cool to look at and let's not get into his graphic design work. It's quite breathtaking, check it out, very happy about this feature!

Posters with letter #A

The best way to learn is trying, practicing and repeating that until it becomes natural, then we can move forward to what's next. That happens without us even noticing but sometimes we do and we organize ourselves to do that. Evdokimov Gosha took that very serious and decided to learn how to design posters, in order to do that he chose the letter A and started creating several examples exploring it. The result is quite inspiring, check it out.

Calligraphy & Print Design: 字體設計

We are starting it off with a combination of calligraphy & print design project by 行行珂 HunkXing, who is a graphic designer based in Beijing, China. To be more specific, it's a summary of some of the typography works from 2017-2018. Even though it's a different language, we still can appreciate the visual approach of the overall design. It's really enjoyable!

Brand Identity for Loupedeck by BOND Creative Agency

There's something about brand identity projects that have a dark theme. I know that it might be personal preference but black business cards or stationary definitely adds an elegant/upscale look. The Loupedeck work done by BOND Creative Agency is a great example of that.

Minimal Packaging & Graphic Design:

Hello December! Not a lot of days left on the calendar before the end of the year, let's go for that last stretch! Working on a brand, the user experience is everything. Not only it matters to the interactions of your site or app but it also matters on how your customers will react to your logo, product, and packaging. Let's take a look at this beautiful and minimal packaging by designers Nikhil Bapna, Ishaan Dass and Mani Singh for a smartwatch called: the Blink Watch where first impressions are everything.

Introducing Volume: the first publishing platform for high-quality illustrated books

We would like to share this cool project that is currently live for support. Introducing Volume, the first publishing platform for high-quality illustrated books for visual creatives with also lovers of print. In this issue, we are taking a close and personal at the work of Anthony Burrill, designer and letterpress guru. Selecting from his private collection of printed matter, he gathered and curated throughout his career.

Lotta Nieminen's Whimsical Brand Identity for

We fell for Lotta Nieminen's whimsical brand identity work for children’s e-tailer, a site offering curated selections of the best children’s brands on the market. The site was founded by Vogue alumni Sylvana Durrett and Luisana Mendoza Roccia and stocks hundreds of coveted brands in one convenient, stylish online home.

Graphic & Print Design: Lux Naturalis Gala Invitation

Kicking off the Weekend with a very pretty graphic & print design project by Kansas-based designer Rachel Roth. She was invited to design an invitation for the Spencer Museum of Art located at the University of Kansas. There are two things I love about her work on this project, the choice of paper and her direction of double typography laying on top to each other. Something I've rarely seen and quite creative.

Product Design: Bringing Back Humanscale Manual from the 1970s

As of late, we've have published a series of revisited things from the past on ABDZ coming from manuals, branding items and more. It's somehow quite interesting because the things are stuff that we haven't even known its existence. It's kind of where I am heading with this Kickstarter Campaign of the Humanscale Manual originally created in the 1970s.

Editorial Design: Play, Cook, Kiss: Culinary Tricks

Happy Friday guys! We are sharing a culinary book that is everything except being conventional. Let me explain, the folks at Juicy Square did an incredible job at editorial design to express the passion for food through the pages of the book entitled: Play, Cook, Kiss: Culinary Tricks. The title says it all, the design is playful and does a play on the material too. Something we have rarely seen in this part of the industry. Mixing different mediums from sketching, typography, images and graphic design; this book is certainty a gem.

Graphic Design: Baugasm 365 Posters

Beware of a very long scroll feature, just because it’s quite aesthetically awesome! We are featuring the graphic design work from Vasjen Katro for his 365 poster series called: Baugasm. He is already hustling it out on his second year and it’s still going strong. This whole series is a blast of inspiration that we can all learn and get inspired from. Happy Scroll!

Editorial Design: Typeface Felice the Book

Nico Inosanto is a graphic designer based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. He focus his work mainly on typography for the making of new typefaces. We are taking a look at actually a book about an elegant and classy typeface of Nico’s called Felice. Taking on the approach of its editorial design work, the book is simply beautiful and conservative with its minimal pages and some highlighting the font with composition to devour.

Eins Und Null Magazine - Editorial Magazine

Wikipedia, we all have used at least a couple times during the course of our lives to gain information on a certain subject. They are really reliable, always up-to-date and above all mostly tell the story behind what we are usually looking for. We can’t easily lose track of time and reading. How about if it was in a magazine form? Or even a popular science art magazine? Well this is what Malwin Béla Hürkey, he is designer currently based in Berlin.

Business Card Inspiration

In my opinion, with all the tech and gadgets that is available to us. I still feel that giving away your business card (after a first client meeting, interview and etc) is part of a good form of communication to explicitly define an impression of yourself on a piece of print. The first impression is always definitive for the future overcome of your intentions. I also believe that there isn’t something as a rule in designing a business card, from the design to the choice of print and paper.

The CV Tabloid - Editorial Design

Nowadays, being unique in your work, brand or portfolio really can paid off. We spoke about reinventing the wheel and it’s still always the case. Let’s talk about portfolios for example, we follow a ”rule” about how we should showcase (in print) our portfolio, having a business card and an introductory letter. Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of your next employer, how many portfolios they have seen so far? What’s the amount of time given on a review? Being different might add to your chances?

Design Papers 2016

DESIGN PAPERS is a paper catalogue created for Europapier. The main target is the graphic industry professionals from a company with over 40 years of tradition and distributing paper in more than 13 European countries. We all know that print is always required a great attention to detail, from choosing the right paper, to proofing colors, how it feels when you touch it, there are many more variables than the digital world. Many more sensorial inputs I'd say because there's nothing better than the smell and texture of the printed paper.

UEFA EURO 2016: Retro Poster Collection

Last week I posted a beautiful set of posters created by Sean Ford for the UEFA EURO 2016. I love the simplicity and retro look of those posters and today I saw that other designers are also exploring the same topic and creating equally beautiful work. Studio—JQ created a collection of posters exploring details of each of the countries kit design to complement their colors and patterns. Again we highly recommend to check them out

Piknic Electronik: Served Fresh

Living in Montreal, Canada, I started seeing this print campaign popping all around town and I can't deny that the colours are just attractive and vibrant. I got curious about who was the people behind this work and after a little search; I discovered it was a collaboration work between Gabriel Lefebre, Rachel Lecompte and more.

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